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I can't be the only person who liked him... r-right?
File: 1386907061071.jpg (44.30 KB, 1280x720)
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44.30 KB JPG
Newtype Haruto should have been the protagonist instead.
L-Elf liked him.
Worst anime ever.
File: 1388233996797.jpg (578.98 KB, 1920x2160)
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578.98 KB JPG
>tfw da Eru-Erufu won da Harutob Owl.

Shoko shit
>Liking piece of shit
He actually become pretty likeable when he died
While I don't agree, I think it's sort of funny /a/ was siding with him and saying he was "redeemed" when he died but now they're back to hating him.
>putting valvrave in the OP
You. I like you.

I never realized how much I enjoyed VVV threads until they stopped being daily things. I miss the constant, sometimes even original, conversations that happened back when S2 was airing. It's pathetic, really.

Anyways /a/, if you could change six things about VVV, plot, characters, anything, what would you do?
Hard mode: No "make it three seasons" or other variants.
Nightmare mode: No "give it a larger budget" or variations.
Dante Must Die mode: Keep Haruto as the MC.
I liked him in S1 before the writers forgot what they were doing with his character.
Get rid of the timejump in the first season
Get rid of the YOLO speech
Start the final fight on episode 21 slowing down to pace to go through what each character was doing to fill up the episodes.
Less suffering
Bring sexy back around 19
More focus on eru erufu
The last thing he saw was his tomodachi ;_;
Haruto and Shoko should have retained their development instead of regressing into red carpets for L-Elf to come in and save the day.
>Bring sexy back around 19

It's fine anon.

It's not like you liked Shoko
I'm guessing you didn't watch the show with /a/
There is nothing wrong with liking Shoko.
>implying the livestream threads were worth being in
Everything's wrong with liking shoko.
tfw we never got the

>Haruto, your back! I'm so sorry for selling you out. I love you!
>Anata, dare?
- Haruto tells Marie to fuck off and gets in the robot
- Saki makes sure Audrey isn't watching when she jacks back to her body and escapes without problem
- L-Elf kills Q-Shit in the knife fight
- they destroy the Phantom instead of capturing it for reasons unknown
- Haruto takes Jewbro's advice and confesses to Shoko in episode 20 while also filling her in on everything she should have been told as head of the country

Literally every problem avoided.
File: 1389094803885.jpg (67.20 KB, 291x302)
67.20 KB
67.20 KB JPG
You are not alone OP, I even miss him sometimes.
Shoko dies in episode one
literally every problem solved
He was kind of cute in a little bitch way, which resulted in a pleasing gap effect between that and his horny rape vampire form. That's it though.
File: 00003.jpg (135.29 KB, 1280x720)
135.29 KB
135.29 KB JPG
Move over, Haruto! It's time for Shoko!
/r/ing the 'My sides have been liberated' reaction image.
Go away Shoko, you should have died in the first episode.
Everything is L-Elf's fault for giving Haruto a monster complex. Imagine how much better the show would have been if he wasn't constantly crying about MUH CURSE and actually confessed to Shoko in episode 2 instead of her shirt.
L-Elf is every bit as overpowered as he was in the first season.
H-Neun, X-Eins, and Lisolette live.
They destroy the Phantom.
Continue Haruto/L-Elf's relationship where S1 left off instead of resetting over the break and never advancing.
Remove Satomi and all other fodder students from relevance. Instead use the time they wasted developing the pilots + Shoko.
Actually show Shoko's thoughts and internal struggle in episode 21 onscreen with her weighing her options.
Thunder and Q-Vier kill each other in episode 23. There's absolutely no reason that little faggot's death had to be dragged into the final episode.
X-Eins doesn't die like a bitch while making a fool of both himself and H-Neun.
Have Shoko do what Nanami and the other girl did in episode 24.
>Go away Shoko, you should have died in the first episode.
Saki should have too. One is a backstabber and the other is NTRing slut.

Fucking whores.
File: Spoiler Image (1.69 MB, 1366x768)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
fuck everything about this ending although after space vampires, space nazis, space rape, and space mechs, I don't know what I expected. they never explained the kid with eru erufru hair.

She was pretty upfront about it and Haruto was asking for it anyway.
No, you are never the only one except in this case Jesus Fucking Christ what a useless piece of shit.
The kid is pretty much confirmed to be L-Elf and Shoko's descendent.
File: image.jpg (211.97 KB, 960x1280)
211.97 KB
211.97 KB JPG
Do you think L-Elf would be a clingy lover if Lisolette lived?
I never got past the second or third episode, when Elu-Elfu ran around in unknown places and things blew up at random, and then the writers sat back and fondled themselves as they waited for the audience to go "WOW COOL L-ELF GENIUS LIKE LELOUCHE"
he'd be a massively autistic lover

he'd probably kill people who looked at her lustfully
But that was the best part of the first season.
I'm up to episode 12 since starting this last night, I love it so far but what am I in for?
Who's your favorite?
Things go downhill.
There are only 12 episodes.
File: 1369983015754.jpg (198.34 KB, 1280x720)
198.34 KB
198.34 KB JPG
You'll jump onto the homodachi train towards the end.
Who's that guy again?
Okouchi please. Nobody liked your forced friendship.
File: shoaki.jpg (380.06 KB, 900x1318)
380.06 KB
380.06 KB JPG
>Is enchanted by how adorabe Saki looks in her manga
>Goes to look up what other work the Saki manga mangaka has done
>Find this

It's like Saki and Shoko fused together into one being.
I'm tempted to say Saki at this point, despite what Haru-kunt did to her.
L-Elf x Shoko forever
File: 1103.jpg (167.98 KB, 1280x720)
167.98 KB
167.98 KB JPG

Why is that guy licking his boots?
It wasn't that forced if you paid attention. Just because they didn't get along in the most traditional way doesn't mean they didn't forge some kind of relationship. And I say this acknowledging it wasn't handled in the best way it could have been.
When I saw that pic, I thought it was a new chapter of Saki manga.

>It wasn't that forced
Thanks for the laugh.
>Thunder and Q-Vier kill each other in episode 23. There's absolutely no reason that little faggot's death had to be dragged into the final episode.
You can say that again
Retcon the rape out.
Have Haruto develop at the end of s1/beginning of s2.
Have Lisorette survive one more episode but die holding off Danisrave in its new first appearance.
Shoko doesn't participate in the selling out of Haruto and berates Iroi when they are double-crossed, and finds out about everything about the Kamitski and makes up with Haruto. And gets at least half an episode about her and what she is going through during s2.
Thunda kills Q-Vier so he, Hinowa, A-drei, and X-eins fight Danisrave's limb mechs, while Haruto fights Cain in a similar fashion to their fight on Module 77.
File: MyLordInAction.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Have Lord Satomi assume leadership of the module around the middle of Season 2.

Shoko is executed under "a shit waifu" doctrine.
A snake
Retcon the rape out. Haruto gets his end series attitude in 14. Combine 15 & 16 into a single episode. Give Lisorette 2 episodes. H-9 lives and joins the raves with Kreim, a Kirschbaum, and a proper ship. He runs into L-Elf during the Q-vier knife fight while running from Cain and slips his earrings into Q-vier's pocket. Lis teachs Haruto Rave magic before dying but in space on the way to Module 77, protecting the crew from Danisrave in its first appearance. They put royalist guards on the Phantom but they get taken over/killed by Magius spies, only H-9 and Kreim live. Shoko doesn't sell Haruto out and berates Inori when they are double crossed. Haruto confesses to Shoko before the final battle, and during the final battle Thunda kills Q-Vier so L-Elf can tell A-drei to give Haruto Runes. Danisrave splits and has its limbs fight Hinowa, HIkaminari, H-Neun Kirschbaum, A-Drei Kirschbaum. Hito fights Danisrave similar to fight in 13 but Haruto pushes his runes into Hito like normal, only up till his promise with L-Elf. Then Haruto and Shoko start a new life together in the empire run by L-Elf. L-Elf sets up a system to have the royal family be the primary rune source while others can go to a rune drive(essentially a blood drive) for voluntary donators. Flash forward Happens as normal except Haruto is with Shoko in the room and L-Elf has a statue instead of Haruto.
File: Hate Haruto.jpg (510.11 KB, 1280x720)
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510.11 KB JPG
What if it was pre-YOLO Shoko?
File: 1370563840927.jpg (110.55 KB, 374x468)
110.55 KB
110.55 KB JPG
>Haruto gets his end series attitude in 14

That's just kind of stupid when he faces one of his bigger inner conflicts after episode 14 (when Marie dies).

Rather than wanting Haruto to be some super cool mecha MC by the middle of the series because you can't handle him being anything but, you should want his journey to just be written better. He's the protagonist, having HIM reach the peak of his development in the middle of the series is dumb. Developing a character is not removing their flaws, someone going from a high to a low is not bad (which is why I don't agree with people who think Haruto "regressed" during the Marie thing), and you shouldn't want Haruto to get over all his issues sooner just because you don't like watching your anime protagonist being anything but confident. Haruto didn't need his development to end sooner, he just needed it to be written better.
File: Shinji.jpg (11.80 KB, 421x363)
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11.80 KB JPG
No thanks.
I do not want an inferior Shinji.

Besides, S2 was more plot-focused. Character regression should be avoided.
I don't know if you're alone, OP. But Haruto is on my most hated characters list.
Just ignore the shokohater.
You mean, you wouldn't?
- Scrap the "romance". The triangle took up way too much of S1's screentime, yet it wasn't even touched upon during S2.
- Explain plot relevant stuff in S1 instead of high school hijinks. Include some Dorssian backstory here (since it'd be relevant during S2), that way it doesn't seem like L-elf's squad is just there to look good.
- Landing episode shouldn't have taken an entire episode. Reduce the amount that took and combine Marie's arc into one episode
- Keep Lieselotte for more than one episode. It's okay to off her, but just keep her a little longer. Show us H-neun's death ;_;
- Scrap that MUH CAVE PROMISE bullshit that brought upon the betrayal. Shit was put in for drama's sake.
- More L-elf, Saki, A-drei, and Akira screentime.

