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I finished watching the anime Sakurasou no Petto na Kanojo and enjoyed it a lot. I then decided to read the light novel to get as much out of the series as I could; however the problem I now encounter is that I'm only able to find English translations up to chapter 3 of volume 5 (courtesy of Baka-Tsuki). After searching for a while now, I've been unable to find anywhere else that has English translations of the novel. Obviously my question is: Does anyone at all know where to find the rest of volume 5 and onward translated into English?
You have terrible taste.
They aren't translated. Probably never will be. Learn japanese or something.
Apparently the end in the LN is poop, and the anime ended on the best note possible. Just stop while you're ahead op.
You have to wonder how terrible the LN ending is if people say it's bad when compared to the anime's. In the anime the didn't even kiss when best girl ask him directly to do so, Sorata remains an eternal faggot and nothing is resolved.
But in the LN they do fuck.
Followed by autistic morning after talk.
What chapter, I wanna read that.
Yeah, I've read the summary of the last couple of volumes but I'd like to physically read them myself.
This covers it, but I never read the actual thing.


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