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just read this. should i laugh, or cry? or rage?
pic unrelated [but she is mai waifu]



Jesus, it's the closest thing to gaia I've ever seen.
satorin is my waifu
your waifu is miyamiya's bitch.
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A streaming video site is gaia?
Crunchyroll has those shitty view windows, no thanks

lol@ gonzo actually trying to reason with fansubbers
They would have more luck convincing Moot to give them free adspace.
Hahaha, oh wow.
what the fuck makes gonzo think that fansubbers not only care about crunchyroll but actually visit and respect the place?
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Posted 1 day ago, Edited 1 day ago Quote
Dam right here we have a companie that realizes that crunchy roll is a site that has the core fans and can reach them IE us as well. I mean its sites like this one that can trully expose a good anime that would not be known otherwise. Its good to hear a companie thats about anime first and for the fans, especialy the grass root fans like us.

Edit: If gonzo dose this right they will still be worthy of my money and more, unlike funmation and baindi whos pushing my their limmit right now becouse they are close to being black listed out of my wallet.
Monetary incentives don't really matter if nobody gives a shit about the site.
If gonzo can find a way to plaster it's ads all over Crunchyroll i would be elated.

they're a great match for each other.
It's sad because he was probably really sincere, but shockingly naive.
>... but shockingly naive.

I think you mean 'retarded'. This is Crunchyroll we're talking about, after all.

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