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that feeling that i still havent watched spice wolrf or that mushi anime. am i missing out on life /a/?

tell me what else i should have seen thats been made between 19962007.

ITT: old school fav's thread, no kiddie stuff plz; i get it you like gundam wing, sailor moon, tenchi, toonami, ect.
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what shows have the best ost in your opinions?

InB4: gatchaman crowds or panty stocking...

pic possibly related.
Boku no Pico
Stop typing like a retard.
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only if you stopped being a retard! haha oh you try so hard son.
The funnie part is that it makes u but hurt enough to actually say that, and actually think you will somehow change my ways of typing on the internet. Thats like telling your friend to stop talking casual and start talking formally to you bahahaha.
Lastly, the part that has be concerned with your retardedness is why does it make u so upset? Like does it it hurt your head to read the way ive typed? I know for a fact any seemingly intelligent person would be able to read the way i type and make perfect sence of it with out it hurting them and then theyd move on with there life? If its just b/c youre also retard like me and it hurts your head then i will change my ways just let me know
sorry seen it marathoned it way back and then once again last summer for fun!
there is no way the only worth OSTs are gatahcman and stocking. There is no way the only pre 2008 shows were mushishi and spice wolf; if true what were you doing with your life and how did you ever come to love anime unless youre 12 and justgot into it like yesterday.
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i suppose in the mean time i can dump random images. This is now a /b/anime thread. Dump w/e pictures of anime you have. I hope they are intresting to look at and perhaps a little artsy or psychedelic!

picrelated: tasteful echii
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haha I remember I used to watch shows like love hina, narus world, and even .hack//sign but i wouldnt say any of these are must sees just things you should have seen if you were trying to watch anime when these kind of shows were you're only options.

Rumor has it the classics in 10 years will all be pre1990 and post 2008 except perhaps 2-3 titles in that 18 year gap.
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>Hasn't watched Spice and Wolf
>Misspells "Wolf"
>Doesn't capitalize titles
>Making a recommendation thread

.not op and still craves the D

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