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File: hamatora-0101.jpg (135.94 KB, 1920x1080)
135.94 KB
135.94 KB JPG
Most recent habit you've indulged in is your condition that needs to be fulfilled

What's your Minimum?

>Cosmic Energy Absorption
>Cracking knuckles
File: 1303416064505.jpg (54.87 KB, 960x540)
54.87 KB
54.87 KB JPG
>Electricity Manipulation

I never thought that I'd have a reason to post this picture. I'd be a walking gauss gun filled with lung cancer, but nowhere as cute.
>watching anime
So what, I watch chinese cartoons, faint, and wake up in the pink of health?

That's retarded but vaguely useful, I guess.
>Electromagnetic Constructs
>Listening to music
I like it.
Doesn't necessarily need to be a coma, it says that The Doctor from Doctor Who's regeneration is a Healing Coma, and he doesn't faint at all.

So, basically, if you lose an arm, just pull up an episode of your favorite animu on your phone or something and your arm will grow back by the time an episode or two is over.
File: dis nigga serious.jpg (53.60 KB, 383x451)
53.60 KB
53.60 KB JPG
>Gas Manipulation
jerking off

well then.
>inb4 everyone's condition is fapping
> Power Suit
> flicking my shoe off

>Enhanced Boomerangmanship
>Chewing on toothpicks

I don't like how Australian that sounds.
>Transcendent Physiology

And I have just become Haruhi.
>Pyrokinetic Wing Manifestation
>cleaning my glasses
I hope I don't have to be cleaning my glasses the entire time, I wouldn't be a be able to fly when I can't see shit.
>Adjusting glasses

Absolutely perfect.
Users of this power can transmute any form of matter, such as living beings or objects, into energy which they can absorb and manipulate in several ways, such as expelling the energy offensively and/or defensively or using it to enhance their physical conditioning.

>rubbing my junk
>Loneliness Embodiment
>Watching anime
>eating a sandwich

>Samsara Manipulation

>Temporal Lordship
>Biting my thumb/finger

I can control time? Sweet.
>Plasma Manipulation
>Flicking my wrist
>Nephilim Physiology
>Forum Browsing

I'd be the laziest angel ever.
Chewing the skin off my fingers

That's totally not completely fucking useless.
>Nonexistant Realm Creation

Well this is sort of OP, I can't think of any minimum that can balance this out.
>Inner World Creation
>Glasses Adjust

I can picture it already. I adjust my glasses, they flash, and we're inside my mind and i'm raping you
>invisible skin
>having multiple seasonal waifus

>Despair Embodiment
Cowabunga party dudes
File: God_-_Poseidon.jpg (99.41 KB, 689x800)
99.41 KB
99.41 KB JPG

Biting my nails

So, I bite my nails and I can drown cities and summon Cthullu? Neat! My battle gear is pick related.
Yes, but what is your trigger?
>Powerful Objects
>Chewing gum

I don't know what the fuck this is going to produce, but it's going to be fucking badass.

I can copy powers by fapping.

>Minotaur Physiology
>Eating chocolate

So close to being some kind of h-monster, now I'm just some sort of comedic side character...
[/spoiler:lit]Not that I'm not one anyway[/spoiler:lit]
>self combustion
>Intelligence Infinitum
>Binge Drinking

....Drunker I gets the smater I become!
>chewing gum

I'll be rich.
>Living Anomaly
>popping my elbow

I can be one with my waifu.
>Impact Manipulation
>Chewing my hair
I can be a shitty accelerator
File: Spoiler Image (119.73 KB, 720x400)
119.73 KB
119.73 KB JPG
>Inner Beast

I used my second most recently indulged in habit instead, because fuck not having that combination. Trying again for actual most recent.
File: 1381457695359.jpg (89.85 KB, 739x983)
89.85 KB
89.85 KB JPG
>chewing gum

Well how about that.
>Interrogation Intuition
>clearing my throat
Mystery drama when?
>cracking my left shoulder

kinda counter productive in an extremely silent environment, but i'll take it.
>Playing video games
I win, everyone else go home
Cracking my neck
This was actually the ability of one of the MC's in my shitty "manga" things

And my habit is procrastination.

