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File: ajin_10_19.jpg (224.27 KB, 869x1258)
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this fucking story. I can't get enough of it. Waiting as long as we have to between chapters is painful.

Yeah, it's great.
And the scans are slow as fuck.
File: 1388807050237.gif (387.63 KB, 500x382)
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>that doctor who says he wants to put him back on the table
What is with these people?
I feel like I have enough faith in humanity to say that, if this were real, people wouldn't be nearly this edgy.
I think it's just okay. I'm usually bored when reading it, but I liked the trick he pulled in the latest chapter.
I didn't check - whose working on it? the redraw on this chapter seemed especially bad

i think the best part about this story is how real it feels. i'd like to think i'd be cool with all this, too but there is some fucked up shit that happens everyday to just regular people. i think the writer is really doing a good job capturing the fear of difference
File: best girl is immortal.jpg (471.02 KB, 1114x1600)
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It's nice when you're reading a grimderp story with deaths and stuff and the characters you like are fucking immortal.
It's really nice.
I think the release itself is slow, monthly series right?
What was up with that Nakamura Shinya chapter though? Just some background of a character that is going to be introduced?

The whole world is so crazy though, why is everyone so sickened by ajin and want them to be captured? Is it just the reward? It is pretty obvious the people in charge just want to figure out how to become immortal themselves and do not really care if they are monsters or not.
I find it pretty crappy and trying too hard to be edgy.

But well, is just my opinion
in what way? I can understand not liking the pacing as in >>102270462 but overall it doesn't seem like it's trying as other series I've read
Do Ajin age after their first death, I wonder. We could get some /ss/ with >>102271080
File: 1327383834253.png (46.45 KB, 344x517)
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>>that doctor who says he wants to put him back on the table
you want to save me? fuck you I want to keep torturing you
its stupid

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