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>Definition of an unpopular Girl
>A girl who is unpopular
Are you stupid?
Neither subgroup handled that well; FTW decided to pull a Commie and use 'UnpoGirl'. It's a case of picking your poison, but I think CR's was less bitter.
There was no good way to handle that. It's the price you pay for relying on translations.
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Or they could have kept it as Mojo, since the viewer sees the word at the beginning of every episode.

It's not like the audience would be confused by a new word, when the show is explaining what the word is anyway.

It's stupider than when they called the swords in bleach "Soul Slayers"
No no, I totally agree; I wish they'd just used 'mojo', but the fact is that neither translation did. So, given the choices, CR's is less stupid and obnoxious.
You're reading it wrong because the subs aren't displayed properly:

"Definition of Unpopular Girl

Girls who are considered unpopular:

The japanese is exactly the same, except it repeats the term "Mojo" instead of "unpopular girl".
Seriously. The word is some piece of Japanese teenage slang that even the character, a Japanese teenage girl, is unfamiliar with. Why do they think the viewers need to be able to understand it?
The subs look misplaced.
Maybe you should get MPC and play it in fullscreen.

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