>I'll do it tomorrow
>Oh fuck it I don't even care anymore
Jokes on you I already have this power

>working out

well fuck why am I even trying?
>earth portal creation
>pushing my glasses back into place

it's like i'm really in anime
>Rubber Blade Construction
>twitching my nose

This is some Looney Tunes shit.
>Despair Manipulation
>Playing with a switchblade

I'll take it
>Insect Manipulation
>Twirling my pen

allllllllllllllllllrighty then
>Light Infusion
>Listening to music

Maybe useful at parties.
>eating a chocolate chip cookie

Well okay then, I can live with this.
Hajime, is that you?

Kill me, please.
>Scratching my Balls.

Power to make wings out of ice


So, the more I drink the bigger my wings are.
We got our first rivals.
>Matter Absorption
The user can absorb various kinds of matter into their own body. In some cases, this causes the user to take on the properties of said matter.
>Chewing my bangs

And then I was bangs.
>Instant Transmission


This doesn't work well together.
Aw shit I'm >>102284979
How do you feel about monster girls?
Your next words decide if you're antag or pro
File: 1389602231364.png (223.94 KB, 640x480)
223.94 KB
223.94 KB PNG
>Universe Recreation

>Widening my eyes

That uh

that seems a little excessive

>Reality Perception
The user can perceive reality, allowing them to sense the whole truth no matter how it is hidden. If the user is questioning someone, they will automatically know if target is lying and sense the truth.

They are immune to illusions caused by users of Telepathy, Mental Manipulation, and Illusion Manipulation, even if the users of those themselves are not in the area (as in another building). The power can also be used to produce answers to questions that the user speaks aloud.

The user cannot be fooled by Tricksters or reality warpers who try to deceive them.

>hydrokinetic invisibility
>wearing only underwear
so I'm pretty much useless. i got something that already has a requirement, and add in a requirement rendered useless by the power. fuck it I'm doing a new one
>infared vision
>washing my hands
so by keeping a bottle of purell on me, I can see people's body heat. great...
this doesn't hate me at all...
>Power Warping
>Poking my nose

This should be fun.
>Genesis Creation
>Superstition Manipulation
>scratching my nose to remove blackheads

Play sad music. I am the edge master.
now its in my head

I guess ill have to use "that"
Oh really? well let me just un zip my pants.
That's sounds embarrassing.
Absorbing Replication
>Users can absorb any material/phenomenon and replicate its properties within themselves. Said properties may then be encoded for later use and potential combinations.

Cleaning my nails I guess.

>Elemental Breath
>Eating chips
I feel so balanced and generic.
Holy shit I am not even joking.


>last jerked off

I'm serious. Completely, 100 percent serious.
File: 1366825152123.jpg (36.44 KB, 210x150)
36.44 KB
36.44 KB JPG
>Cracking knuckles

You can convince people that breaking a mirror won't give them bad luck and then make them break one so they won't be aware of what they brought upon themselves.
File: 15302342.jpg (67.33 KB, 776x715)
67.33 KB
67.33 KB JPG
>Attack Movement Manipulation
>Cracking neck
Try and stop me niggers.
>Sound Manipulation

No brakes.
>picking my nose

This sounds stupid. I really should get rid of this habit.
and my condition is masturbation...
I feel like I could be the best super villain of all time...
>indulging in smiling
Tapping my feet

Well then... this should be fun
>smoking weed
I can live with it.
Oh boy...

>Earth Shield Construction
>Listening to music

Alright. I could live with that
>The power to fuse darkness and physical combat. Technique of Darkness Manipulation, variation of Elemental Combat. Opposite power of Photokinetic Combat.
That's one step closer to being the edgiest fucker around.
>Sword arm
>Holding dick
File: image.jpg (83.99 KB, 1280x720)
83.99 KB
83.99 KB JPG
>cracking fingers.

