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Name a few, preferably good, yuri or shoujo ai anime.
In before Strawberry Manic, Marimite, Yamibou and Boku no Pico.

i meant panic...

Hokuto no ken.
Bible Dyke
I lave lesbians, but I also love mechas, if only there were some way to combine the two...
I'd never,ever,EVER suggest Strawberry Panic.

If you want a yuri series, I can only suggest Simoun.
Kannazuki no Miko huh?

many anon love SP, but yeah, it sucked.
Ive heard about simoun but i dont really like mecha, maybe ill give it a try.
Only Marimite and Simoun fit your request.
I said preferably, but they dont have to be good.
I sat through Yamibou and SP and lived to tell the tale, i think i can manage to watch a couple more stinkers.

Strawberry Panic did what most yuri animes aren't willing to do. Cut out male characters COMPLETELY.

They must have known that while doujin artists are willing to throw faceless men in no matter how lesbian the girls are, if there's a pre-existing male character then the doujin artists won't hesitate to use them no matter how irrelevant they are to the plot.

See Yumi's brother or Chrono/Erio from Nanoha.
That's not the reason it was bad, though.

Then you might as well watch anything. Though I guess the only thing that has yuri as the central theme and hasn't been mentioned yet is Kashimashi. Maybe Iczer-1 for something really old.

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