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Greetings /a/

I'm a mad scientist and have constructed a device that'll allow to transfer you to 2D world where your waifu lives. Because of the technological limits, you can't stay there longer than two days. TWO DAYS to spend with your beloved one. You don't have anything there, because you're from another 3D world, but due to software bug your credit card is unlimited. You may assume, that your waifu knows you, you are friends, but not close friends. How do you spend the day with her? Best description wins 5000 internets. You can't write what she does, only what you'd like to do. This is the day when you show the love to your waifu. Don't miss this opportunity. The lab now has a website: madscilab dot bl dot ee, I'm connecting through 3G tethering and may be suddenly disconnected, so if I won't respond at one point it means it happened. When writing, you can't control the actions of you're waifu, only write what you'd want to do. Hate/rape descriptions without love don't contribute to research.
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Bump for some creativity. Do it for her, do it for SCIENCE.
Monitoring thread in anticipation.
Better start writing that description Anon, I need shitload of data to solve the 2D waifu problem.

Also, you can win free internets!
>your waifu
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Silly me! Of course it should be
>you're waifu
How would you spend two days with your waifu?
>only 2 days
>unlimited money

I'll hire a bunch of 2D scientists to create a device that lets me stay forever and then I'll live as a rich king with mai waifu and rule the 2D world through money.
Nice try, but the time counter is on our side and it's impossible to change the time limit from within the 2D world.

This simply wouldn't work, also 2 days it's not me being greedy, but it's a limitation imposed by technological specifics of this device.

By collecting data, I'm improving the device, but the progress goes slowly.

Try again, two days or not, it's better than nothing, right?

I noticed that many of you, my lab r/a/ts try to extend that time limit. It's only possible through data.
I'll have to fix that unlimited cash bug, people too often want to ruin the economy or do some seriously imbalanced shit when in 2D realm. What limit should I set to be reasonable?
I would, anon but I haven't found a waifu yet.
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I see, ok then, don't stop watching anime and reading manga, she'll eventually find you.

Don't be afraid to write something simple guys, it doesn't have to be good at all, just ask yourself what would you do if you had the chance to spend two days with your waifu and write it. Remember about the no-close relationship and no-control requirements.
Fuck off est- russian communist
File: 1385404414510.png (278.06 KB, 450x557)
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You almost guessed it, the entrance portal to the lab is located in a central european post communistic shithole country. The ".ee" however is purely coincidental. Get to writing.
> Poorland
Have we met in yesterdays buyfag thread or is it just that you looked up info of the webpage host?
AFK for 30 minutes
So when my two days are up, can I go back again and have another two days?
At the moment no, but I'm working on upgrading that machine to do just that. It's the max mappings per person parameter in the specs.
Sounds good.

But will my waifu remember what happened in the last two days?
Yes, although there'll be most probably some sort of forced delay between the trips caused by technical issues.
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Final bump for test data, I thought you guys liked these threads, maybe I should research something else
Daru pls go
I'd spend the first day finding a tailor to make me a school uniform on short notice, since money isn't a concern.

Then I'd slip a note in her shoe locker, asking her to meet me on the school roof for lunch the following day. She likes that sort of stuff, since it's just like her shoujo mangas. Plus she like to eat up there anyway.

The rest of the first day would be spent preparing some food to share. Then on the second day, if the date went well, I'll give her a letter that explains my situation, with instructions to open it on the day after. I probably wouldn't confess, at least, not until I know that I'd be able to return.
File: 1383943452563.jpg (39.78 KB, 550x550)
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Splendid, what would you write in the note and what would you write in that letter?
Visit her grave.
Maybe it'd be possible to visit her when she's alive if I'd adjust the device and figure out time control sequence calibrator..
> central europe
> post communist
> shithole
It wasn't hard to guess
Yeah, but there's only the entrance portal, the lab is located in hell because of Dr Satan sponsorship.
File: 1283376581106.jpg (1.21 MB, 1099x1600)
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Honestly, I would go just to see her, but I doubt I would interact with her. Not because I'm beta at all, but because she has a loving wife and daughter. I know I couldn't make her happy, so the best thing I could do is watch her.
Not many people can be this understanding, it seems you really love her. That's 2 days well spent if you ask me.

Daru? That guy ain't goit 0.5 of my 1337 skillz.
File: thePrize.jpg (67.92 KB, 1377x600)
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67.92 KB JPG

I'm leaving this research for some time, have a nice day /a/
The note would be something short and sweet, but nothing too romantic, she gets embarrassed easily.

The letter would tell her how would I contact her once I'm back, maybe some hints that I'm not from this world.
Got it! Here are the internets >>102253895 for you.
I wouldn't promise her too much though, because the rate at which this data collection is progressing, there's no hope for much hardware improvements.
File: 04953953.jpg (43.86 KB, 271x400)
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>Pay off all her debts
>Let her gamble as much as she wants
Anything else over this two days?

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