File: yeahfuckyeah.gif (1.50 MB, 350x219)
1.50 MB
1.50 MB GIF
>rubbing my eyebrows
>I draw pretty goddamn well, especially machines and creatures.

Fapped. Agressively.
File: 1392443701460.jpg (48.56 KB, 516x628)
48.56 KB
48.56 KB JPG
Ionikinetic constructs.
>Enhanced Assassination
>Tobacco Manipulation

All victims died by smoking.
>back cracking
My vertebrae creates ripples throughout the multi-verse.

As I am right now my range is only about 30ft.

Lately I've been eating a lot more sweets than usual, so I wouldn't mind having that be my condition. Not really sure how much stuff I'd need to eat to keep this power, but I'd be willing to do it since I could just make more.
>listening to music
Envy Inducement
I guess it really does make you cool. Too bad I'm not.
Malefic Breath

Makes sense.
I chew a lot of gum and I swallow ALL of it. Now my gum has healing abilities.
File: befuddled touma.jpg (20.27 KB, 219x188)
20.27 KB
20.27 KB JPG


I think this is just a metaphor for me beating the shit out of people.
File: 1390198600899.gif (283.27 KB, 160x144)
283.27 KB
283.27 KB GIF

>scratching belly

I'd watch this anime or read the manga.
>snap finger and point with an index and fire imaginary gun

So I have directional black outs.

Being a hand-talker?

*emotive hand waving* "Ever notice how your will is null and your flesh is steel? That's a thing. Oh look. It happened. Nifty."
>popping fingers/knuckles by clenching fist

>Temporary Power+Mystical Bardsmanship
Temporary power and drinking makes sense. Apparently my drunken singing is fucking magic.
>Biting a ruler
Talking about shitty powers

Pretty fucking cool.
>Talking about mai waifu

>The users of this power can avoid the attacks of enemies due to their slender, stick-like nature and can even become 2-dimensional, thus being able to travel through flat surfaces (such as paper) to avoid enemy attacks or detection. Many users have the ability to create things simply by drawing them.

>become 2D
Holy fucking shit jackpot.
>Listening to music

Can I create my own conditions?
Fire breath.

And since I'm just going to exclude fapping out of hand since otherwise that would be almost everyone, I guess I'd say model building if that can count. I do it a lot recently.
That's a really nice combination.
> http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Restoration_Embodiment
Jackpot. I fap, instantly recover, and fap some more.
> http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Karma_Inducement
>Play vidya
I guess everything is a Bioware game now.
Why thank you anon.
>Energy Soul
>Astral Projection, Flight, Intangibility, Energy Absorption, Energy Blasts, Soul Projection
>Known Users: Raven
Cool. And I chew my nails.
File: you know what.gif (348.88 KB, 307x281)
348.88 KB
348.88 KB GIF
>adjusting my glasses

>Some users may be able to grow only parts of their body.
File: 1319339376845.jpg (593.64 KB, 1500x2130)
593.64 KB
593.64 KB JPG
>Flash-over inducement
>smoking tobacco

File: 1381062820093.jpg (74.59 KB, 219x270)
74.59 KB
74.59 KB JPG
>Vector Manipulation
Hello Accelerator here.
>Sleepless Strength
>Masturbating, or watching animu

Either way, I'll never sleep again. I will be the strongest.
>Neanderthal Physiology
>Brushing Teeth until the gums start bleeding
The first one is the ability.