Honestly, the series really suffered from bad planning. A lot of things from S1 could have been cut and it wouldn't make much of a difference in S2.
>Licking his boots
This man gets it.
File: 1387352720805.png (99.52 KB, 373x370)
99.52 KB
99.52 KB PNG
Haruto isn't anything like Shinji and his internal struggles aren't similar to Shinji's either, so that's a stupid comparison.

Character regression isn't a bad thing if it's used as a device to further motivate the character later (which in Haruto's case, it was; and it was caused by a real fear of dying, which shouldn't be weird). S2 being more plot focused isn't an excuse, because what happens in the plot will affect the characters--Haruto, especially, literally had shit flung in his face by the plot every time he got a little better. It just doesn't make sense to have Haruto, the protagonist, reach the height of his development mid-series when there's still plot related things that will have an affect on him. Write him better, don't write him out sooner.
/a/ has been really boring without a valvrave thread. Or even a sunrise anime..
>Or even a sunrise anime..
Buddy Complex, Love Live, Build Fighters.
>Haruto isn't anything like Shinji

Indeed, he was worse.

>Character regression isn't a bad thing

It is when there is not much time for character development.

>it was caused by a real fear of dying

Not in S2. Otherwise he would have acted differently.

>Write him better

How would you have done it?
A-Drei Manga Volume 2 cover.
Buddy Complex threads appear once or twice a week on here. Gundam Build Fighters is more discussed on /m/ than on here. I don't pay attention to Love Live.
File: 038.jpg (202.48 KB, 1087x1600)
202.48 KB
202.48 KB JPG
The Braid Today
桐野 壱
Kirino Hajime
File: 039.jpg (404.41 KB, 1087x1600)
404.41 KB
404.41 KB JPG
新暦71年 幾度目かの戦闘
True Calendar 71 - Nth Battle

Oh no.
This is bad.

My braid isn't perfect today.
File: 040.jpg (456.02 KB, 1086x1600)
456.02 KB
456.02 KB JPG
いや 今はそんなことを気にしている場合ではない
No, this isn't the time to worry about that.

Ignore the braid.

Forget about it!

Let's settle this, Valvra-
File: 041.jpg (322.69 KB, 1088x1600)
322.69 KB
322.69 KB JPG
File: 042.jpg (400.76 KB, 1081x1600)
400.76 KB
400.76 KB JPG
What did just happen?
Sounds like one weird, awful joke.

What happened?
Its movements stopped.
It's probably because his braid slipped into his mouth.

It really is best to keep the hair short.

forget it!

Valvrave! Why are you just standing moga!
File: 043.jpg (432.23 KB, 1086x1600)
432.23 KB
432.23 KB JPG

You're wide open


Come on,
>Not in S2.

What? I'm talking about his lowest point in the series, or the point where he regressed the most, which was after Marie died. He was scared of piloting and dying, that was made obvious. But the show resolved that conflict of his in the same episode.

>How would you have done it?

There are certainly things I believe could have been handled/delivered better, and while I do think the best solution was writing his journey better, I'm not really interested in dwelling on what COULD have been, because there's nothing I can do about it and it's not like it's going to make people appreciate Haruto more. I prefer to look at what we have and not only criticize the bad but acknowledge the good (because at least that way, maybe people can see things from a different perspective). And yes, I do believe there is some good in Haruto's development, and Valvrave as a whole, despite its very major flaws.

But if there's one major thing I would have changed about Haruto's development, it would be focusing on his three main relationships more, L-elf, Saki and Shoko, because Haruto was portrayed as someone who cared about people a lot, yet his closest relationships all suffered from wasted potential.
File: 044.jpg (397.52 KB, 1087x1600)
397.52 KB
397.52 KB JPG
File: 045.jpg (433.05 KB, 1085x1600)
433.05 KB
433.05 KB JPG

What's with the way you're ending your sentences, A-drei?
Have you eaten something weird?

I wonder what's going on there.

Pretty sure, they're embarrassed with their accents!
Now's your chance, Haruto!

そ それもそうか!
Y-Yeah, you're right!
File: 046.jpg (301.16 KB, 1082x1600)
301.16 KB
301.16 KB JPG
File: 047.jpg (271.89 KB, 1083x1600)
271.89 KB
271.89 KB JPG
Oh, hey, L-elf!

That Dorssian accent sure is peculiar!
Can you talk like that? I kinda want to hear it again.


Yeah, I want to hear it.
I didn't foresee that they'll misunderstood that as an accent.
Haruto was neither a super cool mecha MC at the end of the series nor was he as confident as you seem to think he was. He was simply less of an angsty whiny bitch about everything. There was still plenty of room for him to improve and become a character people legitimately like (rather than just pity postmortem), and if he had reached that point earlier in the series he could have attained a peak actually worth talking about.
I think you misunderstood, I never claimed Haruto was either of those things, I was saying that's what people seemed to WANT out of him at all times. /a/ in general seems to prefer their MCs to be more confident than reserved.

Also, there are plenty of people who do legitimately like Haruto, definitely not the majority, but I think /a/ is under the impression that since they hate Haruto so much that must be how it's like everywhere.
>there are plenty of people who do legitimately like Haruto
Chinese fujoshi who pair him with L-Elf?
Thanks a lot, sazy.
Anon, I know it's a difficult concept to comprehend, but yes, there are people who consider Haruto their favorite Valvrave character. It's crazy, I know.
>Watching VVV unironically
There will be a third season.

R-R-Right guys?
It is crazy. Even Shokofags make more sense.
File: 1371178151559 (2).png (53.65 KB, 175x167)
53.65 KB
53.65 KB PNG
It was a legit question.
Haruto was my favorite male character until Lieselotte died, after that there weren't many reasons to like him, unless you pair him in a gay relationship with L-Elf.

Nover. Let this die with Saki manga and the drama CD. There is no need to ruin more the characters.
And Shoko will be the mc.
b-but they need to sell more toys, t-there was a VVV committee surely they had something more planned.

>tfw liked valvrave but now looking back on it, it was kinda shit wasn't it; the mecha designs weren't all that good compared to other sunrise works either.
That's right, since when do companies not like making money? T-They will surely make a sequel...
>hating on Ishiwata's and Okawara's work

Waffe and Valvrave had awesome design and concept (Kirsbaum were a bit shitty, I will give you that, but they were good grunts units).
Too bad they didn't use it enough like they did in the battle against the Ideal Blume.
I'm curious what you mean by that, exactly. Because it's not like Haruto became a different character after Liese died, he was just faced with a new, difficult situation, so of course his character will react in tune with it.

I will admit his awkward sudden apology about the Phantom was really stupid.
I want to cum inside Kriem.
If Haruto is dead and Shoko took over Hito, why does Saki's screen still have his name on it 200 years later?

I know it's probably just a mistake.
I can't be the only person who liked him... R-right?
S1 Haruto was a competent character in the battlefield, he realized the risk of the curse before anyone else and he wasn't just L-Elf's puppet, but could force him to change his plans.
S2 Haruto was still interesting in the first half, I liked when he was scared to die and when he told L-Elf off for killing Marie. But after that, there was nothing. He never really got over his monster complex, he went suicidal because the plot and character's popularity requested it, he regressed and wasn't able to do anything without L-Elf etc etc.
His death was lame and useless, he was literally the only one who couldn't see the benefits of the curse and why he should have shared it with others (who were more than willing to do it).
His relationship with any other character didn't progress in any way, just the forced and stupid homodachi scene (which was one of the lowest point of the anime).
After he stopped feeding he just slowed down the plot, story and everything, he was a walking source of useless and forced drama.
I figure it's like Skype: Shoko might have been registered as the new pilot for Hito but Saki still wants to see the pilot name for Hito as "Haruto".
Q-vier a shit.
Maybe Shoko changed her name.
Haruto would be fine if he was more self-aware and had more realistic/limited goals.
A reserved MC does not have to be foolish and passive.
Anon, that was a mistake or a way to not spoiler the epilogue.
Sunrise is not that refined.
File: 2340.png (1.58 MB, 1280x720)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
He was a fucking faggot, Don't know why Saki was interested in such a beta nerd.
Haruto was ruined after episode 16/17 and did not get better.
File: 1384626194116.jpg (61.89 KB, 193x297)
61.89 KB
61.89 KB JPG
I agree that S1 Haruto had it together more, but he did admittedly have less shit to deal with.

I respectfully disagree with most of your other points and I'd love to stay and discuss why but I really need to head to bed.
The rape is what ruined him. If Saki had respected his wishes instead of trying to help by literally being a whore he may have had a chance to improve.
You again? Posting it in every thread doesn't make that true.
He didn't go suicidal and stopped thinking after the rape, if anything, the rape forced him to share his curse with L-Elf.
He went completely suicidal after seeing L-Elf suffering.
Poor braid

>resolved that conflict of his in the same episode

The problem is how the conflict was resolved.
In the end he cared more for the well-being of a guy who killed one of Haruto's former class-mates despite being on the same side than for his own life.
That was just pathetic. I couldn't take his fear of dying serious anymore.
Awww man Lieselette just died....
Oh fuck me - Episode 21.
File: blush kriem.png (513.63 KB, 532x1068)
513.63 KB
513.63 KB PNG
> gets death flag in ED
> gets even more deathflags
> "oh shit gotta be irrelevant quick"
> it works
File: 1382028786452.jpg (131.30 KB, 1920x1080)
131.30 KB
131.30 KB JPG
>ends up on the winning side

Inuzuka is best.
>he was literally the only one who couldn't see the benefits of the curse
I blame the rape.
Did the scans-anon posted the cleaned page from last Saki manga chapter?
Did the scans-anon post the cleaned page from last Saki manga chapter?
He wasn't getting better before that happened.

Are you asking about one of these pages http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/101756855/#101762403?
>Are you asking about one of these pages http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/101756855/#101762403?

