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Hi /a/ what is it like having a waifu/husbando?

I known Neptunia a long time ago but I recently discovered Anonydeath and I feel like I'm in love. But it's a really unique feeling I get compared to liking other characters. When I see Anonydeath my body gets all hot and I just have this urge to hug him or something if he were to be right in front of me. Next thing you know I put him in my desktop and Iphone background and I saved a bunch of pictures of him. If I could wish for one thing, it would be to make Anonydeath real. I would just pamper him with gifts everyday and cuddle with him every night. Hell, I would kill millions if it gave me the chance to make him real. I just want to shove my mayonnaise up his ass or something.

I have never been this attracted to a character before in my 21 years. Usually when I really like a character I would just say "oh he/she is pretty cute/cool, I like him/her" but with Anonydeath it's different, it's more than just "I love this character", it's "I really really really love this character and I want to hold him/her in my arms".

Is this what it's like having a waifu/husbando?

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