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So, I'm looking for some art for a game I'm joining. Yes, before the flood of "go to /tg/" I know, and I already have a thread there.

I'm looking for some sort of black tactical outfit that looks like something professional security might wear. Preferably not military or police, but still professional looking. I know there's a TON of animes out there, so I was hoping someone might have worn something that fits the bill.

Currently Souske Sagara is the closest I can get based on the animes I've known, or perhaps Hei...

Pic related, it's what I'm basing the character's appearance off of, clothes are civilian wear, but I need a work uniform still.

Namefaging related, it's the character's name.
File: Ren.(Human).full.1115616.jpg (205.44 KB, 616x1005)
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205.44 KB JPG
Really like this for a cold weather look. I'm shooting for black or dark colors. He works for a private individual with some eccentricities so it's fine to be unusual, but it is a work uniform, and there are others wearing it, so it's gotta be at least mostly professional.
File: dasa.jpg (198.88 KB, 1500x2100)
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Shush, I'm typing fast and writing and doing a million other things at once. I'm also American, and prone to butchering languages. Case in point, the first name is Irish Gaelic and the middle and last names are Russian (though there's reasons for this, father is russian, dead mother is irish lol)

Getting rid of the claws and helm and tweaking the metal parts to be darker (and treating them as simple padding) I was thinking of this too.

For the record, I watch any anime I get my hands on, and admittedly I watch more mainstream shounen styled anime such as Fairy Tail and Naruto, but I also watch off-beat things such as Higurashi no naku koro ni. Loved Mushi-shi, watched all of Full Metal Panic! and Darker than Black, own all of Slayers and Orphen, currently watching Magi, I grew up watching things such as Mermaid Forest and Ninja Scroll as well, so I'm not a noob to this, just got too much going on at once lol.
Widd u pdeaze fug off
File: averagemanhwamc.jpg (60.06 KB, 536x609)
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>dat collar
Anyway you should read manhwa. Their deviantart web comic has plenty of character like pic related
Do your own fucking homework.
The lol was because it's kinda cliche. It's the character. My rl mother is very much alive and kicking in Hawaii.

and thankyou for reiterating my mistake. sorry for being so fickin rushed right now that I put an S in front of what I was using as a plural form of multiple individual anime. also, if you factor in that "anime" is short for "animation" or "Japanese animation", a reasonable form of its plural WOULD be "animes" but of course the internet is never reasonable.

I'm sorry I thought I could get help from people on these fancy interwebs, since apparently only one person in here is actually trying to help.

And for the record, I've been crawling through google for the past four days trying to find something that is suitable. Still haven't found something I like without making edits to the damn thing with my shitty photoshop/GIMP skills.

Thankyou, I'll check it out.
File: sousuke06uw2.jpg (59.92 KB, 640x480)
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59.92 KB JPG
With some recoloring souske's military outfit might work but it's still a military outfit. I'm shooting for a mall cop type, but paid much better.

Oh, and the OP pic is just the general appearance inspiration, I'm not looking for something similar in this. I don't care about the character in the outfit (I'll likely black out the face anyways) I just need ideas for good security guard or tactical outfits that aren't too military or police themed.

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