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Ok, I'm sick of everyone talking about how Gurren Lagann is such a bad anime/manga and how shit like Akagi or SZS is good.

Seriously, Gurren Lagann has awesome fighting, a deep plot and story and a variety of personalities from different characters. People talk all the time about how it's horrible but nobody actually says why because they can't think of anything. All they want to do is follow the hate-bandwagon just so they can "fit in". Comparing it to another anime like Kaiji, although I've never fully watched it, I've seen a few clips of it and I can honestly that that it's mediocre at best. Simon could probably kick his crybaby ass anyways. Not only that but Gurren Lagann is has way better art quality (it had up to 22000 frames in a single episode, whereas an important episode in your average anime has 14000), as opposed to the stupid looking triangle noses of Akagi and Kaiji (which I still don't understand why people like them so much).

So basically, stop jumping on the bandwagon and stop making fun of Gurren Lagann. It's definately one of the better and more enjoyable shows out there.
What thread runs on:
1. realization that /a/'s elitism is susceptible to trolling on both series content and perceived forum status, especially following /jp/ split
2. gullible /a/non
3. lack of better things to talk about/contribute to on /a/ at the moment

1. Shitstorms, general wailing/gnashing of teeth
2. /a/ begins to grow dullened to generic shonen thread topics
3. something better comes along
4. ocean dries up again, this troll resurfaces.

Ways to facilitate transition:
1. <hide thread>
2. ???
3. profit.
>You have to wait a while before reporting another post.
worst pasta ever
Enjoy your ban for reporting something that isn't against the rules.
Why does /a/ keep comparing GL to Naruto? Is it just the popularity level? Or does /a/ really think Super Robot, and Shounen fighting are the same genre?

Trolling outside of /b/ is against the rules. It is never enforced, but still against the rules.

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