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How many of you guys would like the one month ova approach other than an actual series. I think it gives time to for anamators to prefect thier art and it will drive away many casuals from good anime. It worked for kenichi. so what do you think?

Would it be 20 minutes like usually or would it be around the length of an average HBO show or something like that?

Katanagatari benefited from this quite well.
depends on the series. if its something like OPM then i would like it a bit shorter. but for others like SNK and the breaker i wouldn't mind an hour long ep.

Berserk would be do wonders under this treatment but I don't think something like cute girls doing cute things could work.
Yeah, longer episodes would be great for more serious stuff but comedies/cute girls doing whatever would probably have to be shorter.

I kinda wish we got more mecha OVA series, those are always fantastic with the OVA budget for animation.
So on the subject of favourite OVAS? Mine would probably have to be Bubblegum Crisis or Gunbuster. I haven't got round to seeing Bubblegum Crash yet and I heard they had lawsuit troubles with that franchise so they couldn't make the rest of the episodes.

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