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ITT: Anime Discussion
smoke THIS
*whips out DICK*
Forbidding smoking would have a devastating effect on the economy.
Only in burgerland.
>When buying a a pack of cigarettes (19 pieces) post January 2014 for 5€, one pays 3.72€ in tax (2.92€ tobacco tax + 0.80€ VAT). That is roughly 75% of the price.
>Since part of the tobacco tax is calculated per cigarette, the tax portion of the price may vary depending on the box and can reach up to 90%.
>Wenn man sich seit Januar 2014 eine Schachtel Zigaretten (19 Stück) für 5,00 Euro kauft, so werden insgesamt 3,72 Euro als Steuern abgeführt (2,92 Euro Tabaksteuer + 0,80 Euro Mehrwertsteuer). Dies entspricht einem Anteil von knapp 75 % des Kaufpreises. Da Teile der Steuern pro Zigarette berechnet werden, ist dieser Steueranteil pro Schachtel variabel und erreicht bei Discounter-Zigaretten bis zu 90 %.
I'd like to think that not paying for hundreds of thousands of cases of cancer, lung disease, heart disease, and other ills caused by smoking/dipping would balance the taxes lost by banning tobacco.
Listen punk.
The only thing that matters in a time of crisis is the budget.
We need the jobs in the tobacco industry and we need those taxes.

Maybe we should lawfully require every citizen to smoke at least on pack per day.
>Forbidding smoking would have a devastating effect on the economy.
>the tax portion of the price may vary depending on the box and can reach up to 90%.

If up to 90% of the price is taxes that means the only "devastating effect" forbidding smoking would have is on the revenues of the German government, not the economy.

All that would mean is that you'd have to raise general VAT or some other tax, or maybe even cut government spending (though that obviously will never happen in Europe).
>that obviously will never happen in Europe
You should watch the news from time to time.

>cut government spending
Yeah, what an excellent idea.
Because that is totally helping Greece.
I want to fuck roboko

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