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I actually want to discuss this. I find the ending of this show particularly stupid. Tenma has cero development and ends up doing the same thing he did at the start. The resolution of that standoff near the end where they basically force him to abandon his moralfaggotry to save an innocent child is complete bullshit.
Come on, the fucking father shoots him? seriously? You just removed the whole point of the scene and fabricated plot points out of your ass to sustain an already dumb ideal.
Not every live is the same. Saving a serial killer(that has enough influence to slaughter towns with his minions) IS NOT THE SAME as saving a child.
And then there is the whole finale where everyone gets a happy ending, and the only two characters that get any development are Eva and Lunge.
Oh, and johann lives. And he escapes. And now he is going to kill more people, so Tenma will get angsty.
So we are back to the beggining, with no progress whatsoever.
Why do people think this is a masterpiece again?
Gurren lagann, not so good.
File: 1337200732298.jpg (35.24 KB, 177x277)
35.24 KB
35.24 KB JPG
Hellsing, Twilight except shit.
Darker than Black? More like Browner than SHIT
Neon Genesis Evangelion, makes about as much sense as a pedophile in a retirement home.
Beck, if I wanted to watch shitty bands, I would go see Tool live.
One Piece, if I wanted to watch a good shounen I would watch Naruto.
Eureka 7, more like Gurren Lagann 2.
Serial Experiments Lain? More like Serial Experiments LAME shitsux
Vinland Saga, shitty manga and even worse anime. 2 episodes in and I fell asleep.
Koi Kaze, if I thought incest was wrong I would stop having sex with my little sister.
Grave of the Fireflies? If I wanted to watch a whiny cunt and his little sister fuck around I'd go to Chuck E. Cheese.
Golden Boy? If I wanted to see a genius get horny, I'd videotape myself masturbating.
Mononoke, if I wanted to see a crossdressing, homosexual pothead wearing make-up, I'd move to Brazil.
Claymore, looks like a dick, strong beginning and middle but a cheesy ending.
Mushishi? More like MushiSHIT
Vagabond, one episode in and I fell asleep
Ghost in the Shell, pretentious shit with walls of text. I'd rather watch Code Geass than this piece of shit.
Cowboy Bebop, Shitty ripoff of Trigun
The Girl who Leapt through time? I wish she leapt through a meat grinder.
Baccano? More like BAKA NO!
Natsume? Like MushiSHIT wasn't gay enough already
Interstella 5555? If I wanted to watch cheesy music videos, I'd turn on MTV.
Yotsuba. Stupid little bitch runs around and acts "lol so kawaii". NOTHING HAPPENS
Hajime no Ippo? If I wanted to see fags jerk eachother off in a steamy shower room, I'd go to a bathhouse.
Legend of the gaylacting homosexuals
File: 1342290991414.jpg (57.01 KB, 345x310)
57.01 KB
57.01 KB JPG
Maria Holic. Traps got old two years ago.
Kino no Tabi? If I wanted to watch a dyke on a motorcycle, I'd go visit San Francisco instead.
Ichigo Mashimaro, fanservice without fanservice.
Aria, a show about nothing.
FLCL, boring, unfunny, LOL SO RANDUM XD shit.
BLAME! If I wanted buildings and walking, I'd go outside
Welcome to the NHK, if I wanted to watch a loser, I would stare at the mirror.
Kaiji, atrocious character design and completely contrived plot.
Planetes. As empty as space.
Legend of the Gay Lactating Homosexuals.
Cromartie Highschool, Lucky Star with men.
