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Lucky boy or lucky girls?
I used to love this, but then I watched Nisemonogatari and now I feel like barfing every time I see Araragi, for some reason.
Shit ruined the show for me. I wish it would have stayed like episode 12 of Bakemonogatari.
>Kanbaru Suruga
Lucky boy.
Lucky boy, the girls won't ever be happy and alone with him
did you give season two of bake a try?
Nisemonogatari was a bit heavy on the fanservice for me.
But it's not as though it fundamentally changed his character or anything.
I hope you watched Nekomonogatari and Second Season though
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It had enough Shinobu to make up for its failures.
>Snail is gone for good
>Snake is a batshit insane deity and fucked off
>Cat has more psychological problems than your average serial killer, though she has finally resolved most of them (not without indirectly burning half the city down and nearly killing half a dozen people)
>Monkey basically irrelevant/never shown now
>Crab hardly shows up either, at least not around Arararagi

Being Arararagi is suffering.

Nisio literally said he wrote Nise as something he would want to jack off to. Note that how serious he was we are uncertain of, but there is some truth behind most all jokes.

You should really give second season a shot. Shower scene withholding its a bit more tame on the fanservice, and has a feel more similar to Bake.
Girls are hot
Stories are irrelevant
Backgrounds are empty
SHAFT is ok
Watched 3 episodes of second season but the nausea got the best of me.
Will try again in the future, I hope.
I don't like Araragi being a manslut, I hardly like his sister, I hate how they made Snake a slut, I need more Crab on screen.
Should I even waste my time on second season even after the first 3 episodes disappointed me?
>made Snake a slut
She was a slut from the start

And I would say yes, because as I recall the start of Second Season was Nekomonogatari White and had Hanekawa as the MC rather than Shuraragi, so at least hold on until you get a couple episodes of Rararagi
You should kill yourelf because of a severe case of shit taste

Yeah, she was always a slut, but god, they went all out.
Thanks, I'll give it another shot.
You're the meme spouting cancerous faggot here, not me.
Could we stop calling a like 13 year old whos never had sex a slut?? thanks
I didn't use any memes before you tried being an edgy faggot bringing up the oldest memes in the book; kill yourself, shit taste.

Are you seriously this underaged? You're not impressing anyone.
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People fail to recognize that all the nisemono stuff and the introduction of Kaiki is highly important to the plot overall.
If you're watching it because it's a fun thing to do or because the girls, yeah you'll find it boring, if you're watching it for the plot (and not only for the PLOT), you'll find it interesting.
I mean, yeah, there was something resembling a plot, but holy shit, that horrible outstretched "progress" ending in the most anticlimactic scenes ever, with the antagonists going "Oh, well, I guess I'm just leaving, bye".
Never again. Bake was already anticlimactic and repetitive, but at least it had a faster pace that could somewhat distract from that at times. But after Nise I lost all motivation to ever watch anything from that franchise again. Yeah, not even Kizu if it will ever come out.
>"Oh, well, I guess I'm just leaving, bye".

I guess it was, indeed, too deep for you to understand it or you didn't pay enough attention. A total shame because the last episode was fantastic and a great closure to the fake story. Once you manage to watch slow-paced shows without falling asleep you should give it another try.

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