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File: change-123-1942069[1].jpg (144.16 KB, 784x1200)
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If a Change 123 anime were out, it really would be the greatest shounen.
Not really. It was a fun series to read with all the references and shenanigans but I'd never call it greatest shounen ever.
And best megane girl.
Sorry OP but that would be hoshi no samidare
File: beatiful+story.jpg (17.78 KB, 244x320)
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It's a shame not many people know of it.
It had a rushed ending didn't it?

Best personality was the tomboy. The tactician was bland, judo-tits was a retard, and me game was a doormat.
>It had a rushed ending didn't it?
It was a whole volume so I doubt it.
File: change123_6_170.jpg (281.35 KB, 728x1070)
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I don't think Fujiko was anywhere near bland

When I re-read change123 a bit over a year ago I actually found her to be my favorite character (besides Hino) after liking Hibiki for so long.
Some time into the story when her interactions with mc happen more often you a get a better idea of how her own personality works and discover that there's more dept to her emotions other than to be nice because ''that's what motoko would have wanted''
>and megane was a doormat.
Either that or she kills her boyfriend.
Man, him using that muscle enhancing thing to become a "Raider" was great. Too bad he never actually trained in martial arts to do it again.
It was awesome.

>tfw no more hino izuru
>tfw no more hibiki/ginga shenanigans
>tfw no more feels
>tfw we'll never get an anime adaptation
>tfw change123 is over, forever

At least I still got a couple of volumes before finishing. Still, the ride will have to end someday...

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