Yes, those pages.
To be fair the writers made it so that ONLY Haruto suffers negative side effects. Every time the other 4 pilots use their machines or regenerate they use Haruto's runes.
That was never confirmed.
Marie used her Runes, not Haruto's and Saki was worried for her memories too.
Plus, it is not like he couldn't get help from them and/or L-Elf.
it was just a retarded way to give him a tragic side and some sort of depth, which ended being forced and stupid.

Half way through the last ep, but I agree with this.
It was hinted at. In 13 when the valvraves shut down their pilots couldn't send their runes in to activate them. If the mirror-raves ran on their pilots runes they would have activated. But they didn't, until Haruto gathered runes.
Because nobody was linked with Hito, but L-Elf, Marie and Shoko confirmed Hito could have more pilots at once. Nobody, except Haruto, could stop the other Kamitsuki to give their Runes.
We have no reason to assume that they needed Haruto's runes or Hito's RAVE engine for regeneration.
I liked Shoko until the writers shat all over her
File: 1380115895145.jpg (59.28 KB, 300x292)
59.28 KB
59.28 KB JPG
Okouchi hates genki girls, doesn't he?
File: 1383224452133.jpg (147.17 KB, 640x360)
147.17 KB
147.17 KB JPG
File: 1383225827578.png (169.40 KB, 300x450)
169.40 KB
169.40 KB PNG
I want to kill the right one.
File: flying hat.jpg (141.59 KB, 1280x720)
141.59 KB
141.59 KB JPG
I just wanted to see her trip and fall down cutely and have her hat go flying.

Just what was promised. That's all.
File: 1391963007373.jpg (161.11 KB, 1920x1080)
161.11 KB
161.11 KB JPG
Buddies > homodachis
File: 40856027_p9.jpg (681.35 KB, 845x1200)
681.35 KB
681.35 KB JPG
More like he doesn't know how to write one. It's such as shame. Look at Love Live's genki with envy.
File: 41725540_p0.png (947.39 KB, 1000x707)
947.39 KB
947.39 KB PNG
>no Shoko
She has ruined enough years already.
L-Elf and Haruto maybe. Shoko did nothing wrong.
File: you wouldnt an elf.jpg (354.71 KB, 1129x869)
354.71 KB
354.71 KB JPG

>no Audrey
>that Saki
>Eruerfu's bedroom eyes
She didn't even get to pick out Akira's outfit. Instead Saki dressed her like a whore.
They really engineered the story to have it be too late for Haruto to stop/slow his deterioration bu the time he found everything out.
File: 1371746432952.jpg (164.91 KB, 1920x1080)
164.91 KB
164.91 KB JPG
I told you it's a curse.
God this show ended so badly, so many unanswered questions it's embarrassing.
How the fuck did he die anyways, He still had some runes left or whatever at the end didn't he?
File: tomodachi.gif (2.65 MB, 250x141)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB GIF
Not really. He could have gone with the pilot rotation L-Elf suggested (while only using people willing to pilot like Satomi), but he refused because his stubborn tunnel vision blinded him from reason. He also blew the perfect chance Jewbro gave him to fix things with Shoko, which could have easily changed the entire course of the rest of the series for the better. His suffering (and everyone else's) was a direct result of his unwillingness to be honest with those closest to him and to let those who want to help, help.
>But it's a asspull that your still alive
Haruto died inside L-Elf. Why they felt the need to move Haruto's lifeless body afterward is beyond me.
This is the only reason: >>102306961
For the not rotating thing he says piloting the valvrave as his responsibility since he was the one who go in it first. He didn't want other to suffer the consequences of his actions.
They are L-elf's little pilot club anon.
Didn't he realize that without the Valvrave Dorssia would have killed or captured them and that there are people who do not want him to die and would suffer because of it?
We needed more of the Haruto from episode one. He was set up as the sensitive, nice guy, but when he thought Shoko was dead, he got pissed off and slaughtered everyone. Instead he kept reverting into the standard, crybaby mecha protagonist whenever something bad happened, even though it was repeatedly demonstrated to him that being a pussy was just making things worse.
File: 1372252724474.jpg (95.78 KB, 1280x720)
95.78 KB
95.78 KB JPG
I blame L-Elf, the shitty tomodaichi for ruining Haruto.
He should have stayed closer to his buddy Kyuma.

Oh well, at least there is fanfiction with better Harutos.
It's because Akira and Saki kept flying their Valvraves around and using Haruto's Runes.
Someone did not pay attention.
He died because his limiter was broken and his Valvrave was leaking runes.
Hito was turned off by the time he died. It was Akira and Saki that did him in.
Cain busted the engine so it was constantly leaking runes. It's not something you just 'turn off'.
File: 1388075566962.jpg (295.01 KB, 1920x1080)
295.01 KB
295.01 KB JPG
>turned off
>still black

File: friendship advice.jpg (83.79 KB, 1280x720)
83.79 KB
83.79 KB JPG
>He should have stayed closer to his buddy Kyuma.

Pic related.

>Oh well, at least there is fanfiction with better Harutos.

got any recommendations?

When the engine was leaking runes, there was a distinct green particle effect, both inside the cockpit and coming off Hito. After Dainsleif went down, the green particle effect was gone.
His limiter didn't break, he just pushed all his runes into the Valvrave.
>After Dainsleif went down, the green particle effect was gone.
Because Haruto finished his Runes.
And that was only possible because his limiter was broken. If it was working he wouldn't have been losing memories because that's what it was supposed to prevent.
Except he clearly didn't finish his Runes by then, cause he would have been dead immediately. He woke up after Hito went dark and was actually making new memories.
He was dead at that point. Him 'waking up' was L-Elf hallucinating.
>Except he clearly didn't finish his Runes by then
Is this the first anime you watch? Giving the MC a least breath to say his last words is a pretty standard cliché.
Just like Marie was making new memories.
Marie was making new memories, yes. She was learning about Haruto, her own name being Marie, and having wonderful friends.

Then the Runes that composed those new memories and the Runes of her life got siphoned off by the Harakiri blade. At which point she died.

Look, if you're gonna debate at least watch the episodes over to make sure of the sequence of events.
See >>102311197
You don't have to blame Akira and Saki for the godawful writing of the story.
Yes, it's cliche, so what? Just because it's cliche doesn't mean it has no bearing on the way the events happened. In fact, it being cliche makes it even worse, because he died for the sake of the cliche.

He was awake and making new memories. Hito was off. Then he died. What were the only sources of Rune drainage at that point? Carmilla and VVV VI.
>What were the only sources of Rune drainage at that point?
His stupidity. He could feed and didn't do it. Stop trying to blame other characters when a character makes the choice to kill himself slowly.
I'm not blaming Akira and Saki for the awful writing of the story. You've got it flipped around. I'm blaming the awful writing for the actions of Akira and Saki.

Akira and Saki, in-universe, were the ones that ended up killing Haruto by continuing to drain his Runes. That's a result of the awful writing.
>Akira and Saki, in-universe, were the ones that ended up killing Haruto by continuing to drain his Runes.
They weren't, the amount of Runes used simply to move a Valvrave is not big, remember that Haruto was able to keep all of them running for *TWO* months without feeding and noticing any kind of memory loss.
He pushed them in using the same rune magic he used on the moon. Its just now he was in the valvrave which caught him runes.
Sure, Haruto being an idiot had a part in it. But that's not the event that killed him.

For example. Let's say there's some guy who doesn't eat properly and is anemic. He then gets stabbed by a dude with a knife. He loses blood and dies. Now, if he were otherwise healthy and not anemic, he would have had enough blood to live. But that doesn't change the fact that some dude stabbed him.
Stop, please stop.
You're extrapolating that from nothing. We don't even know if the Valvraves were moved AT ALL for those two months other than to be brought out to the riverside.

inb4 Akira dicking around and chasing Waffes.
File: CAM00072.jpg (1.77 MB, 3264x2448)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
If Unit 4/6 were using Haruto's runes at the same he was consuming it, they would have stopped working the moment Haruto didn't have more runes to power them.
That is a plothole, anon.
More like Haruto dropped a giant bolder on top of himself, and as he lay dying, Saki and Akira inadvertantly brushed some sand on him. But it was totally the sand that killed him.
Can we all just agree that s2 was engineered so that Haruto was the only one of the current pilots losing any runes.
File: slut.png (39.14 KB, 912x500)
39.14 KB
39.14 KB PNG
While he did realize L-elf was suffering, too, most of the reason behind the resolution of that conflict wasn't looking out for L-elf, it was him acknowledging L-elf was right and he can't sit around and cry about things because the world wasn't going to wait around for him.
I hated how they got rid of his berserk mode and replaced it with losing memories. Like seriously, what happened to that? Did he learn to control it or something?
>Q-Vier pointing an imaginary gun at Shokoshoko

Why, Q-Vier? Why didn't you do it?
Fuck you you little shit.
He's pointing it at Thunder and he did do it.
Are we ever going to find out who Saki was fighting in the future, or who Shota-Erufu is?
Okay, I laughed.

I'll admit my analogy was a little over the top there. But if anyone has to be blamed for dropping the boulder it should be Cain.
Its was consistent till he stopped feeding on L-Elf in s2. They want you to believe that Haruto was losing runes as he was piloting during s1, but forgot to bring back the hunting mode when he stopped feeding. Which would have been a good way to cause panic and have the students turn on the pilots, have him go hunter mode during the broadcast.
>it was him acknowledging L-elf was right and he can't sit around and cry about things because the world wasn't going to wait around for him

Which would have been a good thing if later he (or better, the staff) didn't decide to put everything on himself, which was plain stupid especially given Shoko's words in the epilogue.
L-Elf's and Haruto's relationship should have been something like "friends", but Haruto comes out just like a tool, since they didn't split anything after Lieselotte died.
It would have been so easy for them to explain it, too. Just have like a 30 second segment where one of the VVV scientists explain that the limiter is what causes the berserking and he permanently damaged it with his hunger strike.
That does not mean he should not have spared L-Elf from more suffering.
He earned it with his last action in episode 15.
They split piloting in the last episode. Sorta.
You don't even know what you're saying.
Remnants of ARUS and other bakemono haters from Earth.
Descendent of Shoko and L-Elf.
Both are in the cockpit - same risk to get killed by attacks.
Only Haruto is consuming his Runes - 100% certain going to die.

