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Everyone remembers their first.

What was yours? How did it hold up when you rewatched it?

Because this one was fucking shit.
The first I ever watched would be Dr Slump. You can't go wrong with that show.

The first I downloaded when I decided to get into anime was Hellsing. I like it more than Ultimate.
>I like it more than Ultimate
It certainly holds a soft spot of nostalgia in my heart as well Anon-kun. I like them both about the same.
Slayers: The Motion Picture was the first anime I ever watched outside of Toonami stuff. I still like it.
No one else in Chicago remembers WYJS and its Japanimation block. No one else remembers the first MANGAAAAAAAAAAA! commercials.

My cousin and I got into the showings of Dirty Pair and Castle of Cagliostro. Then one week they showed Twisted City, the next they showed Crying Freeman and then we weren't allowed to watch Japanimation anymore.
Outside of the stuff I found on TV, my local library had some DVDs of Martian Successor Nadesico and Love Hina, along with a couple subbed Evangelion VHS tapes. I think that was in 2002 or so.

God, the VHS days...

>Get the next Ranma tape for 29.99!
>And that's TWO episodes!

Fuck you, Viz, I know you can fit more than that on one tape
I think it had three or four episodes on it? It wasn't even the first tape either, it was the one with the Ramiel battle on it, I was still instantly hooked by that. Wanted everything eva I could get my hands on as a teenager, which wasn't much since I didn't have any cash.

ADV was typically less stingy than Viz. I never had access to any rentals or library tapes, had to buy everything...still remember buying Ninja Scroll and watching it in an out-of-the-way TV in my house hoping my parents wouldn't walk in during the scene where a daimyo's ass fucking a prostitute. Good times.
File: Shinji Buggin' Out.gif (496.89 KB, 500x282)
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>Why are those girls dressed like that Anon?
>O-Oh it's a r-really mature story with r-religious themes
They could see right through me.

>parents + brothers keep asking me if I'm watching my porno cartoons
>try to explain to parents + brothers the difference between anime and hentai
>they all make fun of me for knowing what hentai is
>any time i watch anime while they're around they ask if it's Hehn thai

god I was so fucking full of spaghetti as a teenager
File: Kaworu Why.jpg (54.56 KB, 256x377)
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>try to explain to parents + brothers the difference between anime and hentai
It was a conversation no one could win, thank god I learned how to hide my power level.

I didn't learn until well out of college. All those lost years...
God if I rewatch excel saga and it turns out to be shit I will die

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