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Let's finish this


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>implying S2 won't be god tier
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Sinon will make it so
THere is only 1 chance it can be good.
If S2 was a slice of life about their rehabilitation in that school after the events of S1
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>Top result: I disliked/hated the first season, but I will watch the second season

Why do you do this to yourselves?

Every thread huh?

Clearly people want to watch it in order to make fun of it later. No surprise there.
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Where do you think we are?
I disliked show for the second half.
It's not that the first one was 10/10 masterpiece, but it was fun to watch and shit on with /a/.
I want to experience the fun wild ride of plotholes and rage again.
Well Phantom Bullet IS the best arc
>Phantom Bullet
>Not Alicization.
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Why isn't "I hate it because I hate Kirito" an option?
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For best girl.
Was the touching up scene by Sugou really necessary?
Did Kawahara actually say he's not doing any more major arcs after Alicization, or was that idle speculation?
haven't watched/won't watch master race reporting in
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Just finished watching it on Toonami last night. I just don't understand the hate. That ending gave me more comfy feels than I expected.
Kawahara wrote SAO in 2002, as a web novel. It ended in 2008 or so, and Alicization was the last arc, before he was asked to publish his work.

Basically, at the moment, Alicization is believed to be the last major arc, because that's how the web-novel was.
But it's possible the Light Novel will change, so who knows.
Best thing out of SAO are Asura rape doujin

Comfy is a good word for it. I think the problem many have with SAO is that it does very little to realize its entire potential. It doesn't help that though the author spends a great deal of time on the details needed to make the world(s) feel like genuine MMOs, he still couldn't bring himself to abandon that seemingly essential piece of Japanese pop literature that is harem-building - even though he basically acknowledges in the novels themselves that it makes no sense in the context of modern MMO gaming. That fact that there isn't another male character who receives any kind of meaningful development until the fourth arc doesn't help opinions either, I think.

That said, I still think it's enjoyable, as long as you can stomach the "I'm Japanese so I have go full melodrama at all times".
Do you have it?
Kawahara wrote SAO without any writing experience.
I'm not going to defend or attack him on this, but it's pretty clear that he was developing as a writer, as he wrote SAO.
He wrote a lot of Volume 2 LONG after the second or third arc. Hell, he wrote Sachi's side-story while he was already part-way through Alicization.
Lisbeth wasn't even created until after he finished Fairy Dance. The scene at the end, where she's with Silica wasn't in the web-novel, and was written in a side-story afterwards.

SAO wasn't ever meant to be a harem story. It just sort of looked like that, when you put all of the retroactively written side-stories into order.

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