They slip nothing after Lieselotte died.
File: squinty.jpg (119.62 KB, 1280x720)
119.62 KB
119.62 KB JPG
I was excited to see a Valvrave thread after so many days without one but there's still too much hate and frustration. I don't think I'll be able to enjoy a general ever again.
The ending left everyone bitter, angry, and unfulfilled. The only way people are going to get over it is if they release a director's cut fixing the last 5 episodes.
File: 1371514360162.jpg (315.91 KB, 946x810)
315.91 KB
315.91 KB JPG
I don't think that will ever change, unfortunately.
There is nothing to discuss, no Saki spoilers, pics from BDs or other.
Go to Hamatora threads.
No thanks.
But there's things to discuss. The other Saki chapter was scanlated but almost no one paid attention, anthology is being scanlated, there's the summit event and radio talk shows, but people prefer to fight each other. See this thread, there's a funny chapter translated but no one cares.
I'm not watching that.
Thanks for reminding me that today is tuesday.
> The other Saki chapter was scanlated but almost no one paid attention
Sadly nobody cares to try to discuss it because of the "not-canon" anons.
> anthology is being scanlated
Already discussed when it was posted.
>there's the summit event
Discussed few threads ago.
>radio talk shows
Not translated + stupid pairs + nobody cared when the anime was airing too. And the other episodes didn't give anything relevant (for example Toyosaki's comments showed how useless those are when there is just the cast talking).

Really, there is nothing new.

>but people prefer to fight each other
I don't see any fight TBH.
It's hard to discuss the Saki chapter when we know it'll just end the same way. That ending just overshadows everything.

I guess I'll give it a try though.

How do you Sakifags feel about the manga taking every opportunity it can to sexualize her? Pic related.
File: notsaki.jpg (89.42 KB, 856x428)
89.42 KB
89.42 KB JPG
Ha ha ha. Forgot my picture.
I don't mind it. The artist isn't going too far.
Discuss this.

File: 00007.jpg (168.29 KB, 1920x1080)
168.29 KB
168.29 KB JPG
Would any anons be interested in a poorly-done transcription of the drama CDs? My ear for moonspeak isn't perfect but I can get the gist of what's being said.
File: 10.jpg (1.33 MB, 1125x1600)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
What would be going too far to you?
Extended rape sequence.
We didn't discuss all the anthology because some translations were missing, same for the summit event. Posting caps and links is not a discussion. And no one even tried to discuss the last Saki chapter because no one cares and not because of some war you have, people never stopped discussing something because of haters. And I for one am interested in the talk shows if they're translated so you're projecting.
File: 1391288082860.png (11.13 KB, 156x79)
11.13 KB
11.13 KB PNG
I would love and appreciate you forever, anon.
Her sucking Audrey's gun was already too far.
File: Octo-trolled.jpg (84.51 KB, 720x550)
84.51 KB
84.51 KB JPG
Why is Senpai so cool?
I remember that scene i LOLED so hard XD
I had my speakers on and everyone lookat at me
>Haruto's jacket is open and his tie flies around while L-Elf's jacket is closed

It's the little things.
Should I make a new thread for it? This one is kinda old and busted.
How did that guy not known the difference between an octopus and a boob? Octopus skin is all cold and slimy and did he not notice there was no nipple?
Do it here.
This thread hasn't even hit 300 replies, you can do it here. Alternatively, you can write it up first and then post a download link.
>Posting caps and links is not a discussion.
I think you missed a couple of posts then.
There was just the picture drama to discuss, because not everyone is interested in what the VA said.
> And no one even tried to discuss the last Saki chapter because no one cares
Someone tried when it was posted, there were a couple of posts here and on /m/ about the changes and how some scenes where more interesting of what happened in the anime (last page or where she says that she won't be killed by the world). Then again, with more or less 5 people posting is a bit hard to discuss something.
>And I for one am interested in the talk shows if they're translated so you're projecting.
But I am not. I was the one who posted the updates from the twitter account when the show was airing and nobody cared.
And what are the pairings now? X with H, and Takahi with Satomi. It is not like they are going to say something interesting about the ending.
Maybe a talk show with Shoko with Haruto/Saki with Shoko/Shoko with Akira/Saki with Haruto would have been at least a bit more interesting.

Same as >>102314676
File: Saki Gun.png (389.23 KB, 998x526)
389.23 KB
389.23 KB PNG
It would have been too far if he had emptied his gun into her.
He is not that brave.
He was distracted by his imagination.
Not to mention that he did not know she had an octopus.
Point me to the thread then because all I saw were a few caps.
I saw two threads with the chapter and no one bothered, and I'm not talking about /m/.
You sound bitter because no one cared about your posts and that's exactly what I am complaining about. People are too frustrated and prefer to attack each other or whine at how shit it was, no one is interested in anything new anymore. We used to be able to discuss anything with interesting theories but now everyone is busy hating on everything. I feel some people are only here because they feel obligated to follow every thread.
Alrighty. Which one do you guys want first, Sakimori Star or Sakimori Murder Case?
Murder case sounds funnier so I vote for that one.
Elections > Murder Case > Prequel > Star

So, I vote for Murder Case.
I think we have a few general summaries of the latter.
File: satomi.png (210.11 KB, 512x428)
210.11 KB
210.11 KB PNG

Satomifag detected.
If you saw the caps, you must see comments too, because there were explanations of the game from the picture drama and of a joke.

The chapter was discussed, less than usual just because we are less than usual. And there is really not a lot to say, someone prefers it to anime, someone doesn't.

I'm not bitter at all, I'm just saying the truth. If nobody was interested when the anime was airing, do you expect people to get interested now? They are not going to say anything interesting, and the couples are made of secondary characters.

>We used to be able to discuss anything with interesting theories
Well, you know, the anime was still ongoing and there was place for theories, now it is ended.
-Scrap Saki and merge her character elements into Shoko and L-Elf
-Make L-Elf female
-Make Satomi a pilot in S2 and use this as a vehicle for plot development between him and Akira
-Make actual use of that magic spell bullshit Haruto figured out on the Moon
-Instead of Haruto dying at the end, make L-Elf and Haruto have their Runes get scrambled upon un-jacking due to time spent piloting in another body, so while they both have their own bodies, their memories are split 50/50
-THUNDAH lives
>-Scrap Saki and merge her character elements into Shoko and L-Elf
>-Make L-Elf female
Absolutely disgusting
>-THUNDAH lives

File: unhappy Shoko.jpg (74.82 KB, 636x538)
74.82 KB
74.82 KB JPG
>-Scrap Saki and merge her character elements into Shoko and L-Elf

How is that supposed to work?

>-Make L-Elf female

You might as well scrap him.

The rest is not bad.
File: 1377281109822.jpg (136.38 KB, 328x520)
136.38 KB
136.38 KB JPG
I missed you guys.
I'm saving that for when we have a good thread.
It is a fairly good post-Valvrave thread.
Here goes with Murder Case then. Hope my shoddy translation doesn't bother you guys too much. [] around stuff I'm not 100% sure about.

[Sliding door sound]

Haruto: No problem in this classroom. huh. [Pen scratching on paper]
With this, this [floor?] is finished. Rukino-san, what about over there?

Saki: There's nothing there, Haruto. Actually, [what are we even doing here?]

Haruto: [In order for the students to keep peace in the school], the student council has decided on these patrols, so there's no helping it.

Saki: Not that. There shouldn't be any need for Haruto to [do this]? If there's an emergency, you [already have to pilot Valvrave].

Haruto: But [the student council isn't making special allowances for anyone].
>How is that supposed to work?

You know, I thought I had a reason when I posted it, but I realize now that Saki's only traits are idol, pilot, and rape victim, and since we've added Satomi as a pilot we don't necessarily need the other two 'traits'. So we can probably just write her off entirely. Saki is still best girl, but we didn't need her

>Make L-Elf female
I'm a sucker for love triangles. That's pretty much the only reason I thought of it. Alternatively, I would replace it with:
>Only non-pilot who gets a notable amount of screentime is Otamaya
It's a good thread in general. There was far more hate and anger when the show was airing than this thread which is just discussion on why Haruto is a terrible character.
File: e....jpg (84.40 KB, 500x200)
84.40 KB
84.40 KB JPG
>but I realize now that Saki's only traits are idol, pilot, and rape victim
File: 1385420996771.jpg (73.71 KB, 435x542)
73.71 KB
73.71 KB JPG
>Saki's only traits are idol, pilot, and rape victim
>sucker for love triangles
>There was far more hate and anger when the show ended than this thread which is just lynching Haruto and blaming him for all that went wrong
Fixed that for you.
Harutofag, pls.
File: v on a good day.gif (2.95 MB, 267x199)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB GIF
>mfw after all this shit fucking 200 years later Shoko just stands there and says'' rolf you guys let's be friends
Saki: *Sigh* those people really are [something].

Haruto: About that, I'm not the only one fighting. Rukino-san is fighting too. Inuzuka-senpai and Yamada are piloting too. And L-Elf [is always coming up with plans].

Saki: [something.]

Haruto: Yeah. [something about Kamitsuki] This cursed power is [something].

Saki: Haruto... WELL! It really is a shame that [my secret with Haruto is out.] <--- really not sure about this one

Haruto: That's not it!

Saki: [something].

Haruto: S-sorry.

