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So I just finished this one and would like to know for what purpose the faggot in the pic was even there?
I somehow get that they belonged to Seiki's/Shimuzu's story, but the whole sect thing still feels kind of wasted.
I dont liek the draw style
It basically was pointless, I hoped it would turn out with something like Pegasus being Punpun's dad or something. But no, he's pointless. You can remove him and nothing would change
The story went off the rails when that faggot decided to become a tranny.
Looks like Uncle Mugen.
surreal side story that comments on the human condition and foreshadows Punpun fall into madness/depression/dark spot.
Anyone that says Pegasus wasn't important can't figure it out for themselves and call him unimportant
The message I got for that was something like you need to get rid of your past and your dreams to grow up, because you as a person are not really that important no matter what you think or what you imagine and there's no a "perfect world" waiting for you at the other side. This world is all that exists and you have to deal with it.

That's why they just die so easily and everything finish so fast for this guy. You can see them going to "another planet" like the one PunPun imagined but the reality was they just died miserabily and that guy was just another freak that will be forgoten in a couple months.

Actually all PunPun was like even that milky way we saw that day was false and everything was just enlarged by our imaginations as kids, but if you want to grow up and to really have some hapiness in live you have to just forget all that and fight against live directly, with the good and the bad all together.

I wrote a really long text about the ending of PunPun back when I finished it but it is in Spanish and I don't really want to translate it, but if anyone is interested... http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s064dh
Great character stuck in shit manga.
Asano tried way too hard and sometimes he ended up failing is attempts at MUH SURREALISM


As much as it pains me to admit it, we lost a chance to have a legit 9/10 mange because the author couldn't keep it on rails.
Asano is the kind of artist who always tries to bite more than he can chew.
He tried to apply hard surrealism to a story it doesn't really fit much, othern than on a symbolic, more or less superficial layer. The result is that he often messed up surrealistic imagery with surrealistic themes, which are entirely different concepts.
Having identity issues while producing your masterpiece doesn't help, too.

>side story that comments on the human condition and foreshadows ecc
Yes, and it's kind of wasted as OP suggested, given the amount of space and relevance it was given.
Not entirely unnecessary, of course, but you don't really need a laser-shooting faggot to symbolize/exemplify someone's fall into madness when said someone is already constantly shown while doing various insane things like morphing his head into a pyramid, stabbing old ladies, punching waifus and hatefuck people because why the fuck not.
It's slightly redundant

Also, refrain from using the "no you don't understand" argument because it's easily delivered back at you with a counter "you're just seeing what you want to see"
Nigga you got it exactly in the opposite way.
He was a tryhard pseudo-surrealistic observer in a manga whose premises were not tryhard nor pseudo.
>punching waifus

Aiko... why ;_;
>Implying anyone can read mexican
I think the manga started to went to shit when PunPun grow up.

At the beginning it had that contrast of real life and real stuff with PunPun being a a poor draw bird and the narrative was kinda like a manga for kinds but with mature content. Then all the narrative went to shit, and everything was just like a normal manga but full of unnecesary symbolism. The story could have be exactly the same without PunPun being a bird or even by him having dialogue.

Fuck, PunPun was supposed to not talk at all and all his lines were always "outside" instead of going on bubbles, but at the end he talked as much as any other and it was retarded to have his lines outside instead the in bubbles. The symbolism had no room in PunPun after the second half, it was even worse that no-symbolism at all.
Because forced and incoherent drama in a work that didn't really need it because it had plenty already.
The manga may have lost part of its power when the author decided to become a ladyboy, but it goes absolutely downhill from Aikomom's murder on, and culminates with that abysmal storywriting horror that is the ending.
>like a manga for kinds
No, it was NEVER a manga for kids in any way.
The struggles of young adult Punpun were well executed as well, the mechanics and devices changed according to his growth and that was fine.
Also, the symbolism was ok too, what was wrong was the commistion Asano sometimes operated with symbolism and themes: at times he invested simple symbols with the authority of being pivotal points when they really weren't, in an attempt to make it hard surrealistic.
But in regard to pure symbolism, he did good.

>PunPun was supposed to not talk at all
No, thank god. You can expect that from kid Punpun, but not from awakened Punpun.
File: 1390958609342.jpg (438.95 KB, 708x700)
438.95 KB
438.95 KB JPG
This is the only solace I can find... I wished for a great tragic love story... or fuck it, even a happy end between punpun and aiko would have been more fulfilling than both going batshit and ruining everything
I never said it was a manga for kid, I said the narrative looked like a manga for kids.

The lines were the narrator was like "good for PunPun" or "that's our PunPun" like giving explanations for everything as if we were kids reading was what created that contrast in the first half that the second lacks.

