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I don't want to go to that site.
Why not just ask us what we think instead?
I'd want Pearl Jam
wait, useful like in a fight or useful just in general?
>No Hey Ya!

They dumb
>The World
King Crimson would beat it shitless.
>Pearl Jam isn't first place
>Pearl Jam isn't even on the list
Those niggas are stupid. Do they even Jojo?
When did Pocoloco's stand got a name?
>No Harvest
>the stand we first see is used to gather fallen change into a decent amount of pocket cash and later used to gather lottery tickets to find a winner of a significant amount of money in just one day
Useful in everyday life.
>GER not first
What the actual fuck. I don't like how perfect it is, but that's exactly what it is.
This list is complete bullshit.
Gold Experience Requiem is the best stand in a fight.
>the world
>implying anyone but DIO could fucking use it
Do you get in fights everyday anon?
I'd go for Cinderella as an everyday stand, I could finally be the little girl
the list is for everyday life
but it's still bullshit for doubling the time stop, putting in weather report except for people who live in Seattle and Hermit Purple unless you need to vine grab your flat screen everyday to find your keys,
id go for gold experience (dunno about requiem one)

you can just touch and hide whatever and steal it dude!
Star Platinum and The World are useless in daily life. Sure, Time Stop is cool, but unless you've got tons of endurance your Time Stop will last nothing.
Even fucking DIO couldn't go past 9 seconds.
I Will go with marilyn manson
>work for a company
>client refute to pay
>marilyn manson
>no more debt from that client
Sticky Fingers
a door wherever, whenever
File: 1391661186246.png (122.51 KB, 392x340)
122.51 KB
122.51 KB PNG
>..Most useful in everyday life....
>Made in Heaven
>Hermit Purple
No Pearl Jam, Harvest, Sticky Fingers or Mandom.
The only problem is selling their organs
>King Crimson
>Made In Heaven

Uh what?

I'm sorry I wasn't aware resetting the universe or taking 5 hours to explain your power were useful in everyday life.

And I'm pretty sure there are more useful stands then moody blues.

Diego managed to get to 5 seconds. Stopping time for 5 seconds is still pretty damn useful
harvest of course, you could e the greatest thief with it
King Crimson can still see the future, its not entirely useless in everyday life.
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (156.18 KB, 1920x1080)
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156.18 KB JPG
You can see like 10 seconds and can't change what you see.

If anything its absurd physical strength is whats useful.
File: 1357412942616.png (99.14 KB, 340x262)
99.14 KB
99.14 KB PNG
Against Risotto Nero didnt Doppio use King Crimson to see the future and avoid Metallica?
File: Misdirection Overflow.png (964.62 KB, 1366x768)
964.62 KB
964.62 KB PNG

I remember him seeing Razorblades coming out of his neck but didn't that still end up happening? I mean yeah he survived but he couldn't stop what he saw still.

Actually fuck it king crimson is useful as fuck. Id use it and join college basketball.

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