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So what have you dropped and picked up this season /a/?
>dropped tonari no seki-kun

ill fight you
>hating on Noragami
>hating on Tonari
>didn't bother with Silver Spoon
Why do you keep watching anime?
>not watching the AotS Noragami
awsoceo sepa
Subs for OVA when?
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Why do you think I put "I'm a fag" on Tonari? ;_;
I'm guessing Noragami is actually worth watching then? I only watched 1 ep but didn't want to continue since I had too many other shows to catch up on and not enough time/motivation to watch it all. Same reason why I didn't pick up first season of Silver Spoon.
Yeah Seki kun is fucking great, so is noragami. You have no reason to not at least watch Seki kun
Also you didn't even bother with Buddy Complex
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Opinions coming through.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu
Seitokai Yakuindomo
Space Dandy
Log Horizon
Yowamushi Pedal

Ace of Diamond
Kill la Kill
Nobunaga the Fool
Sekai Seifuku
Kingdom S2

>Meh/on verge of dropping
Mahou Sensou
Toaru Hikuushi
Tokyo Ravens
Witch Craft Works

Strike the Blood
Buddy Complex
Z/X Ignition
Nagi no Asukara
I'm still catching up from last season. I'm thinking about trying Nobunagun, Witch Craft Works, No-Rin, Onee-chan ga kita, D-Frag and Tonari no seki-kun. Any of these not worth picking up from those who seen it?
Haven't watched Onee chan or Nobunagun, but the rest are alright. Out of all those, Tonari and D-Frag are my most liked.
D-frag, Tonari, No-rin and D-Frag are all good.

The Witch craft works manga is great but the adaption is being made by JC Staff so it's a little so-so. I didn't care much for Nobunagun but I can see people who are into guns/school fighting anime enjoying it.
D-frag, Tonari, No-rin and Onee-chan*
>JC Staff
Well nevermind then.
It's fun but you kinda have to turn your brain off
File: Suwako (647).jpg (212.70 KB, 800x800)
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I'm watching Kill La Kill, Hamatora, onee-chan ga kita and, Space Dandy. I picked up Witch Craft works. But so far I like what I'm watching so far.

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