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Hey, i just finished the Berserk manga, and im looking for something else to read.

Im considering Gantz, but im not sure yet. Is it worth a read or should i just read something else instead? No big spoilers please
Starts off cool, then turns to shit. Up to you.
>then turns to shit

That's just like, your opinion, man.
Also, please feel free to recommend any manga/anime that you enjoyed, ive only read One piece, Dragonball and Berserk
Morgan Freeman is the dog.
>I just finished the Berserk manga

Nice try, Miura. You're not getting out of this that easily.
Yeah, no, that's the general consensus. I loved Gantz, but after the giants invade it turns to shit.

Also Berserk is shit, kill yourself, OP.
How is Berserk shit?
By being uninteresting and unreasonably slow.
Also Guts is a shit character.

It has to be the most overrated manga ever made.
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Gantz is as good as Elfen Lied, not good at all unless you're twelve and it's your second anime, with the first being DBZ.
How far did you read then?
I read dbz when i was 12, im 22 now. Any mature mangas you recommend? I like a good story, i dont care about ones that purely rely on fan service and waifus.
Up to the rape. Had to force myself through it though and just kinda dropped it after.
Thats just the arc from his youth, it gets much better after that
not a manga but you should try boku no pico, very edgy
Im straight tho, but thanks for the suggestion :) keep em coming
It's good OP. Yes it's better at first, but that's not to day it shit by the end, but the formula is changed and the mystery is revealed. It's a must read in my opinion, the quality is always high and the story telling is ok.

Btw, sorry for spoilers OP, but why the fuck were vampires introduced and dropped? I wonder how the vamps would have played out by the end of the manga.
>didn't even finish the first arc

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