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File: ormngtr_139.jpg (558.88 KB, 1303x2087)
558.88 KB
558.88 KB JPG
Sorry for the long delay between this chapter and the previous one. I admit I'd been largely kicking my heels over it due to the lagging scanlation, but since 4 and 5 got scanlated (and thanks to the kind anons who typeset it!), I figured I should hurry up and finish chapter 6. This is the end of the second volume. Hard to believe I've actually translated an entire volume of manga now, but oh well. Also, its come to my attention that I've been missing some text occasionally, so if anyone notices I've missed a bubble somewhere, please do point it out.

Description: Tsuyoshi Takeo is a freshman in high school. (Both estimates) Weight: 120kg, Height: 2 meters. He spends his days peacefully with his super-popular-with-girls, yet insensitive childhood friend, Sunagawa. One morning, on the train to school, Takeo saves a girl, Yamato, from being molested by a pervert. Could this be the beginning of spring for Takeo?
File: ormngtr_140.jpg (481.78 KB, 1307x2076)
481.78 KB
481.78 KB JPG
Pg. 140:

(background text)
I'm going to spend Yamato's birthday with her together, happily.

With all my power...

I'm going to

(end background text)

Today is Yamato's birthday.


the day of Suna's father's surgery.
File: ormngtr_141.jpg (640.16 KB, 1304x2090)
640.16 KB
640.16 KB JPG
Pg. 141:

I almost mistook you for some kind of security guard...
File: ormngtr_142.jpg (502.01 KB, 1302x2078)
502.01 KB
502.01 KB JPG
Pg. 142:

When is your father's surgery?

2 o'clock.

I'm gonna get going. Say hi to Yamato for me.


(small text) Fist bump!

Even if it goes horribly, I think she'll be happy no matter what you do.
Just do your best.


Also, typo in the title, this is Ore Monogatari Chapter 6, in case anyone hadn't figured it out.
File: ormngtr_143.jpg (705.79 KB, 1308x2088)
705.79 KB
705.79 KB JPG
Pg. 143:

I'll definitely turn the plans that we made together into a success!



Did I keep you waiting!?
File: ormngtr_144.jpg (539.78 KB, 1302x2078)
539.78 KB
539.78 KB JPG
Pg. 144:

I love you!

When did you get here?

(small text) We were meeting at 10, right?

I just got here.

Really? I'm so glad~

I tried to make sure to wake up early, but ended up waking up at like, 4AM-
I tried to go back to sleep, but I dreamed I was late, and I panicked and woke up, and it was still only 5AM...


Happy birthday.
File: ormngtr_145.jpg (501 KB, 1308x2090)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Pg. 145:




I love you!


Leave today's plans to me!


Where are we going?

Its a secret!

(small text) Haha

I thought it up together with Suna.

(small text) We have some time, so lets walk there.

Really? I'm looking forward to it!

Together with Suna...

(small text) I'm so glad its sunny~ I'm so happy~

File: ormngtr_146.jpg (508.20 KB, 1307x2076)
508.20 KB
508.20 KB JPG
Pg. 146:

Whats wrong?


This place is so much fun!
What should we do first~



(small text) Ahaha, jinx!

Jinx, huh?
File: ormngtr_147.jpg (658.82 KB, 1311x2089)
658.82 KB
658.82 KB JPG
Pg. 147:

(Takeo's shirt) Fall!!



(Takeo's shirt) ShyShyShy

Wow! Takeo-kun, you're great!

Oh! The balls you're using are so heavy. You're lifting them so easily...

I don't even know if I can pick this up...

Wow! Takeo-kun, your hands are so big!

Wow! Takeo-kun, you're so strong!

(small text) Ahhhh! Amazing!

(small texts) What? What?

Also, am I the only one who never noticed that Takeo's shirt almost always has something relevant/funny written on it? Jesus, it took me a whole volume of translating to finally notice.
File: ormngtr_148.jpg (526.39 KB, 1294x2071)
526.39 KB
526.39 KB JPG
Pg. 148:

(Takeo's shirt) Hm?

I've got a message...

Its from Nanako.

Oh, sorry.

Its fine, you can look.
(small text) Ahaha

Takeo-kun, can we take a picture together?