I'm not saying is bad tho, it's just that the first half seems unique as a manga, and the second for me was just like any other manga. It lost his personality I think. And the symbolism was ok at times, but at another it was really forced. For me it would have been even better with no surrealism at all at times.
>The story could have be exactly the same without PunPun being a bird
No, it really couldn't.
And Punpun spoke since the beginning, I just assume we don't see most of it because he's a kid and he's not saying anything meaningful most of the time.
Take this page, he's clearly saying something to Aiko there but we don't see it because it's not important, just small talk.
The ideal solution would have been jail.
But no, Asano had to do this
>manga where everyone -Aiko and Punpun included- does literally nothing more than thinking and acting egoistically
>be it lie about your whole life, fuck your teen nephew, choke a bitch, kill mothers, escape from everything and everyone, always act selfish
>"oh no my husbando is going to get a different flavor of depressed"
>"let's just give up on my own life so that he can live free of the burden of having finally found the girl he lived for, lol"

Which is a prime example of incoherent and tryhard ending, sadly.
>I said the narrative looked like a manga for kids
And I said "in any way", which includes this as well.

>contrast in the first half that the second lacks
That goes with Punpun's growth, and goes well with it.
If you have something to blame, it's Punpun's growth. I think it's actually perfectly fine. I'm almost sure that kind of narrative couldn't have fitted young adult Punpun, although I did really like it.
Anyway you're just agreeing with what I said about the surrealism
I hope you choke a million black dicks
Is it on purpose that everyone is drawn super ugly in the beginning but goes more and more towards realism as it progresses?
He's right though. You can't expect anyone to be a spic.
Pun Pun is a good manga. It has its issues, mostly stemming from narrative blunders and the, well, the degradation of characters into egotistical idiots at times, but I enjoyed it.

Japan just can't do endings. I think everyone has learned this at one time or another. I learned that from The Climber well enough. I think there is something about their culture that they just have to finish a work on some odd, different vibe than the story itself.
I could have been the same after the second half, I wanted to say. Of course being a bird was a great idea and part of PunPun as a manga, but sometimes it looked unnecessary because PunPun talked a lot, and because for what he was doing it was obvious he was going crazy. All the symbolism about being a bird or not started to make less sense. Specially after the run away with Aika.

That doesn't change it was a good manga in general, it just that at times and specially at the end the manga lost a lot of his charm.
>"let's just give up on my own life so that he can live free of the burden of having finally found the girl he lived for, lol"

so much this
havent expected that asano would pull sth like that
Yes it was. At least I think so.

More realism = PunPun get more concious about reality = everything is more shit
What I meant is that the characters get prettier as it progresses.
Wasted? It seems you missed the entire point.
Even if that's what triggered Aiko doing what she did, she obviously had more reason than that. She was happy at that moment and acknowledged that she'd be left alone for a long time if Punpun went through with it, and he would be even worse than her, so it would only go downhill for both.
It was foreshadowed pretty early too.
>havent expected that asano would pull sth like that
Yeah. I mean, I was actually ready to see shit after witnessing the whole slow process of the manga going downhill after a certain point, but it was still disappointing.

It's funny because Asano to me is the failed version of Anno: both produced their masterpieces while under the effect of the various personal issues, but while for Anno those hardships resulted in a magnificent work, Asano just lost his grip, fucked up, and gave an almost 9/10 manga a 5/10 ending.
I didn't find them prettier at all. I think they were more cutter as kids, even tho they had less details.

Maybe it was nothing since there were just a few of adults at the beginning that were draw realistic
You're either Italian of or Spanish, right?
It's not incoherent in any way. In that punching scene Punpun thinks Aiko's judging him for what he did, so he scares her to see how she'd react and when she does bite him, he takes it as a sign of her not trusting him and being afraid, so he punches her.
Also, we later know that since she was the one who killed her mom, she really wasn't judging him, but herself.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it, but while it did become more difficult to understand the characters without the narrator spoonfeeding us in the last arc, I don't think it was contrived.
The faggot was on probation for a short time after the mess.
Also, it was self-defense and even I can realize that there was plenty of proof.
After all those years they spent refusing to live if not to yearn for eachother, committing sudoku going against the whole rest of the manga and leaving your husbando alone and completely dead inside doesn't sound to me any better or healthier than meeting him in jail for a couple of years.
IF he/her/they ever got to jail for even half that long

Punpun becoming a total zombie, forgetting about Aiko, being on Tranny self-insert's leash looks much more downhill to me than going through some courtroom bullshit.
Yes, I'm not judging that single scene in particular, I understand his impulsive punch.
And you're reading slightly too much into it: remember you're doing a cold and rational analysis which is correct but these aren't the exact thoughts of Aiko and Punpun in that moment
>Also, it was self-defense
Self-defense works differently in Japan
And by differently I mean not at all

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