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When I was younger, I watched Toonami, and when in my adolescence, I matured a bit and watched Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion. There was a long period where I haven't watched any Anime, really.

Recently, I got more in touch with myself, and I found that I was a lot happier when I watched anime and familiarized myself with japanese culture.

In short; I haven't watched Anime in a while, and want to know what are some good "starter" series. I watched Attack on Titan's first season... That was amazing. And I watched Squid Girl. Any suggestions?
Recommendation threads are against the rules you gigantic dicksucking faggot.

Google it
Kill yourself you fucking retard.
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I recommend "My Pico". It's on the required watching list for a reason.
Fuck off.
Attack on titan was absolute garbage, and you have shit taste.

You should just die, you gross fuck.
Hey op, fuck you!
Go ask reddit
nice b8 m8
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>I watched Attack on Titan's first season... That was amazing.

leave please
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Check em'
Boku no pico, absolute masterpiece
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Stop bumping this thread.
The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Serial Experience Lain
Gurren Lagann
Welcome to the NHK
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Log Horizon (currently airing)

That should last you for a while and give you a good idea of what kind of anime you like.
Serial Experiments Lain

I'm retarded.
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Kill yourself you piece of shit.
Cereal experiences mayne
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Too short.
Watch the dubbed Soul Eater and go away forever.
try naruto and bleach, op, they're awesome.
Bakemonogatari and its sequels
Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny
Macross Frontier
Code Geass
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Gundam 00
Angel Beats
Girls und Panzer
Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)
Gundam Unicorn
If you thought SnK was amazing, try Kill la Kill, it's equally as good for newshits like you
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You could have just lurked and made a list of series which sounded interesting

Look at all those hostile responses. It's not like any of you follow the rules unless you want to feel superior.


Personally, as a long time anime viewer and I went through a lot of anime, I rather just scratch the surface of the anime and watch something that is more easy for me to stomach.

Otherwise I would just drive myself crazy with all inane shit that comes with anime. Attack on Titan actually have females wearing pants for once.
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/a/ has been cancer before I even acknowledge that it has existed.

I always ask myself: "Hmm, I always like anime and keep up to date with every new anime. Why don't I visit /a/ often?"

And this is why.
File: iblardjikan.png (188.30 KB, 256x359)
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188.30 KB PNG
>/a/ has been cancer before I even acknowledge that it has existed.

So your solution is to make it even worse than it already is by spoonfeeding everyone that comes to ask simple questions?

What is wrong with a recommendation thread? Personally I wouldn't ask /a/, but if someone decided to ask for a recommendation providing that the topic is more than just "lol recommend me some anime", I'd give them some tips.

He's asking for a 'starter series'. "My first anime". It's ripe for discussion and we can talk about anime like Fullmetal Alchemist or Cowboy Bebop.

Make a boring thread into a better one. That is how you apply chemotherapy to it.

Clearly no one else is bothering though. So I'm shitting it up by criticising other anons because this is what we do on 4chan.

>What is wrong with a recommendation thread?

Because they're shit, and anime can easily be found using google, and typing in "anime recommendations". Spoonfeeding only serves to welcome the kind of idiot that can't do a simple task like use a search engine. Welcoming idiots makes us become /v/. You should already know this by now if you've been here long enough, either that or you're just retarded.

>He's asking for a 'starter series'.

We have a wiki for that. There are charts for that. There are hundreds of different websites already set up specifically to cater to their requests. They can go there if they want recommendations.

>It's ripe for discussion and we can talk about anime like Fullmetal Alchemist or Cowboy Bebop.

There is no discussion, it's just people giving recommendations, saying the same shit that could be said in any other thread dedicated to the show. Discussion would be limited to "this is good, this is bad, don't watch this, watch this" because you'd want to avoid spoilers. OP contributes absolutely nothing to the discussion because he hasn't seen anything, and this board isn't here to cater to these newfags who know nothing of anime.

>Make a boring thread into a better one.

Or we could just shit on them and prevent them from coming here, and making even more boring threads each and every time they have a simple question to ask.

>That is how you apply chemotherapy to it.

No, that's how you ruin a board. By opening your gates to each and every idiot who wants to casually browse /a/.

>Clearly no one else is bothering though.

There's good reason why no one else is spoonfeeding.

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