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Anyone still watch this?
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Best ED of the season
very disappointed, but still watching.
my dick
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I watch it for Mui and Momo. And Gil.
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Gakkou is a fucking faggot. Nigger is ghost banri tier.
There is something I can´t understand.
They said that the bitch that uses gipsy magic is undercover on the Academy as Violet-sensei, the english teacher, but the blonde with the nurse outfit that always tries to rape Momo looks a lot like her.
Is she her sister or something or does the translator fucked up and she is actually the school nurse?
Cool MC or not?
Yes, it's my guilty pleasure.
I'm a sucker for ZR, light haired girls, and over the top romantic quarrels.
I also love the idea of communities but it seems there is no emphasis on it.
Don´t worry, anon, they will surely start with the world building...after 15 chapters of faggots MC vs edgy little brother conflicts.
Like al this "older brother" arc but with more edgy and autism.
I want to see the brother ntr the MC's gf
Yes, I'm interested in the story.
The setting sounds cool, the communities system are very interesting and the whole magic spells and rules are neat.
I'm glad they are finally done with Miu's brother rescue and I'm looking forward for the upcoming episodes.

What it ticks me off are the main characters (Except Ida, he's fine) they are very poorly written so drama or silly hijinks ensues every now and then. It bothers me so much how sometimes they are just so plain, insensitive, childish, over-reactive or just silly/stupid.
Guess that's why I get for trying to take this show seriously.
Also warmly waiting for that insert song they used this last episode.
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>I'm glad they are finally done with Miu's brother rescue and I'm looking forward for the upcoming episodes.
Ehm...I had bad news for you
I just watched the episode. It was fucking terrible. The author should be ashamed for writing such level of crap.

I really can't understand how people keep watching this for Mui. Not only a home wrecker but also a fucking retarded slut.
Mui is delicious and has the second best body behind Momo.

Also, I'm watching it because whenever I see the ED, I wonder why they didn't have Nano sing the OP.
>Mui is delicious and has the second best body behind Momo.
Questionable. There are 3 other girls better than Miu already. Mui doesn't have anything. She's a bland character. Her only trait is "muh nii-san". Hell, even Witch Girl Mahoko is a better written character.
Body, not character.
That's why I said there are 3 other girls already better than Mui, if it's by body. If you leave that trait aside Mui doesn't have anything else. So I really can't understand how many people like her so much.
Taste aside, she is far from the worst girl in the show, and of the two girls in the love triangle, most prefer her over Kurumi.
Can't speak for anyone else, but I personally dislike how Kurumi constantly pushes demands onto MC. You call Mui a home wrecker, but Kurumi is quite seriously the one who caused the huge divide between MC and his brother.
His brother edgyness and stupidity caused the huge divide between him and the MC.
Kurumi sucks because she keeps acting like a bitch around MC, she doesn´t has the balls to tell the MC that she wants to be her true girlfriend and not some fake shit but even so keeps getting jealous at every little fucking thing that involves MC and another woman (three dudes using weird magic are trying to kill you and you get angry because your fake boyfriend called some random girl by her first name, really?).
I don´t think it´s her faul though. The problem is that the author is an idiot who can´t into dramitc situations.
>His brother edgyness and stupidity caused the huge divide between him and the MC.
Yes, but Kurumi is also part of the equation. Brother is obsessed with her, and when he learned that nii-san was 'dating' her, he had an insane overreaction.

Kurumi is the start of the MC's house problems though. Granted, her getting magic in episode one is the reason why I picked up this show. I regret nothing
Even if you say that about the MC and his brother, Mui is still a home wrecker. The problem between brothers is because of a misunderstanding and their inability to talk things plus the accident. That won't change that Mui dragged everyone to a shitfest, caused troubles in the fake relationship of MC and Kurumi and also made them to help her get her brother. Seriously Mui sounds like the worst character so far.

To be honest I don't really care about either of them. Mui a shit and Kurumi a retard who should speak up. I hate the MC and I'm only watching this for Momo-tan.
>Mui dragged everyone to a shitfest
To be fair, they were offered an out and none of them took it.
Kurumi might be the reason but it's not her fault. It's MC's fault for not talking things through with his brother. Also part of it it's the author's fault for bad writing.
Doesn't matter. She still did.

For Momo and Gil.

Principal the sexiest

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