(message) To: Nanako
Sub: Re: Rinko, happy birthday!
I'm together with Takeo-kun!
Bowling is lots of fun!

Is this bad? It looks like I'm bragging...

(small text) Ehehe...

So embarassing~
File: ormngtr_149.jpg (506.27 KB, 1304x2090)
506.27 KB
506.27 KB JPG
Pg. 149:

Yamato is laughing so much.

(small text) Ahahaha
The only ones left are in a weird spot...
This might be kinda tough~

She looks like she's having fun.


...was saying that no matter where we go, you'd be happy.



I'm not that good a person.

But I'm really having lots of fun!

I see. Me, too.

I'm really happy that I could spend my birthday with you, Takeo-kun.

Me too.
File: ormngtr_150.jpg (538.56 KB, 1303x2076)
538.56 KB
538.56 KB JPG
Pg. 150:

Its fun, and I'm happy...

Really happy,


Wow! I've heard of this store!
(small text) I saw it in a book once!
I've always wanted to try it out!

Its pretty expensive, so I can't really come here...

I've got money from my job, so its fine.

Ahhh! Its so cute!
The cakes are so sparkly, its fun just looking at them!

You deserve a reply
File: ormngtr_151.jpg (515.37 KB, 1308x2086)
515.37 KB
515.37 KB JPG
Pg. 151:

For me, its fun just looking at Yamato's sparkling simle.


...said that since you like making sweets, you probably like eating them too.

Yeah, I do!

Really? Suna really gets it, huh?

Thats just like him!

Yeah, it is.

Even though he's cool and seems like he'd be popular, I wonder why Sunakawa-kun doesn't have a girlfriend...

I wonder?
He always says its just a pain.



(small text) Haha!

You're cool too, so I'm glad you didn't have a girlfriend!
Thanks for the translation, this is one of the best shoujo. How many chapters have been released in Japan?
File: ormngtr_152.jpg (578.21 KB, 1304x2078)
578.21 KB
578.21 KB JPG
Pg. 152:

I'm really lucky that I got to go out with you!

I'm the one that's lucky.

Happy birthday!






Y-you too, Anon.
I love this manga but WHY the fuck are the chapters labeled so weird. 1.1, 1.2, etc. It makes navigation a fuck shit
File: ormngtr_153.jpg (583.21 KB, 1308x2088)
583.21 KB
583.21 KB JPG
Pg. 153:

Before you blow out the candles, make a wish!





I wish that I can spend my next birthday, and my next birthday - and my next birthday with Takeo-kun!

You don't have to say it out loud.
You're the first customer to do that.


(small text) Ahhh...Embarassing...

(small text) I messed up...



Four volumes so far, with the fifth likely coming out either this month or next month. Ideally, I'd like to have them all translated before the sixth comes out, but we'll see.
File: ormngtr_154.jpg (490.71 KB, 1304x2079)
490.71 KB
490.71 KB JPG
Pg. 154:

Thats my wish.


Just like you told me to,

I'm going to have fun with Yamato.



Would you...

...like to hold hands?


Likely because the chapters, especially the first two, were so long. The whole first volume (176 pages) was two chapters.
File: ormngtr_155.jpg (551.98 KB, 1308x2090)
551.98 KB
551.98 KB JPG
Pg. 155:


(small text) Huh? Huh?

(small text) Ahaha!

(small text) I'm nervous after all...

Did you tell the people at the restaurant that it was my birthday?

Yeah, Suna said that I should.

Sunakawa-kun did? I'm really grateful to him~


Sunakawa-kun really worked hard for you, didn't he?
That makes more sense at least.
File: ormngtr_156.jpg (445.42 KB, 1307x2076)
445.42 KB
445.42 KB JPG
Pg. 156:

Best friends sure are nice...

I wonder what Sunakawa-kun is doing today?


Suna is...

When is your father's surgery?

2 o'clock.

Just do your best.
File: ormngtr_157.jpg (537.81 KB, 1310x2088)
537.81 KB
537.81 KB JPG
Pg. 157:

File: ormngtr_158.jpg (471.16 KB, 1310x2075)
471.16 KB
471.16 KB JPG
Pg. 158:


Here's the plan I thought up with Suna.

The tickets are there too.

Take a friend or someone and go.

I'm going to go see Suna.

Suna's dad has an operation today.


