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i laughed really fucking hard
>Humorous Shows Like Family Guy Or South Park, Some Realality Shows But Not Many.

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dracula was legend to be the first vampire but history has speculated he was really just one of the first there were others u see they discovered that vampirism was really just a disease its rare today but still happens u see exposure to the light cuses these people with the disease to completely become fucked up looking like yah bad really bad look it up for pics it like wtfffff and the only thing that can keep them from taking on this fucked appearance is staying out of the sun as much as possible (they can still get in it without dieing tho lol) and if they consume human blood or organs the nutrients in them are what keeps them from turning hideous. ok now thats out of the way dracula wasnt the first to have this disease there were others before him except they died of the disease but as time progressed with people having this disease one bastard aka(dracula) like many goths today had a fetish with blood so when he would take on this fucked up appearance he would look hideous then go out at night
now they died cus well he bites into their aorta and well yah they bleed to death but they dont come back as vampires lol now how others with this disease are made is simple he gets horny and reproduces like everyone else prolly when the nutrients turn him back into his normal self of course lol then what do u know genetics kick in on his son or daughter lol so basically u get the idea feel free to comment my profile for any questions
o yah this is a fucking fact will all the dumb shit goths please stay the fuck off this comment board with their ramblings of no thats not true cus uhh guess what bitch they were diseased freeks who figured out how to stop from dieing just like a cancer patient takes kemo a vampirism patient takes blood they dont have super human strength either, what would happen is their adrenaline kicks in like any other murderers does cus they know their doing something bad if uve ever done something that made u scared ud get caught (like running from cops) u know that u move faster when running and have the strength to do things u cant do when ur just hanging out, now imagine are scarey looking bastard whos face is mutilated going peeka boo right behind u then sinking his regularrrr not fanged as legends sghow teeth into ur damn kneck yah shit id be scared as fuck sad thing is most vamprism cases today kill livestock for nutrients or kill people then dispose of their reamins thrugh cannibalism

-TheAnimeSource, in a Hellsing Ultimate comments page.
haha what

>I am an anime loving, muscle junkie. From what I hear from my friends that is really weird. But, whatever, I am who I am and I wouldn't change a thing. I will be uploading every english dub anime series that I myself have completed. As well as taking request from all of you good people (aka the fans). So give me an add and we can chat about something.
>if uve ever done something that made u scared ud get caught (like running from cops) u know that u move faster when running and have the strength to do things u cant do when ur just hanging out
>punk rock
ok guys im done uploading they just fucking deleted an etire series of anime i had im no longer uploading here i will be making my own site soon so stay updated because once i get my own site i will have everything ship shape and easy to find english dubbed anime on it so see yah untill then im a regular veoh veiwer

As a self-proclaimed Hellsing and general Dracula legend expert....somebody....is going to die....
Where is my goddamn peanut
how can you people even read this

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