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So does mythology just doesn't exist in their universe or what?

Why no one asks how the fuck a normal good guy from old legends turns out to be evil?
What do you mean?
Orpheus is a musician, poet, and prophet from Greek mythology. He was basically a nice guy. He was also the dude that went after his lover, Eurydice, in hell to take her back to life and looked back and basically fucked up.

Well maybe I am missing something here, but I have never heard someone saying anything bad about him. Just people fighting over his nationality. People don't want a bad guy to be from their country. Look at Hitler. All his religion talks aside, Christians call him Atheist.
Sure, but do you always question the behaviour of anime characters whenever a mythological name is used and their lack of reaction to it? It's just a name.

Do card games just don't exist in their universe or what? Why is no one asking why a normal kid is called Freecell?
What are you talking about? All gaijins have weird names. Don't you know that?

And as people that do puzzles and shit, they should know about mythology. Hell in the past they have used all kind of obscure knowledge for puzzles themselves.

Orpheus is just way too popular to not be known by any of them. I bet that even in the bonuses after the episodes they have explained where the name of the rings is coming and what kind of person Orpheus was. And now suddenly he is the bad guy.
What about count fucking Pythagoras? Same principle. They're just weird exotic names. I fail to see why Orpheus would be any different.
Pythagoras was a weirdo that actually was living hand to hand with them. Hell they call Kaito Einstein and other people other stuff.

Meanwhile Orpheus is the Orpheus from the past. A guy that had his own physical body thousands of years ago. The founder of the Orpheus mysteries himself.

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