Why is this even a superpower
>Dimensional Independence
>Drinking Beer

So every time I drink a beer, I can walk through all planes of existence? Oh fuck yeah.
File: 1388775507354.gif (2.75 MB, 230x173)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB GIF
>Skeleton Dragon Physiology

>smoking weed
>Spell Casting
>reading VNs
>size manipulation
The jokes write themselves.
File: 1414372.jpg (65.92 KB, 583x413)
65.92 KB
65.92 KB JPG
>Substitution Creation
>pushing up my glasses even when I'm not wearing them

Might be cool
File: zun.jpg (83.08 KB, 496x331)
83.08 KB
83.08 KB JPG
You're in good company.
Dimensional lordship
Eating chocolate
Property Conglomeration and
Turning PC on as soon as I wake up.
File: Nerdrage.png (43.88 KB, 330x350)
43.88 KB
43.88 KB PNG
>Eating Nerds
Not sure what this means, but I can't remember indulging into any habits anyway
>Pure Ice Manipulation
>Fiddling with bottle opener

Well, my drinks will never be warm again...
File: 1349322195144.png (37.76 KB, 193x181)
37.76 KB
37.76 KB PNG
>Literary Manipulation

>Drinking Tea

The... fuck? Guess I'll be changing a lot of laws and drinking a shitload of tea.
> Hydromancy
> Drinking fruit punch

uh ok.
File: descartes.jpg (51.38 KB, 490x600)
51.38 KB
51.38 KB JPG

it... kind of make sense.
>doing dissasociative hallucinogens
>interface creation
>User can create a personal digital interface and manipulate the data via interactions with the computer hologram.
Applications: Digital Constructs,Encyclopedic Knowledge,Force-Field Generation - protective shields or "fire walls", Hacker Physiology,Information Transferal,Nigh-Telepathy,Power Bestowal (bestows knowledge, such as magic spells, techniques, etc.)


Are you kidding?

> I'll Get to it Tomorrow...
> I'm Already There
>Most recent habit indulged in was drawing fan art

>Drinking Strawberry Milk
>Dragon Manipulation
>cracking my back

It sounds pretty cool. but it's not like there are any dragons around to control
>Covering my mouth with the neck of my shirt
I guess this counts as a level up for my sherlock scanning.
>Spore Manipulation
>scratching the bridge of my nose

bretty gud. It fits too.
File: 0218140112.jpg (1.26 MB, 2560x1920)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
>catoptromancy: Power to use reflective surfaces to see people or objects far away from the user.

fate has decided
>Absolute Strength
>Smoke weed every day
cosmic constructs
playing with my retainer

i dont see it

>elemental exoskeleton
>knuckle cracking
i can work with this
>drinking soda

What is a Minimum
The least possible value of something.
> Fairy Aura
> Masturbating
I get the feeling someone is trying to tell me something
>Universe destruction


>Stroking my beard

Well, I'd better try and stop that habit.
>Temporal Lock
>Drinking Diet Dr Pepper (or caffiene in general I guess)

So everytime I drink caffeine I start vibrating so fast I phase out of time? Works for me I guess.
>Missile Generation
>After firing the user may have to either reload whenever possible, wait for the missile to "recharge", or "make" more by transmuting materials from the environment.
I've got this.
File: sipshake.gif (813.41 KB, 462x259)
813.41 KB
813.41 KB GIF
>Snapping my fingers

What have I become
But is it really worth stopping just for the sake of the universe? I mean the universe is cool and all but it's very important to give your beard proper stroke maintenance.
>Loneliness Embodiment

Such harmony
The ability to destroy all life in existence

>Drinking tea
welp..........im not gonna give up drinking tea
can create an inner world and at a high level pull people into it by tousling my hair
Uh. Business as usual?
>Riding a bicycle

I'd be the world's deadliest biker
>Rapidly changing my eyes' focus

Would be cool. I could pull carbon from things and make diamond weapons and stuff. If I knew the inner workings of things I could make stuff.

Kinda OP though.
>Water Ball Projection
>Hand Washing

>Divine Force Manipulation
>Stretching arms
Would work. Also my condition would pass as me getting ready for a fight.

I'm right handed, but I masturbate with my left hand, so this could work.
File: 1386988396602.gif (1.07 MB, 170x180)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF

>Eating Muffins

>based on your intelligence

i could not be less worried right now
>Temporal Reload
>Eye massage
such class
>Ionic Manipulation
>Cracking my neck by rapidly jerking my head

So I'd crack my neck and be all ZZZZAP MO'FOKKA, apparently.

Sounds legit.



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