Saki: Well, whatever. Let's finish up here.
File: remove-bakemono 2.png (55.81 KB, 184x184)
55.81 KB
55.81 KB PNG
>dropping after the last scene of the last episode

But seriously, Shoko did nothing wrong except trusting Haruto too much.
Everyone has their share of blame. Every pilot and Kibukawa fully knew the situation when they got back and no one said anything. Neither L-Elf nor Kibukawa said anything to Shoko while Haruto was experimenting on himself.
>Saki: Haruto... WELL! It really is a shame that [my secret with Haruto is out.] <--- really not sure about this one
Maybe this?
Saki: Next would be--


Haruto: That voice just now!

Saki: It came from the direction of [the library], let's go!


Saki: That's...?

Haruto: Shoko!

Shoko: I-it can't be!

Saki: What is it, Shoko-san? What happened?

Shoko: I-in there! In there!

Saki: In the [library]?

Haruto: Let's look, Rukino-san.
File: 1381450645548.png (545.37 KB, 788x720)
545.37 KB
545.37 KB PNG
I think I've been called all the xfag there is to be called in these threads.
>trusting Haruto too much
Is that why she sold him out to ARUS? Right after they had shot up the school and betrayed the deal anyway almost immediately?
File: quetionables.jpg (34.88 KB, 177x278)
34.88 KB
34.88 KB JPG
how was she alive? did they form an empire where everyone just was immortal?
Oh hey, there you go. Much better than mine.
>how was she alive?
She was wearing the red pilot suit so we assume she took over as Hito's pilot. Also Future Saki's description of the "blessing" and the updated OS screen gives the impression that they fixed the machines so they no longer destroy your memories.
There really is no excuse for not telling Shoko, their freaking leader, after they got back or when the shooting started so she at least had an idea of what was going on. But none of them knew how to communicate with each other and their entire little country self-destructed because of it.
The only people who actually tried to talk things out were Shoko and Jewbro. But Shoko made the mistake of expecting Haruto to give her a straight answer and Jewbro went off on a god complex that did nothing to explain things in a sensible manner.
Saki: *gasp* That's--!

*Horror chord*

Shoko: "Yamada-kun is... Yamada-kun is dead!"
Haruto: Kakumeiki Valvrave.

L-Elf: Number Nine Point One Zero.

Shoko: Sakimori Academy Murder Case?

Shoko: Wha, what do we do, Haruto? I called but he won't respond, and he's not moving, and, and, ambulence, there isn't any. POLICE! They're not around either!

Haruto: This is...

Saki: Couldn't be...

Shoko: No way! It's a murder case? And, in the module no less... A murder case!

Saki: [something].

Haruto: Calm down, Shoko! [It's not the time for...]

Shoko: I CAN'T CALM DOWN! My friend has been killed!

Haruto: Uh.... unh...
File: pooh.png (103.82 KB, 320x287)
103.82 KB
103.82 KB PNG
you know, around episode 21 I started to accept that I really wouldn't like the ending so I thought that I would be prepared for anything. but fucking hell even GC had better ending than this
Bleh, gotta go for now. More later.
File: 1332434730691.jpg (228.35 KB, 1440x812)
228.35 KB
228.35 KB JPG
>even GC had better ending than this
I mean it. Right at the same level as mirai nikki.
File: 1372472106505.jpg (19.55 KB, 200x200)
19.55 KB
19.55 KB JPG
Haruto disappointed me in season 2, he just went back and forth all the time. Cain too. I thought he was going to be like Scirocco with all his scheming, but it was fucking nothing.
I believe you.
It was not a bad ending.
The survival of so many characters helped.
GC it was clear they had no idea what they were doing the whole time. Valvrave seemed like it was going somewhere but as we got later and later into season 2 everyone slowly realized there was not enough time to satisfactorily conclude all of the plot lines that had been introduced.
Did you watch the episode? She was the only student who didn't immediately start screaming bakemono like a retard. She trusted that whatever was going on Haruto must have had a good reason for it, even if the whole thing left her unsettled. But thanks to quality writing his attempts at 'explaining' backfired as he fumbled his words, gave misleading apologies, and did everything in his power to make himself look guilty as charged driving her to lose that trust she had in him.
File: 1386452496656.png (20.91 KB, 299x480)
20.91 KB
20.91 KB PNG

The show should have just been about L-Elf and Akira.
File: saki paid in advance.jpg (46.38 KB, 680x382)
46.38 KB
46.38 KB JPG
But sluts are the best.
File: 1391551005576.gif (1.70 MB, 1440x810)
1.70 MB
1.70 MB GIF
>mfw this thread has more posts/hour than Love Live and Sakura Trick thread
File: saki dammit shoko.jpg (41.05 KB, 680x382)
41.05 KB
41.05 KB JPG
>losing faith in a life-long friend in the matter of minutes
>trusting the people you had just watched gun down your classmates
Yeah that was pretty bad writing.
Shoko x L-Elf forever
>Liking the ending where Jesus on a Segway absorbs all the cancer in the world and his waifu sacrifices her life only to make him blind.
Seriously. What point was the point of bringing back that faggot Gai from the dead to turn him into an even bigger faggot?
File: reac.jpg (20.51 KB, 500x276)
20.51 KB
20.51 KB JPG
you got me wrong man
here is what I meant: great ending>good ending>mediocre ending>bad ending>
mirai nikki=cg=vvv
I realised to not expect anything from the ending but still I thought that it was dumb.
File: 07_sample.png (95.42 KB, 980x380)
95.42 KB
95.42 KB PNG
VVV Anthology chapter 3 scanlation.
>dat X

Thanks, anon.
Come on, he was clearly distressed over forgetting it and disoriented from coming back to life. Obviously we can sell him out for one childhood memory.
What is this?
File: 40856027_p8.jpg (782.06 KB, 845x1200)
782.06 KB
782.06 KB JPG
VVV Calendar from pixiv.
Shoko was never very perceptive. When they first reunited in episode 2 she didn't even notice he was covered in blood and bullet holes.

Though to be fair, a ceasefire at the cost of one person was their best (and only) hope for long term survival since L-Elf was in a permanent state of giving no fucks. They really needed to put more focus on that aspect of it instead of the retarded cave shit.

I lol'd
File: 08.png (496.72 KB, 1017x1500)
496.72 KB
496.72 KB PNG
>H-neun's face when his sides have been liberated.
Can you fix the "didn" in the last page?
Damn you, 4kids and your imaginary guns!
File: 10.png (295.30 KB, 1015x1500)
295.30 KB
295.30 KB PNG
Sorry about that.
Nah, it's alright, bro. You're doing us a lot of favor already just by typesetting it.
File: 1379043781385.jpg (288.79 KB, 1108x828)
288.79 KB
288.79 KB JPG
>mfw I wasn't able to protect those sides
At least Magius! Cain kept to his word about friendship and stuff. He kept his promise to Plue until the end.

We also never found out what he really wanted with L-elf specifically.
Clearly he wanted L-Elf's body.

His delicious delicious niku-tai.
That still doesn't excuse trying to sell him off to the enemy and KEEPING that stance even after she was proven to be wrong immediately
Because muh self-insert.
File: 41640319.jpg (189.87 KB, 800x600)
189.87 KB
189.87 KB JPG
Why does future Saki refer to being a Kamitski as a blessing when it killed her love interest.
Because she is not stupid or blind.
The prince referred to it as "blessing" while Future Saki insists that it's both a blessing and a curse.
File: saki resign.jpg (52.42 KB, 569x640)
52.42 KB
52.42 KB JPG
She said that it used to be considered a curse.
File: 1388614836665.jpg (169.74 KB, 768x1024)
169.74 KB
169.74 KB JPG
Haruto rapes shoko
File: 05-06.jpg (2.49 MB, 2245x1600)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
>past and present

Pretty much confirmed for not covering the epilogue.

Why not L-Elf rapes Shoko and Haruto gets jelly about it?
Cause L-Elf never cared for Shoko as a person, only as a figure head.
>Shoko gets raped by L-elf
>Haruto becomes a depressed zombie
>Saki throws herself at Haruto
Sounds like Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Just need Akira to play Akane's role.
So what? He can still rape her in the spare time.
He has no reason to do that.
Your husbando has lewd thoughts outside the battlefield, deal with it.
He fucks females, not pieces of shit.
>Why not L-Elf rapes Shoko and Haruto gets jelly about it?
Liselotte's ghost hijacks Shoko and uses her body to fuck L-Elf.
The piece with Saki's execution and the pilots shocked/mad is really nice.

Looks like the uploader is a Saki x Haruto shipper, eh.
Can someone explain the appeal of Haruto-Saki, I never thought that ship could work. They hurt each other too much for there to be anything, combined with the fact that it is entirely one sided it was never going to go anywhere.
I think it might have been mainly Saki-shipperfags who wanted her to get with Haruto because that's what would make her happy. No matter how shit the relationship or love interest was.
>appeal of Haruto-Saki
It's better than Haruto/Shoko. It would have resulted in more screen time for best girl.
Saki needed less screen time and Shoko needed more.
File: 13865403202010.jpg (520.31 KB, 1000x1682)
520.31 KB
520.31 KB JPG
Needs more Shoko.
1) Saki wants it
2) They are ready to hurt themselves for the other
3) Haruto was mmore "a man" when Saki was in danger
4) Saki had a smoother personality with Haruto
File: saki reaction.png (956.14 KB, 950x1050)
956.14 KB
956.14 KB PNG
Shokofag please.
Everything Haruto did with Saki amounted to nothing in the end so why did they give her more scenes with Haruto then Shoko.
I really think they only gave her more scenes because producers found her more marketable.
They didn't do much with her in S2.
Because everything Haruto did with Shoko amounted to less useful stuff than what Haruto did with Yamada.
Haruto didn't act differently around Saki or when she was in danger. Haruto was a competent pilot for someone of his experience and outside of the cockpit he still had his teenage angst even when she was around. The only person who could get Haruto to act differently was Shoko.
Shoko and Haruto were each other's most important person and they valued their relationship with each other above any others. So why was so little time devoted to it over Haruto's relationship with Saki that he cared about as much as his relationship with Thunda.
Because the writer is bad.
>The only person who could get Haruto to act differently was L-elf.
Haruto did act differently with Saki around. He was ready to be killed by her, he was the one who wanted to talk about the rape and he was the one who tried to fix things first with the marriage and then with the experiments.
Haruto didn't avoid his problems with Saki, with Shoko he only tried to not involve her, making everything someone shouldn't do with the person he loves.