Berserk, shitty anime and even worse manga.
Full Metal Panic? More like Code Geass with a shitty tsundere.
Zero no Tsukaima, more like Harry Potter: The Animation
5 Centimetres Per Second? More like 5 Wallpapers Per Second
Cowboy Bebop? More like Cowgay Begay. Shitty music and plotless style-over-substance bullshit.
Azumanga Daioh, shitty ripoff of Lucky Star.
Gurren Lagann, not so good.
RahXephon? If I wanted to watch a shitty Eureka Seven clone, I'd watch Evangelion
ARIA? I liked it better when it was called naptime.
Outlaw Star, One Piece in space.
Gintama, Bobobo with shittier animation.
Bartender? more like BOREtender.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei? One look and I said sayonara to this piece of shit.
Gurren Lagann, childish Drill-penis show.
Samurai Champloo? More like Cowboy Bebop with swords and shitty music.
Nanoha is just Bleach or Naruto but with more pedo pandering.
Madoka? More like fagdoka amirite?
File: bueno.png (559.41 KB, 495x718)
559.41 KB
559.41 KB PNG
Write one for Raildex
No Failgun or Shitdex, that's old
File: 1341715890353.jpg (64.73 KB, 372x274)
64.73 KB
64.73 KB JPG
Death Note. No thanks I'd rather watch CNN.
Last Exile? If I wanted to look at clouds all day, I'd become a meteorologist.
Kaiji. If I wanted to see some pussy bitch cry all day, I'd watch Lifetime.
Soul Eater? More like Shit Eater. Worse than Naruto.
Code Geass, if I wanted to watch homosexuals pilot robots, I would watch Gundam Wing.
Kanon? More like Clannad season 2.
Strike Witches, If i wanted to watch fanservice without plot, i would watch hentai.
Higurashi, shitty horror bullshit, a failed attempt of Chaos Head.
Akagi. If I wanted to see old people sitting around a table I'd visit my grandma more often.
Spice and Wolf? If I wanted to watch a documentary about economy with a fanservice character thrown in, I wouldn't because it'd be SHIT.
One Outs, if I wanted to watch a bunch of gay people running around I would've watched Prince of Tennis.
GTO? More like GTFO. Shitty shounen is shitty.
The Tatami Galaxy. Endless Eight for hipster faggots.
Shitugan no Shita. Shitty ripoff of To Aru Majutsu no Index.
Haibane Renmei, a boring show about angels fucking around. I liked it better when it was called Evangelion.
Hidamari Sketch, if I wanted to watch a bunch of little girls doing nothing, I'd go and watch my local kindergarden.
Baccano. It's like messing with your media player's seekbar.
5 Centimeters per Second, thats how slow the plot would move, if there were any.
Gundam 00, if I wanted shitty character designs I'd watch G Gundam.
Victorian Romance Emma, otaku-pandering maid fanservice bullshit.
Monster? Now THERE'S a show that needs some surgery!
Historie, history for faggots. "OMG Megas Alexander is so hot, I want to suck his dick" is not a good premise for anime.
Michiko to Hatchin. Shitty halfassed Boondocks ripoff, the jokes aren't even that funny.
space dandy, if i wanted unfunny tryhard with forced animation i would watch nichijou
>Baccano twice
>spoilers spoilers spoilers
thanks a lot you huge fucking faggot
Is IRC in full force today? I saw many threads bashing popular shows today. Many more than the usual, at least.
Can't be said too many times.
Thank you anon, we can't have an overrated thread without you.
>Mononoke, if I wanted to see a crossdressing, homosexual pothead wearing make-up, I'd move to Brazil

