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Let's keep at it from tomorrow, I know how much the mods hate having their heirachy of shit taste threatened but I think they can take it

WHY KLK IS A PIECE OF SHIT AND WHY YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD FOR WATCHING IT (I'm exaggerating, dont stop reading yet)

-Ugly CGI fights
-Characters are centered around their quirks instead of having actual personalities (Mako is quirky, Satsuki is proud, Ryuko is a frustrated tomboy)
-Abominable to look at, it looks like they kept the budget at 10 frames an episode after episode 9
-Pacing is horrible and I'm not talking about "oh shit every episode is sped up at 4x" but I think it's funny that they manage to drag out episodes and actually make them boring to watch despite this, fights are over too quickly and boring shit like character development in KLK where the the plot is about as deep as a swimways baby spring floater is dragged out for 20 minutes with nothing happening
-Basic tournament setting and retarded power levels following episode 1
-Nothing interesting happens for about 6 episodes where it then picks up and actually becomes decent for 4 episodes before Mako ruins a potential interesting conflict between Satsuki and Ryuko
-It's "fun" but it's not actually fun


-Good VAs
-OST is above average, Uzu and Ryugo's themes are both great
-Ryuko is a decent MC despite her obvious flaws
-Unique setting
-Dumb fun

You shouldn't defend KLK as being deep because it doesn't try to be deep, it is what it is supposed to be, a show centered around DUMB FUN and there's nothing wrong with that and if you're unable to grasp the concept that every show doesn't need to be deep then I advice you to stop watching fucking cartoonshowever the execution is terrible and that's why you're allowed to complain.

File: CHECK EM.jpg (10.92 KB, 225x225)
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-My dubs
Check em'
I agree
File: 1383922885941.jpg (15.68 KB, 349x364)
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Well thank god I enjoy it so I don't care about these silly reasons that you hate it.
nice trips dude
I just cant. I want to but I can't. I don't find it fun, I don't like the story. The only characters I actually like are the elite four. It's like it's trying so hard to be something it's not and it fails miserably
nice trips
nice dubs
File: 1391388701211.gif (2.51 MB, 320x181)
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Op is a figgot.
Mako is hot as hell though
File: 1392647601420.png (538.96 KB, 500x400)
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538.96 KB PNG
i like klk
OP, you are the problem.

If you don't like it, don't talk about it simple as that.

I don't like it either

File: 1391388288883.gif (2.02 MB, 189x277)
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2.02 MB GIF
She's nore funny, but I can see your point.
I find it always fascinating that people here who don't enjoy something have to hate it.
It's like there is nothing in between just a black void between loving and hating.

As someone else that doesn't like the KlK fanbase I couldn't care less about the show, or most shows, but I hate obnoxious fanbases let me tell you how you aren't any different than the KlK fanbase.

The Elite Four is no different than the other characters. Barely have any depth to them, they are basically only quirks and stereotypes. Hell they aren't even the only one in this season, even as a fucking group of such people.

But why do you like them? You like hardworking underdogs that do everything about what they believe in. It's even the fucking same reason you decided to call Ryuuko decent.

You are bullshit yourself.
File: 1391108099991.png (342.63 KB, 614x572)
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342.63 KB PNG
File: 1376806011503.jpg (16.15 KB, 599x337)
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Stop liking what I don't like.
It's because the fanbase is so insufferable, we have to act as fanatically as them to balance it all out.

It's just the way the world is, if the fanbase was half decent, it wouldn't get half the hate it does.
Ok, guess I'll hate the show now.
Such a shame I really liked it.
I am >>102250530
It's basically obnoxious fanbases.

Here you have a show. Any show. You have no reason to care about it. You don't really liked it, you see it's flaws, but don't really care. So what? Nah... But then comes some faggot and he says "This is the best thing ever". Okay, whatever, mate... And then a thousand more, a million more... You don't really hate the show itself, but what it represents, what it stands behind it - the obnoxious retarded fanbase. Just like we hate Naruto, or Bleach even though people want to pretend it's fine or even One Piece which people even want to pretend it's actually very good.
Cool shitposting m8

I wish I was as cool as you
Wow. You're more obnoxious than the KLK fanbase. Congratulations.

This is why people think Sucker Punch is a dumb movie
get rekt OP


IRC getting BTFO
What the fuck mods? Is this really 2014? Grow up, faggots. This thread had no real problem. Jesus.
This thread is pure fucking shit go fuck yourself you shit posting fuck. OP fucking sucks huge donkey balls and has no fucking idea what he's fucking talking about.
>negative opinions are trolling, hatting and IRC
Grow the fuck up a little.
That's not what I said you word twisting cum guzzling thunder fuck.
Nah, it's exactly what you said. You said he doesn't deserve an opinion, because he doesn't agree with your positive opinion.

It's basic (anime) forum way of thinking.

4chan right now is exactly you. Cancer. Fucking cancer. Why? Well, because it's full of people with twisted "logic" like yours. We always had rules, but we didn't worship them. But now? We are just like some stupid forums in which everyone gets butthurt when someone says B when he wants to hear A. And he points to the rules and calls it a violation of X and that it ruins the happiness of mindless drones like him. So they just kick out the person.

It's a basic society/community/whatever feature, something we weren't very found of.
Maybe if OP chose not to sound like a complete douchebag this thread would still be here.
No he deserves his opinion, he can think this series is shit but when he presents it like a fucking troll he shouldn't wonder why his threads get 404d.
Oh no, someone said a bad word on fucking 4chan.
You fucking cuntshiteatersnails.

Yeah, sure, it wasn't a representation that you would give to a firm or something, but that's how people on the internet talk, that's how people on 4chan talk. And you never got offended by it, until it's about an opinion opposite of yours. Hell, he wasn't absolutely negative about. Hell, the only sentence you are bitching about it (okay two), is when he talks about the mods doing what they did and just fucking words throwing like a 4chaner does. It wasn't even in his arguments. It wasn't part of them. He didn't even said "This show is dumb and you like it, therefore you are dumb" (something which forumfags assume usually on their own that the other guy said and get very offended by it).

And meanwhile I can post a thread with CAPS ON, just a couple of words and a picture and call it how fucking cool and amazing it is. But acting like that and not supporting my claims, but just shouting is totally fine, but a couple of "bad words" in a post that says negative stuff about an anime you like and you get all OH NO YOU DIDN'T.
Enjoy your conspiracy anon.
I've seen the mods public ban both sides over kill la kill, so think what you want about them taking sides.
>Bad words
What is this first fucking grade.
I don't know, you tell me. You called him a troll. And the worst thing he did is calling KlK fans "WHY KLK IS A PIECE OF SHIT AND WHY YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD FOR WATCHING IT (I'm exaggerating, dont stop reading yet)". Oh and I guess calling the mods fags, which is something to be banned for in any forum, but we do this here on a daily base with anonymous people and mods and moot and no one gives a shit. So I doubt it's the later one.

I really doubt it. And what different mods do on a wimp on different days counts for shit. Also what they decided it may be reverse trolling doesn't count too.

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