Because Shoko and Haruto relationship is just two people denying their problems when the lover is around. It is just stupid, childish and not interesting at all.

His suicide was surely the greatest achievement in the anime.
>His suicide was surely the greatest achievement in the anime.
Stay blind.
So why were Haruto and Shoko even the MC/main heroine? None of the staff members/seiyuu seemed to actually give a damn about them.
I'm only going by the fanbook scans, really.
You're guessing their interest in the characters based on a fanbook that is filled with magazine gossip? Wow.
No, I'm basing it off what the seiyuu say who they want more screentime with and who they like.
HarutoxShoko represents the normal life that Haruto could have had without the Valvraves. When the show starts they were on track to do the usual romcom shtick and live happily ever after. But then all hell breaks loose and that become impossible. HarutoxSaki represents the new, exciting, dangerous life of an immortal vampire. Instead Haruto chooses to die to save his friends. I would have preferred to see HarutoxShoko definitively sunk, Saki save Haruto from getting himself killed, and season 3.
I blame the producers. I fully believe that they had the writers alter the story to make characters they liked the designs of more important rather than what the writers actually wanted to do.
You better start posting scans because I don't remember any of that being posted.
Check the masterpost for the scans. Gimme a minute for some TL's we got.
I meant the exact pages you're talking about with the respective TLs.
HaruotXSaki was always sunk. I wanted to see HaruotxShoko because I wanted them to show you don't need to change who you are as you grow up. And to have a relationship solved by the one thing fiction characters never do, talk about their problems. I fully believe that Haruto could havae confessed to Shoko if he had gotten over his self-loathing issues but the writers felt he didn't need to grow out of them since he is going to die anyway.
>I blame the producers.
You know the same producer who talks a lot worked on Gundam 00 and he couldn't avoid the mess Bandai did with its second season even if he had a really strong and good setting, right?
They are not that "powerful" on the story.
>rather than what the writers actually wanted to do
Thanks God they stopped Okouchi then.
Check these threads:

They should redirect you to others as well.
Depends on the producer. In this case we know Aniplex is the one who commissioned the work to Sunrise so Aniplex producers definitely had the power to change anything they wanted unlike Ikeya and the other two Sunrise producers. If you read interviews of the writer or even character designer you can see they had something different in mind for the characters and story.
>implying what a seiyuu says is relevant at all
Kotobuki Minako wanted to have a bigger role, and she got nothing.

Yeah, Okouchi wanted to make a yaoi and the character designer only talked about how hard was to redo Hoshino's works. Nothing more.
They didn't talk of what they had in mind (and really, a character designer? He is not Umetsu, he just draws what they tell him to draw).
If they changed something, it was Haruto, not Saki/A-Drei/Shoko who get a smaller role compared with S1, even though they were way more popular than the MC.
That's not how giving source for what you're saying works. You give me an image and a quote, not two threads with over 700 replies. I'm sure I was in those threads and I don't remember anyone saying anything about the characters the seiyuu wanted more screentime of.
>Okouchi wanted to make a yaoi
Stopped reading, opinion discarded.
>Saki/A-Drei/Shoko who get a smaller role compared with S1
Saki and Shoko? Sure. A-Drei? I don't think so.
We haven't seen him fighting with the mecha except for last episode (or two, now I don't remember). Pretty lame compared with what he did in S1.
Impressions: >>94257487
Befriend: >>94257273 ; >>94257832

I confused screentime with befriend. Would it kill you to scroll a little? Those are near the top.
Which was basically fighting in a mecha for a few minutes, something any other character could do. And there was that time he took some photos and pointed a gun at elf. That's nothing when compared to S2 last episodes where he actually did something even if offscreen.
I felt like he got about the same amount of attention. Though, H-9 and X-1 got a lot more (read: any) in S2.
But anon, VA's opinion can't change the story.
Ask Cagalli's VA if she could help her character.
>I wanted them to show you don't need to change who you are as you grow up.
I wanted them to show sometimes both people want something and it still doesn't work out.
>VA's opinion can't change the story
If they could, man, L-elf would have a harem of guys and girls.
>Ask Cagalli's VA if she could help her character.
Don't remind me about that. ;_;
How am I supposed to find something that's not in there? You said it already that there was nothing about the screentime. Not to mention that the thing you were using as reference for telling it the staff hates Haruto and Shoko are apparently random questions that don't imply anything at all.
File: asuran punch.gif (637.03 KB, 200x164)
637.03 KB
637.03 KB GIF
He was working on/for a team and doing infiltration mission. That was pretty awesome.
In S2 he really didn't a lot except for last episode, in which he really didn't a lot too (Q-Vier's death was lame).
>inb4 Q-Vierfag's post

Uh, well, Shoko did more than anyone else offscreen.
It took him so damn long to do that. I felt so satisfied when that happened though.
That is what Saki is for.
>Shoko did more than anyone else offscreen
Sure she did, she invited a bunch of armed ARUS scum into the Module and did some bad politics.
Seriously, are you even looking at the links?
I said that the staff could give a flying fuck about them, not that they hated them.

I've spoonfed you what I did, which was way more than what I should have.
But Haruto didn't actually want it, he just felt guilty and that he needed to take responsibility. That's why Saki turned down the proposal.
cast != staff
I meant Saki wants something and doesn't work out.
You gave me some parts with seiyuu answering vague questions about characters. The same seiyuu have given different answers in other interviews. This information looks incomplete because they don't list all seiyuu and there's no actual scan proof. How is that evidence that the staff gives zero fucks about Haruto and Shoko? Not to mention you keep saying staff when the seiyuu are cast.
And when you claim something as fact you have to be prepared for people like me to call it bullshit. You didn't spoonfeed me shit, you're doing what you're supposed to do which is back up your claim.
File: 1379085980703.jpg (591.95 KB, 847x1200)
591.95 KB
591.95 KB JPG
What did Season 2 do right?
The pacing for the first half made me believe that there was going to be a S3.
>the question they asked her was what characters she'd like to befriend in-character
Death scenes
Episode 13 and 14.
Fight in episode 15 (or 16, however, III and V against Ideal Blume/Kirschbaum).
Saki's new steps.
Saki got less screen time, and the battle were fun.
File: 1389885316508.png (534.16 KB, 766x473)
534.16 KB
534.16 KB PNG
Eru Erufu's "blitzendegen".
Killed a shit franchise with awful deluded fanbase

File: saki grimace.jpg (104.85 KB, 1280x720)
104.85 KB
104.85 KB JPG
>Saki got less screen time
Not that guy, but the music and voice acting was pretty good during that scene.
You're still here? Damn, you're even more devoted than VVVfags.
Even worse, all wasted.
Months later and still mad.
I thought it was fun. I do feel sorry for Shoko though, having to live with the memory of treating your slow memory-losing childhood husbando like shit before he died forever

Also I'm probably going to have rocks thrown at me, but anybody else looking forward to the dub? I mean, having gone through watching SAO on Toonami just to see how bad it is has made me learn is that sometimes something bad or not that good can be better in a different language due to it's different performance. Not to mention, Aniplex are pretty great guys

Ditto DMC in Spanish
Made Haruto even more of a slut.
The music was indeed pretty good too.
File: 1371157665344.jpg (194.05 KB, 929x885)
194.05 KB
194.05 KB JPG
>Valvrave and its threads
>being over, ever
>but anybody else looking forward to the dub?
Are they even going to dub it? I just want them to release the BD's. That's all I care about.
Why are you mad? It was pretty.
Haruto living as a tomato was too good not to happen.

I agree with you, though
God damn where is our S3?
File: gl_img_27.jpg (55.67 KB, 604x400)
55.67 KB
55.67 KB JPG
I think he means mad about what happened. Even Haruto haters were saying Haruto didn't deserve death when the last episode aired (though now they're back to hating him full force).
Soon. Clovis will bring it in his white horse, just you wait.
At least Haruto forgot Shoko and her betrayal when he ripped next to his tomodachi
But anon, he did live as a tomato for a while. L-elf told everyone Haruto died so that someone else would replace him as Hito's pilot. Haruto is secretly leading a normal human life in Audrey's orange farm back at Dorssia and he's very happy. L-elf visits him every time he goes to Earth on business and he takes Saki with him.

Why wouldn't it? Aniplex also licensed Gurren Lagann, Madoka, and SAO and it was one of the biggest anime company's most hyped show last year

Though most of the budget is going to be for KLK's dub. Which seeing all the western influence it has, am waiting to hear or see when the anime ends in a few weeks. Here's hoping for Steve Blum as the money guy
Don't worry, they have SpaceSkype
>orange farm
Surely you mean tea plantation. Not to mention why would Audrey help that homewrecker tomodachi?
Because they also licensed Bake/Nise and Oreimo, yet those didn't receive dubs. Blue Exorcist didn't receive a dub in the beginning either, and was released as a subbed DVD only.
this is confirmed true in my head canon
Did Aniplex do their own dub for Gurren Lagann?
It's the orange one, Audrey doesn't want anyone but himself near his dear tea plantation. It's not like he wanted to help the guy, he just couldn't say no when L-elf asked him.

Well VVV was, and KLK still is huge. Would be stupid not to pour in a shitload of hype or budget for their localizations


I think Bang Zoom dubbed it but Ani licensed it
VVV was licensed, but that doesn't guarantee that it will get a dub. Another example would be Zetsuen, it got licensed, yet it only got a subbed DVD release.
>VVV and KLK

It's more internet hype than anything. Those are unconventional shows for a restricted market.
I thought I would like him in S2 but then they just threw out Shoko's character to make him more sympathetic. I can't forgive him or the writers after that.
Bang Zoom seems to have done a lot of Aniplex dubs. I don't know which ones are actually dubbed so I don't know if ALL of them are done by them but I'd say the lack of dubs on some of their licensed shows probably has something to do with that.
>universally shunned
>more seasons
Pick one.
File: your waifu is dead.png (450.49 KB, 791x630)
450.49 KB
450.49 KB PNG
Why would you do this?

