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Just finished watching Attack on titan yesterday, been putting it off for a while.
Have to say that it was really good overall.
Just one thing, why did they decide to give Eren some bullshit fire titan power up during the end?
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shameless self bump.
cause everyone is titans
What are you talking about?
Shameless command to kill yourself.

Kill yourself.
You failed to notice how his titan turned black and literal flames where rising from him?
Hey look, another SnK thread, havent seen one in a long time
anime filler
That was business as usual.
Because read the manga, that's why.
Nothing of the sort happens in the manga, atleast not during the fight with Annie. The only real power he has seems to be the coordinator thing.
No it wasn't
He is literally burning.
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At least post an anime-related image next time, you fucking newfag.
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Fuck off.
Anime filler. In the manga things are different: he doesn't transform because RAGE AND BLOOD but basically because Armin told him "If you don't do that,either me or mikasa will die".
After transforming and punching annie in the face, he gets crushed again by her,and he just lay there unconscious.
Then the scouting legion chases Annie while she's running and Eren doesn't do shit till they capture her.
Well it basicly fucks the story sideways right?
That's a bit much for a filler.
I just hope that they don't decide to give him other abilities except coordination aswell.
>That's a bit much for a filler.
Tell me about it. It reduced his character to nothing but a rageoholic. While rage is a huge part of Eren's character, the point of that moment is that realizing there is absolutely no other option gives him the motivation he needs to shift. In which he shifts underground, and smashes his fist into an unsuspecting Annie. It's the ONLY hit he gets properly because he gets such the jump on her, while in the anime, "OH I HEAR GIANT FOOTSTEPS IMMA TURN AROUND SLOWLY AND OH NOOO HE PUNCHED MEEEE"

The anime fucked it up professionally.

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