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Just finished reading Usagi Drop
made me cry
chapter before time skip is official ending
f-fuck you i liked the ending
>you will never be balls deep in loving teenage adopted daughter pussy
how can you like the ending when you read the pre time skip chapters? when you saw him raise that cute little girl? how could you? ;_;
More like Usagi Dropped.
Sometimes, you just want to correspond to the feelings of a little girl who has loved you for so long and has no intention of stopping doing so.
If anything I only thought it made the whole story that much sweeter. It was always about the two of them. About the two of them growing up together and learning to live with each other and love each other etc.
To be honest, for a while after the timeskip when it seemed like it was going to turn into some generic mushy high school drama, I was really disappointed.
It was a perfect end for the story. Their love wasn't a passionate great love story type, but a more familiar sort of co-dependent love. I don't think you can really label or define their relationship as father/daughter or lovers. Certainly Rin never thought of Daikichi as her father. He was just the person most important to her with whom she felt like she belonged.
And evidently Daikichi felt the same way. He may have felt conflicted for obvious reasons, like wanting the best for the person he loved the most (that's what Rin was to him, be it romantic love or not) and doubting whether staying with him was it or maybe she could find greater happiness somewhere else. And in the end they decided to trust in their feelings for each other and just stay together.

That's my interpretation of it anyway.
while I can see the charm you still have to admit thats its kind of pathetic?

I wonder if they can be realistic couple? Rin is a teenager after all with an unstable mind... dont know how long they can last. I can really understand people who found a liking in the ending but I just feel like pre and after time skip are two different stories which are not really connected
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>you still have to admit thats its kind of pathetic?
Depend on the story. Let's say a guy adopts a little girl who is 8-9 years old and 10 years later she's still in love with him while he tries to be a good father, he's around 30 at the moment. Is it that wrong to just reciprocate her feelings if he eventually comes to love her as a woman?
I liked the ending
>Let's say a guy adopts a little girl who is 8-9 years old

Thats the story of usagi drop.
Love takes weird routes and everything is possible especially in ficitonal stories.
If I imagine to be the father myself I guess I wouldnt be able to shake off the feeling to have taken advantage of her naivety. I wouldnt believe that her love for me is the romantic kind of love. But I will never know without being put in the same situation
I hope you never have kids
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