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Do you think KyoAni will ever start another K-On! project? Personally, I'm surprised they haven't been working on a spin-off series based on the college storyline, or of Azusa, Jun, and Ui's incarnation of the light music club. What do you think?
No, because they don't need to since they're rolling in yen and it would be shit anyway. The way the series ended was perfect.
I agree 100%
It just seems like, after the commercial failure of Nichijou, they'd be trying to make as much money back as they possibly could
Jun and Ui have their own clubs. The light music club will be shut down and Azusa will cry herself to sleep every night while the original girls masturbate to her sorrow. This is the way KyoAni intended the ending to be. I'm sure it'll be out by the end of next year.
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They don't need to cling on to old washing they need to let go and come out with new stuff.
KyoAni has a brain in their collective skull, and knows that running K-on into the ground with spinoffs will only end badly for the franchise.
Chu2 is their next money pig. I imagine they're laughing off Nichijou fairly wel.
>all of K-On's fans are 5 years older than when they started watching
>they act the fucking same
Fair point. They're gonna milk that cash-cow as long as possible. Free! S2 and that new Tamako thing'll be pretty lucrative too. I didn't put much thought behind that one.
I hope they consider very, very carefully if they want to work on a franchise that stands pretty good on its own.
Also, it is doubtful they have the rights to K-ON, so that's another factor. If KyoAni manages to grow and become more independent, a bigger player in the industry, I could see them acquiring third-party franchises and working on them, would be interesting. But surely the current powerhouses like Kadokawa would like to prevent that.
K-On was never the most profitable venture for KyoAni, despite all signs pointing to it.

Even at its debut it got outclassed by Haruhi in terms of money.

Which I think FUCKIN' SUCKS.
Yeah, that's true. I'm really on the fence about the idea. On one hand, I would love to see the series extended in a way that doesn't completely fucking destroy it's integrity. On the other hand, a series extension like that isn't exactly easy to produce, and is bound to make at least half the fan-base unhappy even if it IS good, so it wouldn't be as profitable as other ventures might be.
Yeah that's fucking disgusting imo

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