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You haven't seen one of the greatest anime series ever.
Whoever she was, I think that's a good pair of tits.
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they are.
It was not a very good series.
She was pretty retarded.
I have. Noodle couple is best couple. Keita a shit.
well hey, like, fuck you man. I'll agree with you that she wasn't a great character but the series itself was awesome.
I thought her hair was interesting. Really that's the only thing I remember about the series.
I'll admit it's not for everyone with it's long-winded scientific expository speeches. It's very scifi in a very "Star Trek" kinda way. But I like that.
You don't remember how Keita was absolutely useless, whilst the older noodle guy and Betterman's sister had to do everything mech related? Or how noodle guy and his girlfriend got killed tragically by their child and no one cared? And then there was that ending...
I got alot of stuff on my harddrive but this is literally the only series I actually, legitimately, legally own on DVD. Great series.
Finding a HK bootleg that ripped the official R1 DVD's was one of the best random finds of my whole life
Oh god is that the main character?

Is he going to be the useless MC that's protected by women?
is that a complaint? because you just described like 50% of all anime at least.
yeah, I usually want to avoid those.

But I would still want to give this show a try, seems to have robots and monsters and shit
it's good. If you like scifi then you won't regret watching it.
Right, shall head to it after I'm done with my exams.
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File: 230px-Betterman1_.jpg (25.51 KB, 230x326)
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I did see that series OP, and I think I'm a Betterman for it
It was a good series.

Be sure to check out GaoGaiGar, Brigadoon and Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera. All by the same director.

Betterman apparently shares the same universe with GaoGaiGar, so there's that.
Sorry OP, I don't have time to watch every Yu-gi-oh cartoon that comes out.
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Also of note that Brigadoon has the same character designs as Betterman does

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