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I'll start:
>Black Lagoon
>5CM Per Second
>Darker Than Black
>Ergo Proxy
>Welcome to the N.H.K
>Serial Experiments Lain

Up until recently, I wasn't planning on watching anything. But after watching Code Geass, I figured out that there are still some good anime out there that I was missing out on. So I made some choices based on some recommendation guides and some threads on /a/. My selections were made based upon themes, just the scenery and sometimes based on a main character that I only know by the face from threads on /a/.

If you find this too long and boring, you can answer the following:
What makes an anime/manga interesting to you?
>>Black Lagoon
>>5CM Per Second
>>Darker Than Black
>>Ergo Proxy
>>Welcome to the N.H.K
>>Serial Experiments Lain

How fucking new are you?
Please leave and never come back
Fuck off OP
1 year on /a/. I've watched more than 20-30 series in my life. You can't watch everything!
Less blogshit next time, OP

I can easily watch 100 shows per year
Kill yourself
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>1 year on /a/
>20-30 series
Wow lurk moar and stop posting you are a huge cunt.
Congratulations OP, you're new and you're screaming it to the world.

I'm watching a bunch of stuff from this season and the last and falling horribly behind on all of it. Once again real life gets in the way of my chinese cartoons.

>What makes an anime/manga interesting to you?
Internal consistency combined with a good plot or good characters and atmosphere.
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On a faithful day, he finally worked up the courage, he was going to do it, he thought to himself, many have gone before me, now it is my time.
*make new thread*
It all seemed so easy, but now suicide seems imminent, he lays down his laptop and takes a deep sigh, 'maybe battlestation, was the answer', escaped his lips, 'I wish I could fit in' his after thought.
He installed gentoo.
Fucking gonna watch KlK. Dl all episodes yesterday. This better not be a letdown
Episode 4 was shit

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