Well then what other recently released anime that they owe the license of would they want to put hype in?


Wait it really got bad official reviews?
File: 1.jpg (22.10 KB, 422x562)
22.10 KB
22.10 KB JPG
Literally fucking nothing. Not even Q-Vier's death was done right. He should have died screaming in pain, but no, for some reason they felt that psycho little shit deserved one of the most emotional deaths in the show despite no one caring about him and taking away screen time from characters who actually matter and deserve it.
I just wished their last meeting could have gone better. Haruto returns, Shoko apologizes, and they confess. Doesn't need to actually lead to anything though some hand holding and a kiss would have been nice and maybe they'd both admit it would no longer work with how things spiraled out of control. But at least it would have been a satisfying end to their relationship which was teased the entire show and both of their motivations.

Instead we got Shoko pretending to hate him because of some retarded concept of responsibility. I don't know what kind of books she was reading when she was trying to learn politics, but she should probably burn them.
Power corrupts.
Episodes with A-drei in it.
That's it.
File: 003.jpg (637.80 KB, 2369x1600)
637.80 KB
637.80 KB JPG
Ham-and-eggs a la Nininbaori with L-elf and A-drei
[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nininbaori ]

With the strong faith between the two of us, this is nothing more than child's play.
Isn't that right, L-elf?
Yes, there's no mistake about it.

Ham-and-eggs a la Nininbaori with L-elf and A-drei Act 2

Now, it's your turn, L---
That's not the ham-and-eggs, L-elf!
File: 108.jpg (469.76 KB, 1089x1600)
469.76 KB
469.76 KB JPG
A-drei. L-elf.

I wonder which one of you would be best to spearhead the operation to take
the Valvraves of JIOR.

To settle this...

Morinaga Miku
File: 109.jpg (393.07 KB, 1081x1600)
393.07 KB
393.07 KB JPG
The ones who'll play the "It" would be horny boy, pipsqueak and four-eyes.
You two hide yourselves until those three tie you up!
Got that? Until they finally tie you up!
Isn't that a different than what it's supposed to be?

As part of the Dorssia Forces, I have to put everything into this.

But, to be honest, this is a waste of time.
I'm neither interested in this nor I want to do this.

The conclusion I'm led to would be...
File: 110.jpg (495.84 KB, 1088x1600)
495.84 KB
495.84 KB JPG
Look, it's Ero-elf!
The name's L-elf!

That Ero-perv-elf's running away.
Do you really wish to die that badly, Q-vier?

Did they find L-elf already?
If they catch him, then it's my vic---
Don't move,
File: 111.jpg (388.58 KB, 1084x1600)
388.58 KB
388.58 KB JPG
How come you're here? I was sure that you were over there.

Don't be stupid. Did you really think that I will stay and play with those fools?

While I am serious in this contest, I don't want to use my strength more than necessary.
Surrender now, A-drei.
Do so and this will end painlessly.

Absolutely not! Even if this isn't a real battle, I will not admit defeat!
Is that so.

エッ エルエルフ?

I don't want to win in such a miserable way!
File: shoko loco blush.jpg (29.67 KB, 690x388)
29.67 KB
29.67 KB JPG
File: 112.jpg (375.67 KB, 1086x1600)
375.67 KB
375.67 KB JPG

Over here.
finally got you now!
File: 113.jpg (400.85 KB, 1082x1600)
400.85 KB
400.85 KB JPG
Why are you tying me up? You guys should be aiming for L-elf instead!
You're too naive, prince.

I have already bribed them!
He got me pictures of Kriem-nee-san dressing! Awesome!
If you give me treats, I'll do anything.
If my guess is right, it's better to be bound by something long.
Why you bunch of lowlives!

L-elf, you dirty coward!
Dirty coward?
You lived such a wonderful life.
>tfw we have completely different sleeping schedules

I'll typeset the rest when I get home from class tomorrow.
File: 114.jpg (395.07 KB, 1087x1600)
395.07 KB
395.07 KB JPG
Whether it's for your own sake or for others, if you have something that you have to protect
you will have to get yourself dirty to do it!

What a sadist!
Oh my
Haha S-elf!

Right now, my pride has been completely shattered.
With what he has said and done, I really should be angry, right.

He might have said more than he should...
I expected nothing less from the man who would become my right hand.
If you insist to get down and dirty, then you could always count on me.
D-Don't get the wrong idea!
I'm not doing this for you or anything!

That would be enough! The winner and your new squad leader would be L-elf. All of you immediately cease this and proceed to the next training.
Kriem-nee-san, you push people too hard!
Horny Boy, Gray Haired Mute. Better ready yourselves once you get back!

Oh crap! Am I going to die?
You reap what you sow.

I'm impressed. You've completely defeated me.
But I won't lose next time.

He's much more skillful than you in many ways.
Shut up! Leave me alone!

I won't falter.
File: 115.jpg (321.20 KB, 1088x1600)
321.20 KB
321.20 KB JPG
File: 116.jpg (270.69 KB, 1086x1600)
270.69 KB
270.69 KB JPG
Someday, these guys
will become stepping stones for my revolution.

〝守りたいものがあるなら 汚れろ”
"If you have something that you have to protect, you will have to get yourself dirty to do it!"

made up my resolve.
Let's go.

This happened
a few days before L-elf first met
Tokishima Haruto and the Valvrave.
File: Valvrave love.jpg (447.71 KB, 1000x999)
447.71 KB
447.71 KB JPG
Touched by the Moon looks promising.
The premise is an earlier, more successful marriage proposal.
I started reading it for the Hinowa/Tekka-fight and stay for decent writing and characterizations.
>it's better to be bound by something long.
The hell did he bribe X-eins with?
Something Cain related
File: naniiiiiii.jpg (166.41 KB, 475x607)
166.41 KB
166.41 KB JPG
>dat Kriem

Thanks for your work.
It could have still worked if the staff hadn't already decided Haruto will die at the beginning of s2.
The staff liked him so he got better treatment than most of the cast.
Q-Vier was supported by fujoshi, who don't care of Shoko.
where is this from? audrei manga? some doujin I'm missing out on?
Valvrave Anthology.
File: 001.jpg (1.20 MB, 3811x1600)
1.20 MB
1.20 MB JPG
can we hope for based /a/non who scanlated audrei manga to do this for us too and update the masterpost ?
Haruto in the first two-three episodes, battles were nice, Saki got less to do and became the series Kallen, and resolving all the important plot stuff.
I think there's only one chapter remaining and the first one.
File: UDVkFbn1eDk.jpg (128.17 KB, 1000x793)
128.17 KB
128.17 KB JPG
What were your top 5 worst choices of season 2?
>Saki got less to do and became the series Kallen

this was an absolute fail on Sunrise's part
Trying to make Q-Vier look cute and make the viewer sympathize with him.
Haruto's development.
L-Elf's not-development.

H-Neun's death off-screen.
Amnesia asspull.
X-Eins' useless death.
Haruto's lack of development after the first few eipsodes.
Lack of Shoko.
Episode 21 in its entirety.
Shifting the focus to L-Elf's ad Dorassia's side of the story without amounting to much.
Not having Haruto and Shoko make up and having them live together in the future.
>Shifting the focus to L-Elf's ad Dorassia's side of the story without amounting to much.

Fucking this.
Killing off Haruto at the end.
Giving no time to Shoko.
Raves vs Hitler Youth fight.
Cain had no presence.
L-Elf became ineffective against his own team that he was owning in season 1.
>Killing off Haruto at the end

It was a fitting end for him.

>Giving no time to Shoko

Shoko's real problem was her lack of agency in S2.
More time would not automatically fix that.

>Raves vs Hitler Youth fight

They were fine.

>Cain had no presence

No less than in S1.

>L-Elf became ineffective against his own team that he was owning in season 1.

Didn't you watch episode 12?
File: 016.jpg (381.23 KB, 1087x1600)
381.23 KB
381.23 KB JPG
Devil Tag?

Let's play!
Oota Yuuki


It'd be nice if everyone plays once in a while together!
Oh. Yeah, let's do it!

So, what kind of devil will you play as?
Water devil!
Tall devil!
Horny devil!
don't tell me you haven't played a game like this?
I've done it.
Back in the past, we played this as part of our training.
Training, huh...
File: 017.jpg (431.85 KB, 1086x1600)
431.85 KB
431.85 KB JPG
If you have that much free time, you're better off doing other things.
You won't join us, L-elf?
I have an idea!
Once we're done playing, we can make some ham-and-eggs to eat!
Moving a lot makes one hungry, right?

If I get a ham-and-eggs by moving a little,
they will look down on me!

if you throw in a youkan, then I won't mind joining you.
You don't mind, right?
In the end, you're a guy who moves quickly when it comes to food, aren't you, L-elf?
File: 018.jpg (400.83 KB, 1086x1600)
400.83 KB
400.83 KB JPG
Okay, let's decide who plays "It".
  Using rock-paper-scissors!
・at グラウンド・
At the school grounds

What should I play first...
Even if you think about that, it won't change the fact that you're bad at rock-paper-scissors.

Think you're great at it, huh?
Of course.
After all,

I have the sign of victory.

There's no way that I will lose!
Rock, it is then!
File: 019.jpg (366.39 KB, 1087x1600)
366.39 KB
366.39 KB JPG
●手つなぎ鬼ごっこ・・・・・・鬼ごっこの一種。鬼に捕まった子は鬼の手を繋 がなければならない。
*Devil Hold Tag - A variation from the usual tag wherein those who have been cuaght has to hold hands with the person playing "It".

We'll be playing 'Devil Hold Tag', okay!
Our playing ground will be limited to this track field!

