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a transfer high school student
transfers to the wrong school
And smokes weed with a black guy
And accidentally joins a harem
Turns out the black guy is a shinigami
who just got fired

from his job at the Giant Robot Engineering plant
for building a robot that
that used human souls
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I don't know how to continue this, someone assist me please.
reason why he also got put on hold from his shinigami job
But I thought he got fired?

He forgot, he wasn't fired. He was just smoking too much weed laced with giant robot oil.
he had a human job as a cover, he was half assing both of them
Okay so this black character

>is a shinigami
>who woks in a Giant Robot Engineering plant
>thinks he got fired
>smokes weed
>doesn't actually work in a Giant Robot Engineering plant since it's all cover for his Shinigami job
>is a slacker

Did I get that right? Now on to the MC...
MC has a girlfriend, they have been together since high school. They move together to the city to start out in their new university.

They were both living together, MC wanted to take medicine to become a doctor while the girlfriend wanted to take nursing to support him. One of the MC's classmates is a cute, gentle and nice girl, however due to her loner nature, a lot of rumors are going on about her. Especially the way she seems to be always in a rush to go home every time the last class is dismissed.

One day MC follows his classmate to give her a bookbag she forgot at school to see her going around with a child. He later finds out that his classmate has a daughter and as he gets closer and closer with his classmate, he starts to fall for her. His heart then gets torn between his classmate and his original girlfriend.
He forgot he had a human job as a cover, because he was smoking too much weed laced with giant robot oil.
The MC is one of the robots with a human soul
who wants to have a human body

This robot shouldn't be the MC, as he's already been described. He should be the robot the black guy's building. Built from Viking mail and stolen cars and bikes.

I could put a twist, but I'm afraid it could be another FMA clone.
It is about a MC who narrowly misses every harem trope. For example, If a girl falls from the sky it falls on the guy behind him. If he bumps into a person with bread in her mouth she wears pants. If there's a transfer student she recognizes MC'S friend.

He also has the childhood tsundere friend, which is relucantly waking him up but is in love with another one of MC'S friend. And they are (which seems to ne a rarity these days) JUST FRIENDS. And I really mean it, no shitty romantic underline. Just friends. Some hidden asspull power is inside every MC's friend except him (which is more a shounen trope). You get the gist by now.

It all ends with MC getting killed in the middle of some huge plot climax where they're almost at the final boss. Timeskip, everyone is happy. No one remembers him except said childhood tsundere who's happily married.
My idea is for a hentai OVA or something, but here it goes:

>normal, rather bishounen guy (this is a plot point)
>he has no family so he lives on his own, has a male best friend
>one day he stumbles upon some cookies recipe written by his grandma, he is bored, tries it out
>said cookies actually turn him into a girl
>he's still losing his shit over it when his BF appears
>"ah ha ha I'm just a distant cousin, just watching the house while MC-kun is gone"
>best friend bites, is attracted to "her", makes his moves asap
>MC is terrified but he likes it
>they fuck, BF leaves
>MC immediately goes back to normal, turns out the effect only lasts some hours
>next day BF asks him about his "cousin" at school, MC plays fool, but casually mentions she will be back later
>BF visits again, MC has eaten the cookies, they fuck again
>rinse and repeat a couple of times
>MC realizes he's fallen in love with BF, but he doesn't want to be a girl permanently
>BF is dense as fuck so he never suspects anything
>MC feels terribly guilty about it so one time "she" asks him to stay the night because "her cousin had to visit some distant relative somewhere in an urgency"
>BF gets to watch how MC goes from girl to boy
>MC is crying his heart out, he thinks BF hates him now
>turns out BF has had a crush on him for years and he felt attracted to "her" because she reminded him of MC, and fucking her was a way to cope with it
>buttsex ensues
>they hook up and live happily ever after, having hot steamy sex in whichever form they feel like thanks to miraculous genderbend cookies

the end
Some guy who resembles the author acts sort of dumb and all the hot girls get wet in their panties and want to marry him.

Then it turns into a seinen and the weakest most "pathetic-in-combat" looking people are the strongest.

It all takes place on a japanese school and japan is the center of the world and everybody looks up to japan for some reason.
10/10 would watch
The story takes place in a city that has become enraptured in a new collectable game called Small Idol, where players use small collectable toys called Idols to compete, the Idols are built of small parts that can be switched around which cause them to be stronger or faster or other things. For two years the game has captured the children and even some adults in it's entertaining clutches. MC returns to the city after living away for two years, and discovers the game and inadvertently discovers a major secret behind Small Idol; the toys are literally Idols, each toy possesses a god within it, that grows and changes depending on the toys parts and how many victories it has. Unbeknownst to the majority of the city, they are embroiled in a war of gods, and after discovering this, MC is now thrown into it.
The love story of two lovers who can only communicate through cellphones but the twist is that they both live in America and they're shunned for using shitty flip-phones and it quickly escalates into a battle shounen between stylish flip-phone users and utilitarian smartphone users.
A psychology student is forced by the fairy queen to become a magical girl and fight rogue spirits; but instead of fighting at full power, she talks or wrestles them into living life correctly.
Would watch.
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Shojo mecha

The MC is a battlefield medic in a medevac suit designed to retrieve people from the cores of suits or those launched into space. The other characters are a surgeon, another medic, and the love interest as a pilot of a battlemech.

She starts out innocent and squeamish, but swears to never let anyone die. Think Madoka. The love interest saves her life, causing her to fall for him. However, as they continue to work together and attempt to start a relationship, the hardships of war leaves mental scars which drives them apart. The MC ends up jaded and detached by the wanton loss of life and limb. She coolly sorts out those who will survive from those who will die, leaving people out in space.
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1942, five cute middleschooler grills are drafted into the SS. They must fight the Allies and are in constant competition with each other to win the affection of Himmler-sama. Also, they are Sith-lords for some reason and must defeat the Allied jedi-knights with lightsabers, AT-ATs and blasters everywhere.
"Monday is my last day"

[Season 1 Episode 1]

MC is a male high school student begins summer school at a small, newly constructed private school (with a mixed dorm) for delinquents, after having been kicked out for burning all the teachers' spare answer books in his last one.

On the first morning MC notices mysterious goth female student blogging on her phone. MC reads the blog at home to learn more about her and discovers it is a laundry list of major future world events, events that the MC soon confirms start coming true a week later.

MC writes about his discovery anonymously to public boards on the internet and soon the blog becomes famous on the internet and TV within a few days. The next Monday at school military police show up and arrest MC, interrogate him about the blog assuming he is the owner. After a day of refusing to cooperate they wake up him up at 3 am the next morning questioning him about the latest blog entries which depicts the MC's past day in detail, but ends with a simple a note that some time today he will die.

[end episode 1]

Episodes 2-7: are the events of that day as the MC attempts to track down the goth girl to avoid desperately his fate.

Final Episode 8: the MC at the end of the day meets the goth girl. She reveals she is not a girl, and actually a psychologist and physicist. She reveals everything he has seen and experienced this last two weeks was a sort of hoax and that the MC will not die today. It was a psychological experiment exercised with the help of the military and government to understand human response to a paranormal phenomenon. After digesting this answer, the MC asks why the study was conducted in the first place. The goth says because the study has practical applications: a machine that can receive information from the future and transmit it to the past has been built. What will happen to someone if they are told when they will die? That was the purpose of this experiment.

Season 2 is "Fight the future".
Little girls skateboarding competitively against other little girls.

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