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Ok i'm kind of upset now and here is why Story time:
>Having a discussion with a friend
>I basically say George Lucas milked every cent out of Star wars before selling it to Disney and that now the franchise is ultra commercial
>He's kind of pissed off and says everything is commercial nowadays.
>He tells me that mangas are commercial because there is so much volumes you have to buy to complete a story as he knows i like them.
>He goes on that comics and franco-belgian comics are better because each volume is a complete story.
>I tell him its not relevant to compare the two and that lengh and quality are different things and One-Shot manga exists.
>He says that manga are printed on toilet paper and its in black and white thats why they are shit, while comics are in color, printed on better paper and better value.
>Wtf man what kind of paper do you expect just because its in black & white doesnt mean its shit there is good quality of prints in manga just like there is in comics. Regular mangas are like 7€ max 10€ while comics are around 15€ because its in color and all, wth kind of argument is that.
>Why are you so negative its like you hate everything.
I dont even care if people hate mangas just come with valid reasons.
Just to tell you folks to not try any form of criticism on anything popular with normalfags its pointless. /endblog
Where can I subscribe?
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>Ok i'm kind of upset now and here is why

Fuck off.
>Shit Wars
>ever not being commercial
Why are nerds so delusional?
There are degrees/levels here.

Some people like different things you know. Also, a lot of manga are commercial as fuck, just not in the US.
Blog somewhere else faggot.
Nice bait image of best girl, though

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