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>come to /a/
>pics doesn't load, neither captcha does it seems everybody can post but me
>begin to get scared I can't ask for help because captcha would't let me
>scared as fuck "what the fuck is happening?"
>It can't be helped, I think I'll go to /jp/ and ask for help
>same fucking problem
>I was shitting on my pants at that point
>go to /vp/ as my last hope
>images load
>Oh tasukete /vp/-san!
>Fucking captcha doesn't load
>already shitted my pants
>thinking about it I think what would happen if I turn off Adblock
>everything returns to normality!
Fuck you Moot! If you wanted shekels at my expenses you should just ask, fucking faggot.
Since when this is happening?
Show some charity you greedy hebrew

Anime & Manga
Since not /a/ related, update your script you fucking idiot.
>you should just ask, fucking faggot

He had that announcement up asking nicely for you to disable adblock on 4chan for a while. Also, afaik adblock plus still works for. Just re-enabled it to make this post. Are you not aware that captchas don't load until you actually click inside the box now?
It's been working fine for me. moot changed the captcha system a bit to helps users avoid those harder-than-usual captchas.
Are you using some 4chan script? Try updating it.
kyousougiga could have been so good but was badly executed

also no cares

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