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fukufaggot here. The /fkmto/ board is down, so...

General Fukumoto thread.

To start off, which Fukumoto series does /a/non want to see scanlated/animated most?

I heard Gin to Kin was like Kaiji and Akagi teaming up and saving the world. That sounds fucking awesome.
I'm gonna start scanlating Zero.
I want Kaiji 2nd and 3rd season before anything else. Kaiji is a more exciting show than Akagi, so hopefully the possibility of animated Pachinko Swamp is bigger, I would hope.
Kaiji gets picked up and licensed, who are the VAs?
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Strongest Legend Kurosawa, dammit. I want to see how Fukumoto does with a female lead.
If Fukumoto can't do it, no-one can. He'll make things convincing and I don't think he will have bothered going the moe route because he certainly hasn't so far.
Funny. I've seen fanart of Shizuka, but I have no idea what she looks like in Fukumoto's style.

The only female I've seen in Fukumoto's style is Mikoko...
More seasons of Kaiji, then Ten, then the rest of Akagi if it is done by then, then anything and everything else.
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Yes he has.

Mikoko is fucking moe.
I don't understand the pachinko arc at all.

Unless it's something like an Oceans 11 kind of deal, then I guess that's cool.

Otherwise there is nothing exciting about pachinko, it is a game of totally random chance.

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