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Evening gents, /k/ommando here.

Bit of a confession to make. I've never watched any Anime what so ever, and I've never wanted too until today. I've been on 4chan for the better of two years now, and I can't believe why I've never watched it sooner.

I've eyed out Samurai Champloo as "babby's first anime", whaddya guys think about it? Any good? Any further recommendations after this?

>inb4 quickly derailed thread that turns into a shit flinging fuckfest over what chick is more "kawaii" in the better half of thirty seconds
>inb4 /a/ is /a/
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I'll be very nice and give you a decent post that you really don't deserve.

Champloo is a wonderful anime, and the dub is actually half-way decent was dubs go, so if for some reason you are afraid of watching it in Japanese, don't let that run it for you.

If you need a recommendation, just google for /a/'s recommended anime lists. It's really easy.

Lurking for new shows to watch is another good way to figure out what is worth trying, and will allow you to better understand the threads.

Delete this thread also.
/k/ you said?

For some 80's action flick gunfights, try black lagoon and Jormungand

For babby's first robot show, 08th MS team might tickle your fancy

Quintessential SciFi anime would be ghost in the shell (Stand alone Complex is the most accessible).

Request threads are frowned upon in /a/
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chuu2 is a good /k/ anime
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Good job bumping the thread, faget.
boku no pico
File: 1367386509014.jpg (58.14 KB, 454x588)
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>I've been on 4chan for two years
>Recommendation thread
File: stella_the_line.jpg (181.21 KB, 500x700)
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This should be the right anime for you, considering you are coming from /k/

and next time please follow the rules i.e. no /r/ posts

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