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Kill La Kill is an excelent anime. The visual style compensates greatly for the low budget. The plot and characters are well written. Music is fun and the episode structure holds suspense pretty well.

I can completely understand one not enjoying it for the edginess, uncalled-for momcest and old shonen tropes. What I can't understand is people that actually think it is a bad anime.

Please don't take it as trolling, it is a legit question. What anime is objectively better than KLK?

Hard Mode: must be a recent one
Extreme Mode:must be still airing
DanteMustDie Mode: [spoler]must also be shonen
Pokemon XY.

Kill La Kill isn't finished yet. For now it's dynamic production is its only main selling point.
boku no pico
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i dont know Rog, TTGL still better imho
don't spoonfeed
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Asking for objectivity is stupid.
If TTG counts as recent, that.

>Hey guys, recommend me some animes!!!

>characters are well written
stopped reading there
You know somebody who produces the headline "Krap la krap" knows a lot about good writing and should be evaluating other people's.
DMC reference ? Good taste... if you are not talking about the shitty fake dmc who was recently released.
OP is why /a/ is terrible. Kill La Kill isn't even the best show this season.
A thread to shit about KLK is always welcome, even in an rec thread

>low budget
Just because it isn't animated? Makes no sense, retard.

>The plot and characters are well written
KLK's script is the worst 2013

>Music is fun
How is Rap good in any way?

My sides

>What anime is objectively better than KLK?
Try Naruto, SnK, SAO. They are as shitty as Shit la Shit
Oh and
Witch Craft Works
File: 1392500060856.png (368.06 KB, 784x526)
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'Kill la Kill' is definitely creative with the thread idea. There's a lot you could make a series out of in just one of those concepts.

It's getting a bit boring for me though, too much of it is relying on baiting the viewer to watch the next episode.
Objectively I can understand all this, new studio you need a safe bet like a 'Dragon Ball Z' em up in order for it to make safe money. I hope this isn't going to be a trend for them, they seem to be better suited at short term projects like 'Little Witch' and 'Inferno Cop'.
Would torrent Kill la Kill, but it has 'Gurren Lagann's problem of having too much theatrical standing around with no expansion of concepts.

>This is the last time I will post this picture I swear
Hunter x Hunter, happy? Now go home and stop making these threads. Go live in your fucking quarantine threads like the rest of the Kill La Kill mongoloids.
>the edginess
What fucking edginess? It's a fucking comedy series. Nobody even ever dies.
Objectively the show has only reached that point in the last 2-3 episodes.

The first 15 episodes of the show, while above average and worth watching, were nothing special on even an annual scale. Way more hype than delivery.

The last three episodes have been the only ones thus far to actually deliver on the hype.

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