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Why do you nugurts never talk about this? Have any of you watched it? What did you think of it?
>not talking about that series

I bet you think they never talked about Lain or Alien nine either
It came and went.
I watched it recently and really enjoyed it. I really liked the art style too
Because it's released a decade ago.
Then the problem lies with you. Not /a/'s fault if you're a slowpoke
I watched it last year. It wasn't anything spectacular but I really enjoy it

Also love the ost


>I bet you think they never talked about Lain

We do that all the time, I know.

>or Alien nine either

Now THAT is something I have never seen discussed, which isn't surprising considering it was a confusing and unfulfilling mess.
then whos fault is it?
I thought it was kinda heavy, and I regretted choosing it for my "drinking alone before going to bed" anime, but I finished it anyway because it was pretty gripping. However, /a/ isn't my blog so why am I making a post more about me than about the show? Probably OP's fault somehow.
Yours obviously
File: stoptalking.jpg (10.55 KB, 267x189)
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Because the MC is a fucking Mary Sue of the worst kind

And she won't shut the fuck up
Huh, never actually heard of this one on /a/ or otherwise. So, you got one person to download the show OP. Thread success.
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This show is great, but /a/ don't discuss older anime.

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