Its starting at 2, at the ward hospital.

Suna told me not come, but...
File: ormngtr_159.jpg (723.79 KB, 1309x2082)
723.79 KB
723.79 KB JPG
Pg. 159:

In the end, I really want to go.


(small text) Thats great. Congrats!

File: ormngtr_160.jpg (594.17 KB, 1289x2072)
594.17 KB
594.17 KB JPG
Pg. 160:

Why didn't you tell me!?

The ward hospital is by the station, right?
You'd better hurry!


I'll go to the planetarium,
and I'll do the rest of the plan that the two of you thought up, so...

Hurry up and go see Sunakawa-kun!
File: ormngtr_161.jpg (455.77 KB, 1308x2086)
455.77 KB
455.77 KB JPG
Pg. 161:

He'll definitely be fine if you're with him, Takeo-kun!


(small text) Hurry up!
You'd better run,

Here's your present.


Take it.
File: ormngtr_162.jpg (527.48 KB, 1299x2076)
527.48 KB
527.48 KB JPG
Pg. 162:



For being born,

For appearing before me-

Thank you.
File: ormngtr_163.jpg (570.83 KB, 1303x2086)
570.83 KB
570.83 KB JPG
Pg. 163:

Where's the operating room!?

The birthing room is on the third floor!


(small text) Huh? Oh, I thought you were a father...

(text) Surgery in Progress
File: ormngtr_164.jpg (458.36 KB, 1288x2068)
458.36 KB
458.36 KB JPG
Pg. 164:


I did kind of think...
...that you would come.
File: ormngtr_165.jpg (458.70 KB, 1303x2087)
458.70 KB
458.70 KB JPG
Pg. 165:

You're an idiot, you know?

Your first girlfriend's birthday-
you were looking forward to it so much...

Where's your uncle?

He went to work.

I see.

How long will the surgery take?



What Suna wants...

What Suna is thinking...
You're awesome
File: ormngtr_166.jpg (395.04 KB, 1298x2072)
395.04 KB
395.04 KB JPG
Pg. 166:

I don't know what was the right thing to do.


I'm your

File: ormngtr_167.jpg (407.70 KB, 1298x2084)
407.70 KB
407.70 KB JPG
Pg. 167:

Let me stay with you.

...My dad...

His heart has been bad since he was born...

You too!?

No, my dad.

(Takeo's shirt) What!?

So when me and my sister were born...

he was really worried.

When they told him we were fine, Mom said that he cried with happiness...

(bottom text) Huh.

He was so happy that he was always spoiling us.
I've never seen him mad.

I see...
Thank you Anon!
File: ormngtr_168.jpg (438.72 KB, 1294x2074)
438.72 KB
438.72 KB JPG
Pg. 168:

This is...

the second time he's had surgery.

He was pretty bad,

that day he collapsed.

My mom and sister were on vacation,

so we were the only ones at home.

I stopped by the book store on the way home from school.

When I came home, he had already collapsed.

All by himself...
I don't know when he collapsed...

If I...

Had just come home a bit sooner...

If I had not gone out...
Things wouldn't have turned out this way.
File: ormngtr_169.jpg (574.75 KB, 1304x2084)
574.75 KB
574.75 KB JPG
Pg. 169:

...Its my fault...

You're the only one who thinks that.
File: ormngtr_170.jpg (509.69 KB, 1298x2073)
509.69 KB
509.69 KB JPG
Pg. 170:

...Just me...?


Your mom, your sister, your dad don't think that-

And not me, either.

File: ormngtr_171.jpg (422.10 KB, 1296x2082)
422.10 KB
422.10 KB JPG
Pg. 171:


Its not that he didn't want to talk about it.

Its might be that he couldn't.

So, in the operation this time...

We were repairing your father's heart valve by way of plastic surgery, and after this, we inserted an anticoagulant, so as long as he does not develop arrhythmia...
File: ormngtr_172.jpg (521.55 KB, 1295x2067)
521.55 KB
521.55 KB JPG
Pg. 172:

The results!?

Success, right!? It was a success, right!?



You're too strong!

(small text) Haha!


Sorry we're late!
File: ormngtr_173.jpg (536.20 KB, 1293x2088)
536.20 KB
536.20 KB JPG
Pg. 173:

(small text) Dear! Dear! Where are you!? Deeeeeear!

