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7 episodes in. When does this start to get interesting? The first OP is awesome.
>watching adaptations

This is the future we were warned about.
I've heard people say that Brotherhood focused on comedy a little too much, but that was more faithful to the manga.

So what went wrong again?
When Hughes dies
>So what went wrong again?
They took the manga and used it as a storyboard for the anime.

That doesn't work, because they're two completely different mediums.
>Brotherhood focused on comedy a little too much
Pretty much what spoils it for me right now. Generally I don't mind comedy, as long as it's actually funny and isn't being shoved up my face all the time. The "joke" about the mc's height wasn't even that amusing the first time.
FMA thread?

Lets settle this, then.

Actually it's the other way around.

2003 was problem-of-the-week in the first 20 episodes but it gets it shit straight soon. Brotherhood didn't fuck around and just kicked right into the plot with no randomness.

It's been a few, but I remember the original's early episodes to be more focused on characterization and theme than Brotherhood, which basically rushed through establishing all that so it could get to the new content which hadn't been covered in the first one. I wouldn't call it fucking around, since it was what Brotherhood ended up sorely lacking in later on.
From that pic I assume you are watching Brotherhood. That is probably why it isn't that interesting to you -- it skims over the stuff 2003 went over in less than half the time, so it seems rushed and gives you no time to get attached. I recommend stopping now and watching 2003 up through the training with Izumi, then starting Brotherhood again at episode 13. You get more or less the same story (with some unfortunate filler) except you'll be more absorbed in the story. If you like Brotherhood enough then feel free to finish 2003 afterwards to see what they did different. It's not all bad despite what you may hear.
Addendum: The episode of 2003 you should finish with is 28. And definitely watch episode 37 of 2003, it's some of the best filler around.
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Agreeing with this. Personally, I liked Brotherhood better because of the overall plot and the way the cast was presented, but it totally borked some of the more dramatic scenes of the 2003 version.

That aside, there's a bunch of hit-and-miss stuff between both. Brotherhood didn't give much attention to that stupid Al = Plot, but introduced a bunch of moralfagging on Ed's end (which makes picture related so satisfying), for instance. Read the manga if you're into that.

*Al = Doll subplot
Brotherhood took the assumption that the watcher had already seen the original FMA series, thus getting the the new stuff faster. I don't know what you think was lacking in Brotherhood, I found all of the differences much better than the original series. Brotherhood tied everything together better and had a better scope of the story.

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