my sides
Are you new? This is a meme thread that pops up once in a while. Some faggot must be bored and making more of them than usual.
Didn't read

Date A Live more like Date A Slut amirite?
>Date A Slut
Don't you do that in real life?
The measure of quality is in the execution, not the plot. Plot is bullshit.
>Zero no Tsukaima, more like Harry Potter: The Animation
Really? It never looked that interesting to me, but I might pick it up for old times' sake.
No Dragon ball I am disappointed in you anon-kun.
Please tell me you all completely trashed that faggot the first time around, they literally had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.
I made a monster thread last night and it got something like 8 replies. That's why this one has the 'ITToverrated shit' thingy.
wait, this is a troll thread? but Monster IS shit!! (c'mon, every episode is filler)
I made one two days ago after I finished it and it got like 12. I wonder how many people have actually seen this show.

>responding to bait threads
>watching good shows
Why do you say it is a bait thead? Are the points not valid?
I explained in that thread that the ending was 2deep4u.

Did you want me to explain it or do you want to watch Monster again?
No, I just wanted to discuss the show, really.

It's not like I hated it, I actually really liked it for the most part.
Do you want to discuss it?

I happen to be a good source on Monster since I've watched the entire thing four times.

Is there anything you don't understand, namely the ending?
Please do. What was the point of the ending?
The point of the ending was to put doubt on Tenma.
Basically, to understand the ending, you have to understand Johan and his pattern of thinking, which is everywhere in the show.

Basically, Johan is lying his ass off at every possible opportunity and no one is calling it.

You see, Johan is playing the biggest game of dare.
He's essentially playing that rooftop edge game he showed the kids but with the rest of the world.
He wants someone to pull the trigger and actually kill him.
Because its more interesting that way.
Johan has seen the roots of humanity in all its problems at a very early age. He's simply bored but he wants to see the world in a greater light.
So what he does is something impossible, he becomes the literal mechanism of getting people to find out who he is and try and kill him.
Johan's goal is simply to walk the path of life,facing death as closely as possible while doing as little as possible.

The thing with Johan is that no one can tell his lie.
That he has no motive.
He has no desire, no goal. He kills, fucks with people's life all so that they can try and kill him. All while he does his best at doing as little as possible by fucking as much as possible without anyone noticing.
His motive is even worse since his goal in life is to get people to seek him out.
He was only interested in his mother's death as an excuse to get more people to kill him.
He doesn't care about his sister, he doesn't care about his past either. He purposefully fucks her normal life, all to get her to corner him and he simply gets out of it with so little ease which would have made her kill herself.
Any excuse he gives is just bullshit for people to try and understand him.
He gives bullshit left and right just to make things interesting (help me, the monster inside me is growing)
Johan is basically fighting against fate itself, forcing people to try and find him and corner him with him basically escaping impossible scenarios while doing as little as possible.

The finale at that village was him fucking every single character that knows him into a single spot, avenging his current goal that he doesn't care about and actually seeing if he could get out of forcing Tenma to kill him without doing anything.
And he actually gets out of it alive. He fucking defeats fate and keeps on going.

So at the end, he tells Tenma that he was never actually evil, it was the ''evilness'' he saw from his mother that turned him evil.

It's another one of his fucking lies. He's putting doubt on Tenma who had a clear conscience about Johan being a monster.

And that little resemblance of doubt is all Johan needed.
So at the end, he's off to kill more people again and start the entire process.

Another interesting point is that we're always shown the big thing that made Johan evil turn out to be something else.

Frist we're shown that 511 is what turned him evil but he was the one that turned the entire place to hell.
Then we're shown whatever happened in the Rosa Mansion is what probably turned him evil, but then we're shown that it was Anna that was there, not Johan.
It's simple to assume that Johan was never turned evil, he was simply evil and is lying his fucking ass about his motives and origins the more you find out about him.

Also, whenever Johan is talking to a kid, he's actually talking to himself.
That whole discussion Johan has with a kid about Nihilism and not having a place in the world, Johan is basically referencing and talking to himself.
that doesnt explain the question he asked you
I appreciate it very much. This is coherent in respects to Johann but,
>So at the end, he's off to kill more people again and start the entire process.
so the whole show was an exercise of futily then? we go back to the status quo without any changes? doesnt it feel kinda cheap to have a 74 episodes long series to then end without a conclusion?
Pretty much.

If you want a less status quo ending, I have an alternative explanation.

Johan confessed to Tenma his origins and by that extend ''liberated himself''.
The monster that never existed vanished.

I prefer my former explanation because it's more gruesome to know that Johan is out there, quietly getting people and serial killers to kill themselves just for the sake of it.
File: 1374852547193.png (67.22 KB, 623x625)
67.22 KB
67.22 KB PNG
Is this the same anon who starts every other 'overrated shit' thread with monster?
Ok, thanks. I still despise the ending, but I respect your point of view.

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