Sorry for making you handle everything on your own!

No, don't worry...

I'm so sorry! It must have been hard!

No, not at all.

(small text) Try and calm down, Dad's fine

(Takeo's shirt) Liar

I'm so gla...
Ah, Takeo! Thanks for staying with Makoto!

We'll handle the rest,
so you two can go home!

(small text) Daaad!

...Lets go home.

File: ormngtr_174.jpg (574.97 KB, 1292x2071)
574.97 KB
574.97 KB JPG
Pg. 174:

It will soon be 7PM.

Would visitors...



Ahh...I didn't have time...
So I couldn't make enough...

TL note: folding 1000 paper cranes is supposed to heal illnesses/grant wishes. Look up the story of Sadako.
File: ormngtr_175.jpg (504.82 KB, 1300x2083)
504.82 KB
504.82 KB JPG
Pg. 175:


(small text) Really.


It was a success, after all.

Really!? I'm so glad~
Thats great, Sunakawa-kun!

I went to the planetarium, but...
I couldn't get it off my mind, so I ended up coming.

Yamato, sorry about today.


Just by looking at this plan...

Seeing how much you wrote, and how mcuh you re-wrote it...

I can see that you were trying your hardest for me...
Why is Yamato so cute
File: ormngtr_176.jpg (615.37 KB, 1293x2068)
615.37 KB
615.37 KB JPG
Pg. 176:

So, I'm really happy...




Yeah, really. I started reading this manga because Takeo was such a bro, but as I started translating it, I've become increasingly fond of her. She's also the only character so far that I actually find really easy to translate.
File: ormngtr_177.jpg (486.42 KB, 1292x2085)
486.42 KB
486.42 KB JPG
Pg. 177:

Today was my best birthday ever!


I love you!
Pg. 178:

I love you so much!

(small text) Thanks, Takeo-kun!

(small text) Sorry, I'm just so happy, I started crying...

Looks nice...
File: ormngtr_178.jpg (457.47 KB, 1296x2071)
457.47 KB
457.47 KB JPG

Whoops, no image.
Ohh jealous of not having a gf?
File: ormngtr_179.jpg (509.35 KB, 1290x2086)
509.35 KB
509.35 KB JPG
Pg. 179:



You want a girlfriend now, Suna!?


Sunakawa-kun, I can introduce you to someone from my school...

No, don't do anything!

They say that people who've been friends for a long time will have good chemistry with similar people!

I see!

(Takeo's shirt) Agreed!!
File: ormngtr_180.jpg (508.71 KB, 1291x2074)
508.71 KB
508.71 KB JPG
Pg. 180:

So I think we should find Sunakawa-kun a girl like Takeo-kun!

I get it! A girl like me!

(small text) What?

A life with full of love, every day...

Please, just stop already...

Yeah, thats good!

Then we can even go on double dates!

Suna's a great guy, so I'm sure any girl would fall for him too!

I'll try looking for a girl just like you, Takeo-kun!

Its great, Suna!
File: ormngtr_181.jpg (507.29 KB, 1292x2086)
507.29 KB
507.29 KB JPG
Pg 181, 182, 183:

Author/artist interview.

TL;DR: The artist would rather date Suna than Takeo (the author said that Takeo was better because Suna she thinks it'd be kind of annoying to date Suna, but wishes Takeo were a bit more compact), the author actually thinks a girl like Takeo would be the best for Suna.

Author confirmed that Suna and Takeo kissed at the end of Vol. 1
File: ormngtr_182.jpg (470.18 KB, 1280x2070)
470.18 KB
470.18 KB JPG
File: ormngtr_183.jpg (482.85 KB, 1279x2085)
482.85 KB
482.85 KB JPG
File: ormngtr_184.jpg (289.86 KB, 1272x2080)
289.86 KB
289.86 KB JPG
Aaaand thats the end of Ore Monogatari Vol. 2. Next volume, we get a beach chapter, Yamato meeting Takeo's family (and the first appearance of Takeo's father), and a camping chapter. Personally, I didn't really think too much of volume 3 (though the camping chapter was pretty great), but volume 4 more than makes up for it.
Tanks again, bro
Thanks, keep up the good work
Thank you.

Forgot the script.

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