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>Anybody remembers the name of this anime?

Every episode starts with an intro briefly explaining that some sort of mysterious "event" wiped out half of the world's population. Only human males and monster females remain.

Two generations of cooperation, integration and crossbreeding have ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity. The world still awaits for a female human or a monster male to be born again.

After the epic sounding intro, the show proper starts. It's a goofy SoL about life in modern Japan if men were human and women were monster-girls.

Every episode is a self-contained story with different characters on different situations.
Sounds like Boku no Pico to me.
Are you sure it's not porn? Sounds like porn.
Hey fuck you I liked that.
If it was done by KyoAni
Looks like shit. Does the story make it worth watching?
You look like shit and I'm sure nobody thinks you are worth watching.
That's true but it still doesn't answer my question anon.
I remember it being pretty funny.

One episode was about three salary-men out drinking. They were each married to a different type of monster girl, and each one drunkenly arguing why his wife was best, and shit-talking the others' wives.

Another was about a dentist being pissed off because his harpy secretary was terrible at her job.

Another one was about a centaur CEO, and how she couldn't go to the bathroom at work because she'd destroy the toilet.
Oh it's on the tip of my tounge, I remember I was playing a lot of Seinfeld Online at the time before I quit after getting banned from the soup place.
Sounds good. Thanks anon.
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A really good one was about two oni(big girls with a horn on their foreheads) sisters convincing their parents of having another child because they'd love to have a human baby brother.

Their parents(a guy, and an oni woman) refuse. The girls freak out and start to believe their parents are getting a divorce.

They come up with a plan to get their parents to fall back in love. They fuck it up, and explain to their parents what they were trying to do.

The parents explain they are not getting a divorce, but the reason they don't want more children is because oni eat a lot, and if the new child is an oni girl instead of a human boy, they will just be unable to afford it.

Girls say they'll get part-time jobs to help. Parents agree to have another child.

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