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What is Shimura doing? She finished both her main manga almost a year ago.

I heard the boarding school manga is getting a new chapter after like 2 years but apparently it's not picked by a magazine.
How was WS doing rating wise? I can see it diving after Nitori hit high school and started masculinizing
Maybe she earned enough money and decided to do shit all from now on.
The anime ended before they got the high school, but anime-wise it didn't do well because of Madoka.
>Damn you Chiba Saori!

But yeah, it had some huge shit to compete with. Not to mention that it's a fairly niche work. The manga went quite a bit farther and was really good, but still pretty niche.
Which reminds me, how did you like the manga ending, I personally liked it myself, extremely bittersweet, especially for Takatsuki
I thought it was good, it introduced the idea that perhaps takatsuki was more comfortable with being just tomboyish as opposed to seen as male, and that a gender identity isn't inherently binary. Bittersweet is a perfect description
I happy that Nitori got a happy ending despite the shit she has been thought, planning to transitioning soon, got herself a job at a bar, still together with Anna even after telling that she wants to be a girl, and heading off to college to probably become a writer or something.

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