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I didn't know whether or not I'd get more interest on /a/ or /k/, but I decided to post here because it's more of a matter of dubbing.

So, a couple of days ago I found out that Upotte, the girls are guns anime, is being released in English tomorrow for like sixty bucks. For some reason, prior to finding this out, I hadn't bothered to look for existing English dubs online, but I did today because, hey, maybe it's already up somewhere.


So, I managed to find a dub, but is this the same one that's being released tomorrow? It's pretty bad, honestly. Is the one online as of now a fan dub or something?

Anyway, general /ak/ thread too, maybe?
Why would /a/ have any interest in dubs? Most of us know how to read.
>Watching anime dubbed
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The dub was up on nyaa in 360p for about a week. It disappeared for some reason.
File: 1336953644357.jpg (34.29 KB, 371x567)
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I just wanted to see how they'd have them sound like in English is all.
Britney Karbowski as M16A4.

The dub direction was strange. They kept the Jap nicknames they had instead of just calling models. like FAL was still Faaru.
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>Buying anime
>Buying dubbed anime
>watching dubbed anime

Kill yourself
>Paying money for a show I enjoyed that has almost zero merch outside of buying actual firearms

I'd buy it I could, but of course I'll just wait for someone else to do that upload it.
File: revy Hong kong style.jpg (221.71 KB, 1920x1080)
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I think I'm going to stick with the sub
Black Lagoon's dub was god-tier
I enjoy a good or at least mostly-decent dub for lazy watching.

Most dubs could have done with another month of polishing.
I wouldn't give it the praise it usually gets, but it's a pretty decent 7/10
File: 1339680282763.png (96.63 KB, 300x286)
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>They kept the Jap nicknames they had instead of just calling models. like FAL was still Faaru.
What the flying fuck? Did they keep or leave the honorifics? I'd find out for myself, but I really don't want to now.
They declared Steyr was an Australian F88 for some reason.
They left out the honorifics. They call M16 Ichiroku still too. FNC is Funco, and SIG is SIG.
I miss old ADV who would at least bother to do basic research.
File: nope.jpg (105.41 KB, 500x333)
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Oh god that FNC voice is disastrous. Completely stripper her of her original character. Where is her innocence?
Did they... just not realize they were guns? Guns that already have English names?
Yeah. There were some explicitly wrong points in the dub that I didn't care enough to document.

Part of it is going to be lip synching. I'm sort of ready to forgive them for M16's name just because I don't think calling her 'sixteen' would've fit the lip flaps.
File: 1349846348126.jpg (527.14 KB, 1280x720)
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M-maybe it's something to do with the lip flaps? Please let something logical like that be the reason. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight if that's not the case. But then, that CAN'T be the case because they dropped the honorifics! What the actual fuck were you thinking Sentai?! Not only did you license the to begin with, then you go and do this?
The same place it always was, missing.

Skeleton stock, lewd, hammer about to fire at every single thought about sensei?
No innocence there.
That was already in the jap dub. They spend a lot of the show making her think about sexing up the sensei
Doesn't the M16 have some suitable nickname which could have been used?
Didn't think of that. Em-six-teen would come close to i-chi-ro-ku, if they didn't also drop the honorifics.

Then again, M-16-san sounds weird as hell. Who thought wasting budget on a dub was a good idea again? The toonami crowd isn't going to touch anything moe-anthro no matter how much they debase it.
As in they re-worked some of the dialogue to make it lewder?

I only watched the first half of the first episode and parts of the jungle competition. Maybe I didn't catch enough of FNCs lines.
Miss Armalite would work, or you could replace "Miss" with approriate interjections when possible.
probably for /ak/ people with thousands to spend on guns who might also spend it on this show.

Watch the original jap dub stuff too, the second half of the first ep and second are full of FNC being lewd. Tones down until sako does almost rape then relatively disappears until the ova.
AR18 would be Ms. Armalite is the problem. M16's a colt now. Ep4 goes over that.
Yeah I've watched it, I thought you were saying in the Sentai dub that they made Funco's lines at the beginning regarding senei lewder thus ruining her innocence completely.
File: 1377140473311.jpg (98.19 KB, 691x922)
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It has merchandise, but most of it is just trinkets/trash.

Surprised that there was even an unlicensed FAL daki so early on.
I knew I was fucking something up there. A quick Google show that the M16 was called the Jamming Jenny and the Widow Maker in 'Nam. Both of those fit perfectly as far as syllable count goes, but neither are something you would call your friend. Unless she's being a bitch, like 16 is known to do.
File: 1339971812358.jpg (27.36 KB, 368x537)
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it'd be hilarious if magpul teamed up with the manga author and produced Jap specific magpul gear for their airsoft shit.

only if it got GuP level of popular maybe

But the lewd probably will keep it niche. Not something for advertising on a bus.
File: 1337535181917.jpg (407.49 KB, 1200x900)
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407.49 KB JPG

/k/ would buy the shit out of some of those things though.
File: Img_0153.jpg (58.57 KB, 427x665)
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58.57 KB JPG

Maybe. A lot of the Upotte material comes to us from Swiss Grill.

I buy it just to support the series. Although honestly I will probably trash or sell it off it ends badly. AKA Sig or other hardworking raifu losing to teacher.
Airsoft? Airsoft is /k/'s One Piece. If anyone bought it and posted about it they'd probably get hated off of the internet for it.
File: 1337316321610.jpg (125.89 KB, 640x695)
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Knowing magpul, they'd make it perfectly functional on a real rifle.

What I wanted the series to be (which it obviously isn't) is a correct and friendly way to introduce someone to guns that hasn't had terribly much exposure to them before. Getting all the 'real' facts checked and correct would've been nice.
You know what doesn't make sense to me? They make a big deal about Sako and Galil being AK clones, meanwhile SIG's just hanging around completely unnoticed despite being essentially the same Long stroke piston, rock in mag design.
File: 39060517_p0.jpg (152.43 KB, 750x920)
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G-cutie a cutie

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