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>go to local movie store
>find Tenchi Muyo series
>"Oh wow! I remember watching this on toonami back in the day!"
>nostalgia overwhelms
>view decription on back
>"[...] Tenchi is the original anime harem comedy that started it all."
>realize that was one of the series defining my childhood is a harem anime.
>actually start sweating as I go to the register with this in mind.

Anybody else experience anything similar?
get ready, love will leave you crying
Sonia the fucking best. I need to find that all-Sonia CD.

The difference is that harem shows back in the day gave their heroines more worthwhile stuff to do than constantly follow the protagonist around and fight pointlessly, even though there's a lot of the fighting in this show.
my experience with harem anime is summed up as

>watch Tenchi
"why is this faggot complaining about several hot alien women loving him?" (pretty much all harems in a nutshell).

>watch Love Hina
"what a fucking bitch! why is the MC taking this shit? and why do I love this so much"

>read Ranma
Herems! Harems EVERYWHERE!
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completely agree. While tenchi had its moments, it wasn't all about the over-sexual flirting like harem animes today. sure there were moments when breasts were a focal point, but it wasn't the main driving point in getting people to watch it.
Dude I realized Tenchi was a harem anime when I learned what the genre was. Didnt really affect me tbh.
>realize that was one of the series defining my childhood is a harem anime

And anime defining the childhood of kids today is slice-of-life moe shit. No difference.
It was more so that it dawned on me that one of the most memorable shows I remember growing up with is actually considered. Didn't even know what a harem was when I was first watching it.

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