Make a run for it while L-elf counts up to ten!

After all, this is just a game.
You're sulking, aren't you.
Okay, let's start!


Gotta run away



He's fast!
File: 020.jpg (318.77 KB, 1085x1600)
318.77 KB
318.77 KB JPG
You're so nimble, L-elf.
Got you.

ぎゃー こっちくんあああああ
Hold on
Hold on


Damn it...
I want to join too...
File: 021.jpg (326.58 KB, 1086x1600)
326.58 KB
326.58 KB JPG
Back then, we were training like that.

―それをなんだ!今となってはジオールの奴らと楽しそうに!楽しそう に・・・・・・ッ!
But, now, he's doing it with those JIORians! And having fun at that!

お なになに鬼ごっこ?
Oh, are they playing tag?
How young of them!
Since it's been a while, how about we play that too?
  Just kidding!
Undercover Investigation

No, no, no.
I want to play with L-elf,
not you guys or anyone else.

This braided bastard is a pain in the ass.
File: 022.jpg (397.69 KB, 1094x1600)
397.69 KB
397.69 KB JPG
L-elf's unbeatable.
Oh god
Don't chase us with such a serious look
You're frigthening

I guess
I've caught all of you

Looks like there's still


You still haven't caught me, L-elf!
he is too good for this world
File: 023.jpg (424.67 KB, 1093x1600)
424.67 KB
424.67 KB JPG
No fair! You students of JIOR are so unfair!
A-drei (wearing a bucket)
I... I so
wanted to play tag with L-elf!
Who's that?
Don't know.
But, what's with the bucket?

Completely dominating this game makes it boring, right?
Then, I will take you on!

If you think you can catch me, then do so!
I'm just right over here!

This is the first time I saw A-drei that happy.
Me too.
File: 024.jpg (421.95 KB, 1095x1600)
421.95 KB
421.95 KB JPG
Here he comes.

L-elf's chasing me!
Right now, he and I are enjoying this game from the bottom of our hearts (?).

L-elf is after me!
And he's focusing entirely on me.

( バケツ(あいつ)を捕まえれば )
( If I catch him... )

File: 025.jpg (386.74 KB, 1092x1600)
386.74 KB
386.74 KB JPG
ぜー はー
Haa Haa
you're the last one.

Oh no! I haven't thought of what to do once he caught me.
  This completely turned into a joke!

By the way,
while I don't know which class you belong to,
you can still move.
How do you do that?

Let me see.
File: 026.jpg (356.09 KB, 1088x1600)
356.09 KB
356.09 KB JPG
You went out of the track field.
Which means it doesn't count.

I'll count up to ten.
be sure to get away.
>Devil Tag
>highschool students
just what kind of show is this anyway?
File: 027.jpg (104.34 KB, 1092x1600)
104.34 KB
104.34 KB JPG

"You're really bad in getting away, aren't you."

"Your limbs are so thin that you worn out easily."

"You have work on your getting away."
File: 028.jpg (340.06 KB, 1091x1600)
340.06 KB
340.06 KB JPG
Not only did you realize it was me,
you're even turning a blind eye.
Damn you, L-elf.
You didn't have to do that.

Have enough fun already?
Let's go back
Shut up.

you won't be following him?
That bucket guy

No, just leave him be.
Giving less important characters more screen time than the more important characters.
Backpedaling of Haruto and L-Elf's relationship.
Giving Shoko no time at all.
Haruto and Shoko don't get a happy ending.
Pino wasn't a character.
File: tsk-elf.png (40.75 KB, 324x248)
40.75 KB
40.75 KB PNG
>you're even turning a blind eye.

Thanks again for your work.
Haruto in the first few episodes.
Akira's episode.
Final fight was nice.
Saki was less relevant and had less time spent on her.
Pino lived.
Saki was actually more relevant to plot in S2 than in S1, actually.
>More time would not automatically fix that.

More time would have fixed everything.
Her character changed and developed (in a bad way) off-screen and she was also responsible for some of the biggest developments of the show (also in a bad way). But none of it was shown, nor were her thoughts or feelings on the matter portrayed. There was just a "Here's Shoko everyone. She fucked everything up. Enjoy~". They did not even give her drama an actual conclusion either, handwaving it all with a timeskip and two lines of narration.

Her total absence in S2 made her little more than a plot device, existing solely to make Haruto look 'cool' by saving the girl who betrayed him and left us scrambling to make sense of her actions.
So that goes on the whole show? Glad I dropped it after ep 2 then.
File: nope.jpg (12.44 KB, 85x80)
12.44 KB
12.44 KB JPG
Haruto didn't even say anything to Shoko
Harutos death
Lieselotte was fucking nothing
Everyone was immortal
Touched by the Moon
Valvrave: Founding of an Empire
Valvrave: The War of Immortals
The Gift of a Curse
The Return

You can find them on the first page of the VVV section of FF.net. They range from good to just okay.
>Hinowa/Tekka fight
Now that's got my interest.

>Looks through the story listings on FF.net
Good lord, 80% of these are L-Elf/Haruto.
Why do I keep thinking that he is Yukiteru Amano
>Good lord, 80% of these are L-Elf/Haruto.
What did you expect?
Well you see the staff liked Q-vier better, so...
File: unhappy haruto.jpg (111.81 KB, 1280x720)
111.81 KB
111.81 KB JPG
I.... I don't know. Maybe not so many.

Only one with a Yamada/Akira pairing. I thought that would be a popular pairing, too.
File: 41644543.jpg (218.36 KB, 1533x2150)
218.36 KB
218.36 KB JPG
File: 41463268.jpg (210.04 KB, 1406x1832)
210.04 KB
210.04 KB JPG
File: 41404482.jpg (220.90 KB, 1470x2268)
220.90 KB
220.90 KB JPG
File: 41714157.jpg (230.60 KB, 1562x2140)
230.60 KB
230.60 KB JPG
The best.

...wait, have they started accepting scat?
File: 41540614_p8.jpg (101.45 KB, 636x900)
101.45 KB
101.45 KB JPG
What are they saying? I must know!
File: 1388427003164.jpg (85.35 KB, 1174x616)
85.35 KB
85.35 KB JPG
File: 1388141561249.jpg (163.65 KB, 752x379)
163.65 KB
163.65 KB JPG
Well, I'm watching it for my first time and I'm in episode 19. I think it's pretty mediocre but there isn't much for me to to watch anyway.
What's the general opinion on Valvrave on /a/? I missed most of the threads when the second season was airing since I was probably watching something better.
/a/ generaly thought Shoko a best girl and Saki a slut.
Why would that be a pairing, Akira became Shoko-sexual.
File: 1347489776808.jpg (112.42 KB, 1005x719)
112.42 KB
112.42 KB JPG

Some of them like A Fleet of Chances are worth reading even if you don't care (much) for the pairing.

Make a new thread.
The shitty opinion I would expect from you faggots. Clearly A-drei is the best girl. Just kidding, it's Akira
File: 1379084443338.jpg (124.62 KB, 1280x720)
124.62 KB
124.62 KB JPG
Never read more lies in a single post.
File: 1371798645146.png (755.34 KB, 1058x1024)
755.34 KB
755.34 KB PNG
>ending left anons so desperate they resort to fanfiction

No one should ever have to do this.
File: 00012.jpg (174.89 KB, 1920x1080)
174.89 KB
174.89 KB JPG
Can't really speak for other people, but I thought season 1 was incredibly fun and had lots of potential. I loved all of the characters, pretty much.

Then season 2 took the potential and fell into a lake with it. It had its moments, to be sure, but by and large they ruined most of the characters. But by then I was too invested to stop.
A lot of fanfiction is okay and even more enjoyable than canon.
Who's taking that picture?
File: 41353580.jpg (243.68 KB, 744x1053)
243.68 KB
243.68 KB JPG
Akira's doll.
File: 1384404682996.png (471.58 KB, 700x550)
471.58 KB
471.58 KB PNG
Well said.
S1 was like an introduction.
The short S2 was not enough to conclude the story properly.
The not-canon-retcon-plothole animator.
What if the fanfiction is good?
I'm more curious why Marie is there when they didn't even meet until the Earth mission.
Because someone thought it was nice to not pay attention to details.
Not that the photo in Hito's cockpit are any better.
Maybe Marie was just sneaking around and happened to get into the shot.
I'm curious, /a/, If there actually was a season three, what would you put in it?
Hard mode: no retconning anything.
>what would you put in it?
A competent staff.
The founding and rise of Michael's space empire

Yes, no Okouchi as writer.
Shoko as main character.
First few episodes explore Shoko's feelings on 21-24.
Explore systems for how they will store Runes.
Have Akira try to comfort Shoko while also trying to be help her move on to her.
Meetings with aliens, both success and failures.
Okouchi wasn't absolutely a problem.
And Clone Haruto Squad used by antagonists from earth.
I think the producers made many changes to Okouchi's story.
>First few episodes explore Shoko's feelings on 21-24.

No thanks. I want to move on, not looking back.

I don't trust him anymore.
The story was 100% Okouchi, there were lots of cliches he used in his previous works.
Didn't he do episode 5 of Dandy? He can write good stories when he wants to.
I liked him, I just wish they did more with him to advance his character rather than turn him into the world's punching bag.
File: 1386987406082.gif (2.42 MB, 300x169)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB GIF
Someone had to be the punch bag of the story.
File: 1336935530269.jpg (144.25 KB, 1611x1076)
144.25 KB
144.25 KB JPG
>Being enough of a faggot to watch anything "ironically"
If you had watched VVV ironically you wouldn't have been upset by the ending.
File: 1388078211267.jpg (186.27 KB, 1920x1080)
186.27 KB
186.27 KB JPG
That is true
They could have used Saki instead.
File: 1385628799641.jpg (95.20 KB, 1118x979)
95.20 KB
95.20 KB JPG
They did. Literally even.

There are very few characters the show treated well.
At lest that was oxygen.
R.I.P. thread, you were very good ;_;7

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