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Here is a list of mangos that are not utter shit:

Breaker:new waves
Vinland saga
Death note
Shingeki no kyojin
Ichigo 100%
Good ending

There are more, but my brain is damaged and I can't remember.

I have re-read the shit out of these, if you have good taste, please reccomend me something. Alternatively, feel free to make fun of my tastes, I am in an argumentative mood.

Pic related, it's you.
Fuck off.
This isn't /r/. Fuck off. Also that's a pretty faggy list considering it's probably all you've read. However, you've got good taste for liking GE.

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>please reccomend me something
Here is a list of threads that are utter shit:
this one.

There are more but this one stands out.

I take offense to that. I have read quite a few more.

Mirin' my supperior tastes, etc.

Tried it before, didn't like it.

I understand this isn't /r/, but I didn't expect I would get a lot of response if I did take this there. Nor did I expect to be met with such anger for asking for a good manga. I guess I'll just go read the same shit again, because appareantly I have already uncovered anything worth reading in the world of manga.
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Go with these OP, they are perfect for you.

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