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Goddamn I hate her so much. Shoots down all forms of fun, acts like a spoiled brat, doesn't even try to open up to onii-chan, and now she basically says, "You're lucky youre dead, you can't get fat."

What the fuck.

I hope she gets #rekt soon.
You're doing it wrong anon. You should be watching this for the truly bro-tier onii-chan.
I want onii-chan to rape her.
I was wondering who I was thinking about when I saw him. Now I know.
is it really that hard to say no to a girl throwing herself at you?
I'd say she's reacting fairly well under the circumstances.
Seconded. She's a step-sister, not a real imouto. Relationships take time, and it doesn't help she can't control her body 100% of the time.
I hope she gets hit by a truck.
Why are people bitching about somewhat realistic relationship development?

She's just met him so she's obviously fucking shy, especially so considering that she's being forced to have sex with him, but she's slowly opening up to him and by the end of this, they'll be a great couple.

Fuck childhood-friend-chan, she's the devil or something, sent to make sure ghost-bitch fails
>gets molested by ghost slut
>has ghost slut take over her body and throw herself at her step-brother
>gets a chastity belt on her that will kill her if she doesn't fuck ghost slut's crush
But this makes a bit moody at times, obviously this makes her worse than ghost slut.
I'd actually she rather not fall for him but rather be more open to just platonic sibling relations.
Really Japan
>Japan references Japanese May-May

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