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Just noticed that the first pinguins appeared in the very moment when Honoka resurected the city.
>cat craddle
So cute.
I posted this right before the previous thread died so here it is again.

- Tower witches want to unseal Takamiya's white stuff.
- Nonon witch with Croco guy gives him candy to unseal one.
- Medusa seems to want the same thing as well.
- Kagari fights all of the above.
- Takamiya eats candy because Kagari is losing to Medusa, White Princess appears and helps him but looks really shady, who the fuck is she? Kagari doesn't seem to know Takamiya ate candy.
- From teacher speech I take it that Kagari hides Medusa at this point, why?
- Teacher with unknown motive (or is it really "hurr durr students don't want you to touch princess"? also, I just noticed crosses everywhere, whose symbol are those again, I should pay better attention) tells him that Kazane is protecting him now but will rek him when she learns he ate the candy.
- Suddenly Kagari fights against Kazane, together with Medusa.

I take it she noticed that he ate the candy, knows her mother will try to rek him, and is siding with the tower witches just because she wants to protect him? Is that it? It's still a mystery who the fuck the White Princess is, why exactly she helped them, on what exact side the teacher is, and a couple more things.

Someone give me spoilers, I'm sperging really hard.
Maybe I should go back to focusing on the comedy only and pretending there is no plot.
It was just answered in this episode...
>Penguins are your new God.
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Friendly reminder, Weekend wear some nice sexy underwear.
>Kagari doesn't seem to know Takamiya ate candy.
If Evermillion got out, that means the first seal is gone. She may not know about the candy, but only about the end result
>Kagari hides Medusa at this point, why?
She is on Honoka's side, even if it means fighting her mother and other Workshop witches. By now, Honoka should be confined, since the rest of the seals will slowly erode with time.
>Teacher with unknown motive
We still don't know what he wants, but he works with Chronoir to hide the fact that seals were broken from Kazane
>Suddenly Kagari fights against Kazane
If Kazane interrogates Medusa, she'll know that Evermillion was released, and goodbye to Honoka's daily penguin life

>is siding with the tower witches just because she wants to protect him? Is that it?
There is some still unanswered past between them, but yes, she'll fight the world for him.
>It's still a mystery who the fuck the White Princess is
Yes, maybe Satan
>why exactly she helped them
Why not? It looks like she really doesn't want to be released, that's why she told Honoka to not get in more situation where he'll need her help
>on what exact side the teacher is
I need sleep.
I had written that before finishing the episode and didn't update it in accordance.
So yes, they explained that she indeed teamed with Medusa to fight against Kazane just to protect Takamiya. Nevertheless, we don't know who the fuck the White Princess is, what the fuck Medusa really wants, who Nonon is, and what the fuck was up with that teacher.

Thank you anon.
By the way Wikipedia filled me out on that Evermillion = White Princess, the episode had not mentioned that.
>Evermillion = White Princess
Are you retarded? It was obvious as fuck
>the episode had not mentioned that.
Are you dumb or just pretending? Rewatch the moment that Evermillion appears, that's what Medusa calls her.
What, how? The only instance where I even heard that name was when Kazane said "Evermillion likes pure beings, you don't get her power anymore when you merge with Medusa".

Oh, the previous episode? Well fuck me then, I must have forgot, I thought I heard the name the first time in this episode.
Even if it wasn´t stated that the White Princess is Evermillion, it just be obvious by the context of the conversations and the way Evermillion looks that she is the White Princess.
Friendly reminder that ch 26 is out
I want off the ride. I have no idea what is going on anymore. Who lives, who dies and what people want to do Herę.
posting sexy snaps from last thread
Why is Honoka so cool?
>Kagari doesn't seem to know Takamiya ate candy.

Actually, she may. Inconsistent translations of something Takamiya says to Mikage (when Mikage revealed his knowledge of the candy) confuse the issue:

"I mustn't tell Kagari-san about that." vs. "I didn't want to tell Kagari about this." vs "Kagari-san told me to keep that a secret."

Anybody know which is right?
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Just how did Takamiya become this badass?
File: witch-craft-works-03_069.jpg (714.86 KB, 1476x2146)
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And here's the original page. Finished downloading just before this thread died.

So, were the penguins Evermillion's familiar to begin with, thereby explaining Takamiya's fascination with them?

It says "Yesterday, Kagari-san forbid me to speak of it."
It's more like Evermillion always too excited to granting Honaka's wishes skycraper size nurse Kagari, anyone? so she probably just spaming pinguins everywhere to grant Honoka's unconscious wishes.

Or Honoka really is Evermillion's reincarnation and not just a mere container.
Somebody post wcw gifs.
File: kagari.gif (402.72 KB, 480x270)
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402.72 KB GIF
Like so?

Then HorribleSubs/Crunchyroll had it right, and Kagari clearly leaned about the candy when, or shortly after, Takamiya ate it.
Yes. Post more, please.
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I like that cat.
File: bump.gif (911.23 KB, 640x360)
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So do I.
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More cats.
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Best girl.
Honoka or Kagari?

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