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Create your own show thread

Good ideas

Shit ideas

But hopefully original ideas

Bonus points for planning out most of the series.
A show about a guy who just started High school and finds himself surrounded by girls who want his D.
There is a flat-chested tsundere, a Rei-clone, MC's childhood friend (who wears glasses) and MC's imouto also wants in on the action.

Copyright, completely original idea, please don't steal.

A show about various religions duking it out using their places of worship that transform into big medieval mecha
A grimdark MC that hates everyone gains the power to enter people's minds and kill their inner demons. If he doesn't they become powerful enough to leave their creator's mind and wreck shit. He has to give them a kissu to enter their minds, so crazy hijinks ensue. Includes, but is not limited to, having to kiss the class president during a test she's about to fail, having to kiss his imouto and having to kiss a guy during the big soccer matchHarem ending canon
A guy needs to banish five succubi terrorizing the men of his nation. His battles with them are long and difficult, but he has a secret weapon, his dick has been replaced by that of a gods, and when it gets powered up through sheer hot bloodedness it has the power to impale his foes. Which they react to with a confused mix of pleasure and terror.

His mentor is the now dickless god, bitter over his loss and also helped by a former succubus trying to become a nun in the churches service.
Guy wants to confess to the girl he likes, but is too shy to do so
He took a picture of her three years ago, and has cherished the picture ever since
The picture turns into a real girl that's the idealized version he has of his crush, other than the fact that she wants to kill the original and replace her
A guy is about to be sacrificed to an old god by his insane girlfriend who is secretly a cultist. As the knife sinks into his heart he wishes he could have lived a full and happy life instead of it ending this way. The abomination that comes through the portal to our world from the ritual hears this thought and finds it amusing, so she rips the girlfriend apart and takes her soul for the summoning instead, and revives him. Taking the form of a tall pale girl in gothic clothing, she decides to follow him out of interest

What then follows is the guy trying to live out his life while keeping a Lovecraftian creature happy and out of trouble. Sort of a cross between a romantic comedy and a horror

it turns out her true form is something like a sentient black hole in another universe, and the girl/creature is an avatar of her. She falls in love with the MC over the course of the series, but her true goal is to materialize her true "body" in our dimension and consume the solar system. The MC realises this and tries to find a way to stop her or convince her otherwise

the final episode shows her actually finding a way to bring herself through to us, and to the MCs horror she eats away at everything, keeping him alive through her otherworldly abilities in her singularity. It ends with his horrified and agonised screams echoing out of the black hole body, while her avatar floats serenely outside with a huge smile on her face: they're together forever now.
Cute girls doing scientific things.
A man fights crime with his super power: People MUST dance when he is dancing. Everything from the neck down follows his lead, and even the bystanders are forced to dance for justice. Each week has a different dance theme, from breakdancing to tango.

I guess it would be sort of like Kill la Kill, if a nudist beach guy was the hero

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